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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2019
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2019) The Five Forms of Abundance

In The Five Forms of Abundance, Bashar shares five different ways abundance is expressed in our reality and provides us with a whole new understanding of how we can experience abundance.
We can redefine our beliefs to more consciously accept all forms of abundance, rather than relying on the one or two forms we currently limit ourselves to.
Allowing multiple forms of abundance to operate in whatever combination is needed creates a much more dynamic path for abundance to reach you allowing you to expand into the life you most prefer in a newly empowered way.

Session Name : The Five Forms Of Abundance
Session Date : 30-3-2019
Session Location : Anaheim, CA
Session Length : 2 + Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
2 - I had an interesting parallel reality experience where I averted danger.
Could you comment?
3 - Are there 5th dimensional beings around us helping?
4 - What do frequency vibration readings actually mean?
5 - Which ET societies are connecting with us the most?
6 - How do I know I'm having a belief without a thought?
7 - How do child prodigies relate to thoughts, definitions and beliefs?
8 - Are children born with some definitions?
9 - Is there a 6th Law?
10 - How can I facilitate my evolution with language?
11 - Is there a 'chess game' agreement for the dream reality?
12 - What will happen when I ascend into the 5th Dimension?
13 - Is the Schumann resonance assisting us into the 5th Dimension?
14 - Which crystal would be beneficial to me?
15 - Can negative entities attach themselves to us?
16 - How can we travel by adjusting our frequency?
17 - How can I use my excitement to heal physical pain?
18 - What if one's excitement is drugs?
19 - How does the practice of Vipassana effect our physical body?
20 - Can you help me get rid of the high pitched ringing in my ears?
21 - How can I use my excitement to overcome panic attacks?
22 - How do I know if a thought is coming from my physical mind or my higher being?
23 - How can I help my teenage children if they don?t listen to me?
24 - Is there a benefit to contact with ET races?
25 - Do you know everything about me?
26 - Could you comment on my experiences after doing The Hour of Power Meditation?
27 - How can we shift to our most preferred 'now'?
28 - Do you have any AI technology that you would like to share with us that will help us connect with our higher selves?
29 - What past life am I connected with now?
30 - What is my frequency state when I am detached from my negative beliefs?
31 - Am I communicating with you on a daily basis?
32 - Can you adjust your frequency from quasi-physical existence?
33 - Could you comment on my first channeling experience?
34 - Sometimes after channeling I am left with visuals that I don?t understand, can you help me make sense of them?
35 - How can we create a plastic that will absorb radiation?
36 - Does your society have a form of money?
37 - How can we bring energy from other parallel existences and use it to our benefit?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.