ET-Healing® Practitioners

More and more people are experiencing the powerful transformations that can take place during ET-Healing sessions and the demand for ET-Healing Practitioners is growing worldwide.

ET-Healing is not a technique or method that can be trained and re-trained so that everyone does the same.

ET-Healing is all about being able to act as a pure channel for these high extraterrestrial frequencies and the extraordinarily accurate information that together can bring about a quantum leap in healing and awareness.
And in doing so, as a practitioner, to keep our personality and ego out of this equation as much as possible, in order to give the process all the space it needs without getting in the way.

Every ET-Healing Practitioner is unique

The ET-Healing Practitioners on our website are known to us and we know that they are able to present the work of ET-Healing® in a pure way in the world.
At the same time, each practitioner is unique and expresses his/her passion in a unique way.
Some ET-Healing Practitioners speak galactic languages during the sessions, other practitioners activate codes with steered movements of hands and fingers, sometimes even with the head (third eye).
Other practitioners do both or none but have different qualities such as toning (voice sounds that resonate with your entire system).
Or receive specific images or visual codes and incorporate them into energetic works of art.
Most ET-Healing Practitioners do not touch your body and some (or in some cases) pass on the frequencies during (foot zone) massages or other therapeutic sessions in their practice.
Other practitioners work specifically with animals or nature, (re-)opening energy portals on the Earth.
ET-Healing Practitioners do not practice one fixed technique or method, they are a channel for cosmic frequencies and information and have integrated ET-Healing in a form that suits them and makes their work unique.

On our website you will only find ET-Healing Practitioners who have completed their training at Healing Centre Beyond Medicine and have their own practice in the Netherlands where you can book a personal ET-Healing session or other service where the integration of extraterrestrial frequencies and information is recognizable as the underlying carrier.

All ET-Healing Practitioners on this page are certified ET-Healing® Practitioner and/or ET-Healing® MasterPractitioner and participate in the annual training and supervision groups. 

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As a training centre, we have absolute confidence in the practitioners listed on our website.
However, the practitioners on our website are not employed by Healing Centre Beyond Medicine and there is no transfer of responsibilities or takeover of liability.
The practitioners themselves are fully responsible and accountable for what happens before, during or after an ET-Healing session in the interaction with the client.

Finally, it is good to know that there are more ET-Healing practitioners than mentioned on our website.
Most of them have been trained by Healing Centre Beyond Medicine, but have so far chosen yet not to present themselves as an ET-Healing Practitioner.

However, there are also practitioners who work under the name ET-Healing who have not been trained by our institute and who often work differently than we are used to.
These practices have no connection with Healing Centre Beyond Medicine and are not necessarily connected to the work that we offer under ET-Healing®.
The rise of this uncertainty has prompted our institute to register the phenomenon of ET-Healing as a brand ET-Healing® in order to provide more clarity for those who are looking for it.