Healing Centre Beyond Medicine provides healing, coaching, training, workshops and retraites in coorporation with our ExtraTerrestrial friends.
The main residence is situated in Wolfheze.

If in any situation it is not possible for you to visit one of our Healing Centres, there is always an option for a remote healing session. Our friends are not limited by time and distance in their dimension in the way we are in ours.
A remote session is just as powerful as any other ET-Healing session, but since there is no direct contact between the healer and the client the latter can not ask questions or request for specific information.
The lack of interaction can be overcome by using telephone or skype !
Using these channels the client can enjoy the session interactively while being at home.
The only condition needed is a quiet place where you can lie down for about 30 minutes.

In rare situations it is also possible for the ET-healer to do a healing session on a location of your choice.
In those situations we will ask for compensation for the extra time and traveling expenses.

We are looking forward to hear from you! 

Jacqueline Fiolet

Manon van den Boorn

Philip Fiolet




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