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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2017
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2017) Dare to Dream

Bashar discusses the importance of taking action on your dreams and shares a fun, dynamic and interactive permission slip to accelerate manifestation and enhance creativity.
There is also a special Holotope meditation to help bring healing and integration to the community.

Session Name : Dare To Dream
Session Date : 4-11-2017
Session Location : Las Vegas, NV
Session Length : 4 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - What is the deeper meaning of the Uranus frequency?
2 - I am a professional gambler.
How can I create my reality to have the cards fall in my favor?
3 - Is my reflection in the mirror a parallel me?
4 - How can I balance my logical mind with my emotional mind?
5 - What if you follow your excitement and you end up in a less than preferable state?
6 - How can I get over the death of my best friend and partner?
7 - How can I make my job more exciting?
8 - Could you speak more on 'The Glass Wall' and how it relates to the recent massacre in Vegas?
9 - Can you see everything about me holographically?
10 - Are the contractions in my body resistance to contact?
11 - I am having contact with different beings in dreams but it is raising fear, can you help?
12 - Is there a correlation between the Persian kings names Shoshani and your civilization? What about the symbols of Zoroastrianism?
13 - Do they have any Anunnaki connections?
14 - I feel old and unmotivated.
Can you help?
15 - Who helped me divert an accident the other day?
16 - How can you change your past when your beliefs change? Bashar discusses the Mandela effect.

17 - Who am I in relation to all the other parallel 'me?s'?
18 - Is death becoming outdated? Bashar discusses time and aging.

19 - I have a belief that I don?t have enough time.
How can I redefine this?
20 - Do we reschedule missed opportunities?
21 - What happens to the other 'me?s' when I shift realities? Am I stepping into someone else reality and destroying my doppelganer?
22 - Is my tenitus something other than just physical?
23 - Why did I have a dream where aliens fed me fast food?
24 - How can I get over being cynical?
25 - How can I develop my clairvoyance without my friends using it as a crutch?
26 - My husband and I seem to dampen each others vibration at times.
What can we do about it?
27 - Is there a 'soul excitement' and an 'ego excitement'?
28 - Is there really a difference between my ego and my soul?
29 - Are negative entities attaching to me through my lucid dreams?
30 - Can I manifest the cards I want in poker?
31 - Is the past a reference point to use from the present?
32 - Are tattoos alive?
33 - Can following synchronicity be the dream I dare to dream?
34 - Does anyone not have hybrid children? Can memory ever get in the way?
35 - What is the difference between the natural process of losing a loved one and when you are filtering through negative beliefs that you don?t need anymore?
36 - How can we raise our excitement based on a feeling, rather than an image in our heads?


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.