Editor: Video
Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2013
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2013) The Parallelogram

Bashar explores the concept of parallel realities and connecting to and downloading information from a variety or parallel reality experiences.

Session Name : The Parallelogram
Session Date : 23-11-2013
Session Location : San Francisco, CA
Session Length : 4 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - What are the different levels of existence?
2 - Will Planet X and Niburu bring about destruction?
3 - Will I see my deceased brother again?
4 - Does he hear me when I talk about him?
5 - How many parallel lives do I have at this exact moment?
6 - How many counterparts have I encountered physically in my life time?
7 - Do I have any hybrid children?
8 - Can I take a ride on your ship?
9 - What do I do when friends of mine resonate with different pasts or parallel realities than I do?
10 - Is there some connection between to Dogon people and Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Meritaten?
11 - Can my hybrid children see through my eyes?
12 - Do I have a Cryptic Hybrid child?
13 - Is it possible to have simultaneous physical realities in the same time frame (counterparts) ?
14 - Why do I find it difficult to return from dream-time?
15 - Can you comment on the amount of UFOs that I see in dreams?
16 - Why do I 'freak out' when I see ETs in my dreams?
17 - Am I a hybrid?
18 - Is the history of the earth 'real' reality?
19 - Is it necessary to remember dreams?
20 - How can we connect to our past lives?
21 - How is water representative of emotion?
22 - What is Unconditional Love?
23 - Have I met my counterparts?
24 - Are Mer people real?
25 - How can I alleviate my fear of sharks?
26 - What's the key to understanding whale songs?
27 - How can we increase our 10% brain use?
28 - Bashar speaks on 40 cycle gamma frequency.
29 - Can you speak on Breatharianism?
30 - What do repeating numbers in my reality mean?
31 - How can I overcome my resistance to the unexpected?
32 - What is manifestation?
33 - Is there a permission slip to gain more lucidity in my dreams?
34 - What is the paralysis I feel upon awakening from dream time?
35 - In detoxing, how can one eliminate sulfur residue?
36 - What are places with gravitational anomalies like the Santa Cruz mystery spot and Oregon Vortex?
37 - What are the gateways carved in solid stone in Peru?
38 - Bashar discusses the psychomanteum.
39 - What is the intersection between parallel realities?
40 - Does the non physical part of me need to be grounded?
41 - Can you speak on my connection with The Hathors and faeries?
42 - Why do I wake up with a feeling that I am missing something?
43 - What is the energetic reason for the pain in my shoulder?
44 - Could you speak on the spiritual energy of acts of kindness?
45 - Can you comment on the spiritual energy of laughter?
46 - Is the experience of beauty unique to humanity?
47 - Why are there different experiences of densities?
48 - How can I become more in alignment with my higher self?
49 - Why do I chose doubt?
50 - Are we of the same oversoul?
51 - Bashar speaks on creation as a trinity.
52 - Can you speak on tachyons and their containment in glass?
53 - Can you speak on activating communication through the oversoul?
54 - Can you tell me about my Arcturian and Venutian connections?
55 - Can you speak on Pleadian Sirian connections?
56 - Did Jesus Christ have a Sirian connection?
57 - Could you comment on 'Amma?' 

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.