Library for Human-ET

Library for Human-ET (Humanity)

Welcome to the Library for Human-ET!!!

With great regularity we receive questions such as 'can you tell me something about ... ' or 'do you know where I can find information about ...' or 'has Bashar ever said anything about ...' etc. etc. etc.
And of course we are happy to help everyone in finding answers !!!
Bringing people in contact with extraterrestrial energies and everything related to them (and everything needed for that) is simply our passion.
There is nothing we prefer doing more than that !

And at the same time, the number of questions is increasing so much that we have started thinking about how to make good, constructive information better available.
We foresee that the demand for answers about extraterrestrial presence will increase enormously in the coming years, especially as more and more 'observations' of their spaceships take place and humanity becomes increasingly aware of their existence and their presence in our reality.

In the past, we ourselves have also been looking for answers to our questions and may have pioneered in this respect in our search for reliable information that could provide an explanation for what we ourselves began to experience on a daily basis in our own contact. 
And we have discovered that besides a certain amount of nonsense and deliberate misinformation, fortunately there is also a lot of good information on the internet !

What we have noticed, however, is that the most reliable sources have their 'findability on the internet' rather poorly arranged.
And precisely for this reason we set up the 'Library for Human-ET'.
To bring all those sources together and make them easy to find and accessible.

In the library you will not only find information directly in the articles we write ourselves, but also a lot of information about existing books, films and videos.
In this day and age we still have to deal with copyrights, so of course we can't put the content of books and videos on our website, but we can make references (in addition to a self-made summary if necessary).

In this way you can use the library to look up where you can find information about ... the Essassani or Yahyel, the Crystal Skulls, Stonehenge and so on !

Human-ET we pronounce as humanity, which is a nod to the extraterrestrial origins of humanity.

Different Departments in the Library

The library is made up of several large 'departments
- General library (Human-ET)
- Bashar Library

General library (Human-ET)

In this section of the library you will find articles, books, films, videos and much more in the future.
In the articles we offer information on the subject which we either channeled ourselves or understood from other channels, or quotes from other channels (where the source is then mentioned).
With the books we always provide the table of contents so that it will be easier to determine whether what you are looking for can be found in that book.
With films and videos you will find a summary and an commentary.
What you won't find in this library is information about human-eating aliens or other scaremongers.
We find the truth quite astonishing enough.

Bashar Library

Here we brought together a lot of Bashar's work, not the videos themselves of course, but a summary of the content of the videos.
We get a lot of questions in the trent of 'has Bashar ever said anything about ...'.
In the past, we had made this library 'offline' for ourselves and used it a lot, among other things to be able to answer these questions.
Now we have put this 'online' in a separate section of the library.
We do not want to infringe copyright in any way and do not share video material.
We do, however, place a link to the specific location on the Bashar website with each video, which is a great service to its findability.

Searching the library

There is an extensive search function in the library, with which you can search by
- Keywords (searches all texts of all material in the library)
- Titles and subtitles
- Categories
- Author
- Format such as article, book, film, video (note: this is still under the heading 'editor')
- Tags
- Type of Library, being either the Human-ET Library, the Bashar Library and in the future perhaps other libraries.

Work in Progress

What you can find in the library now is just the beginning.
New information will be added every month in the coming years.
This is a continuous process !

What you also notice is that most of the information is only available in English.
There is still a lot of work to be done in translation.

In addition, we still have a few technical improvements to make.

Would you like to help build this library?

Setting up this library is a lot of work and if it appeals to you to be part of our team dedicated to it, please let us know !
Above all, we have a great need for people who want to translate and who preferably also have a little feeling for website management (content management).
If you have other skills that you would like to use to give this library a lift-off, please let us know via the contact form !




In this day and age we still have to face copyrights and as long as we want to continue to use this mechanism of protection of rights together, we will respect them with integrity.
And even though we very much want to make the world aware of the presence and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations by means of this information as much as possible, what we don't want is to violate someone else's rights.
We therefore write articles for this library with our own explanation, possibly using quotes.
Furthermore, we describe film, videos and books and if possible give the table of contents as well as a reference to websites where these videos, books or films can be purchased.
With this we do a bit of free marketing for other companies, this is called (unpaid) affiliate marketing.
And we do this with the intention to make more and more people aware and prepare for what may be the biggest event in modern history ... open contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life.

Should you nevertheless find that our library contains unjust and undesirable parts of your work (video, book, film), please let us know as soon as possible.
It is in no way our intention to harm anyone or to favour ourselves at the expense of others.

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