Everything is Connected

Everything is Connected
Last Updated: 19 December 2017
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The third universal truth

The third universal truth is that all things - seen and unseen - are connected.
All things are different faces of Consciousness, no matter we call it 'The Field', 'the Great Spirit', 'the Source', 'the Tao' or simply 'the One': these are all names for the same thing.
The universe is consciousness, an ocean in motion, longing to experience itself and it imagines us into existence, individualized, so that we can interact as if we were separate.
What we create in that experience is also consciousness, it is all part of the same one consciousness.

Many of us struggle just with the idea that all humans are actually one being, experiencing itself through a variety of perpectives.
So try this ... Imagine that you are a tiny island in the sea. Everything above the water is your body and conscious mind.
Now, this island that your are also stretches out under the water, further and further under the surface into the depths of the powerful subconscious, until it levels off.
And there the ocean is so deep, almost nobody has ever gone there, but still there is a point where you cannot go any deeper.
At that point in every direction it rises again, towards other islands above the surface.

We look at other islands and think we are separate. But we are One.
All things are One.
All things are Consciousness expressing itself.



On this page we invite you to build a brigde between the islands.
Let's connect the dots and Lighten Up the World ......... join us *


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