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Ellen is an enthusiastic, passionate personality and is firmly rooted in life. Personal Vitality, Lifestyle and Joyfulness in Life are of paramount importance to her. In addition to her practice Elnoma, Ellen is active in a number of other areas.
Her daily mantra is: Life is Fun and Easy!

Ellen Langhout

Ellen sees herself Holistic LifeCoach, which means that she not only looks at the mental aspects of the behaviour (thoughts and beliefs), but also at the emotional and emotional aspects, the physical vitality and energetic aspects. Ellen has her own practice ELNOMA Coaching/Healing/Yoga.

Ellen is from the business sector and as Personal Assistant she has been able to support many directors in the performance of their duties. Her slogan: Manage the Manager!

She is always interested in people and their development. As a matter of course it happened that employees and managers came to her for advice, often on a human level. The breakthrough to her own practice started when she followed her first training with Roy Martina (Neuro Emotional Integration) and Tim Koldijk (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Since then, her development has been rapid and accelerating.

She has followed and successfully completed various training courses in the field of intuitive and personal development with international trainers such as: Anthony Robbins, Randy Gage, Eric Schneider, Luc Chan, Patricia van Walstijn, Willem Jan van de Wetering, Mantak Chia, Christopher Howard and Dr. Eric Pearl.

Ellen is registered as a Coach/Therapist and specialises in Psychosocial Mental Care, Naturopathy and Body Oriented Therapy.
She is also a certified Stargate Experience Facilitator and Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner.

Ellen still continues to develop and after being approached and trained by Haggai Katz for ET-Healing, she has been part of the Dutch ET-Healing team since 2014 to provide ET-Healing sessions.
What makes this form of ET-Healing so special for Ellen is that it works with a special team of extraterrestrial beings and the interaction and communication takes place via the personal ET guide of the healer.

Ellen feels her mission is to support people in their personal and spiritual growth in order to make them aware of their own potential so that they can fully utilize it and experience more harmony and joy of life.

In addition to her practice ELNOMA, Ellen is also active in many other areas.

Ellen loves life, she enjoys her grandson as the babysitter "Omie" every week and together with her husband Rob they are passionate Latin dancers.
She is also an experienced yoga teacher and has further specialized in Critical Alignment Back Yoga Therapy.

Her daily mantra is: Life is Fun and Easy!
Ellen feels blessed to do this work and looks forward to your arrival!

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Praktijk ELNOMA Coaching/Healing/Yoga

Ellen Langhout
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