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Library: Human-ET
Year: 1997
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"It's not often you find a book that can change your life...and your view of the world.....forever.

The book contains insights and gems of wisdom for everyone...it gives us a chance to review our beliefs about abundance, health, relationships, family, death, dying and religion. Explore the realm of ordinary problems, fears and concerns we all share. Candid conversations, practical tools and insights about the real life issues most of us deal with in our lives. You won't be the same "you" after reading this book.

If you enjoyed 'The Celestine Prophecy'......wait till you read this book! A treasure chest....filled to the brim."

A quick look at the table of contents will show you what you have in your hands. The scope of ideas, the issues explored, the many new perspectives and wide range of tools offered...is astounding. Packs more information per chapter than most self-help books in their entirety. Clear and easy to follow, you can apply these ideas and see them reflect in your life--immediately.

Not just another 'nice philosophy'... this is the mechanics of the Universe ... it works!"


THE QUEST FOR TRUTHQuest for Truth - Bashar - Darryl Anka

Do not believe anything I say just because I said it

Creating Your Reality

New Horizons
Pacing Yourself
Genuine Frauds
One Sided
Quest for Truth


The Rich Person
The Dream House
Fairy Tales
Response Ability
Receiving with Grace
Never Too Much
Vision and Creativity

Neutral Situations

Not to You...Through You!
A Walk Through the Forest
Wake Up Time
Awakened Spirits
The Three Absolutes


A Guided Meditation
The Curtain Opens
The Crucible of Change
Not the Same You

Death, Dying and Religion

The Film Strip Analogy
Time Flows
Death and Dying
Departure Time
Where the Rain Leaks In...
Victims and Perpetrators
Pre-Life Agreements
Assigning Meaning
What You Put Out...
Death as a Symbol
Pain and Suffering
Leaving Your Body

Religion and Faith

In the Image of God
Keep it Simple
Indra's Net
Guilt and Deservability

Health and Healing

Healers and Healing
Physician: Heal Thyself
The Phoenix Syndrome
Why Create Disease?
The Best Medicine
Empathy, not Pity
Breaking Down Barriers
Oxygen: The Key
Life Threatening Illness
Re-Searching Aids
Pulsing Fields
Magnetic Fields
Right Use of Will
The Library
The Nature of Anger
Oxygenating the Body
Electro-Magnetheric Blue
Healing Tones
The Art of Healing

Power Spots

Planetary Fluctuations
Bending Space and Time

Creative Relationships

Soul Mates
Unconditional Love
The Master Crystal
Natural Anger
100% Trust
Old Blocks
Responding / Reacting
Melting Yourself
Room of Mirrors
True Romance
Getting Hitched
Meet Yourself