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Year: 2007
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 This was a private session with Bashar at Darryl's own house, recorded in 2007 titled "Sex, Drugs & Aliens"

Session Name : Sex, Drugs And Aliens - Meeting With Bashar
Session Date : 19-1-2007
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA

Q and A Includes :

1 - Are recreational drugs a good tool for transforming consciousness?
2 - The importance of integrating ourselves and the best way of doing that?
3 - How to tell the difference between one's true self and one's ego?
4 - The pollution of our air, food and water and the consequences of toxicity on our bodies?
5 - The toxicity of smoke including marijuana?
6 - If we were living in a society of one love, such as on Essassani, would the division between male and female disappear?
7 - Discussion of the Earth changes and the variety of transformations on the planet?
8 - The value, during these changes, of being in the state of consciousness one prefers?
9 - How does memory work in fourth density?
10 - An exploration of curiosity?
11 - Is the Bashar material copyrighted?
12 - What is Bashar's position about respecting copyright?
13 - Why is Bashar involved with humans?
14 - What we can learn from children?
15 - The nature of the consciousness of the children currently being born on Earth?
16 - Is Bashar open to conducting a channeling class?
17 - What is channeling and how does it work?
18 - Discussion of cosmic heritage and the fact that we all have cosmic heritage?
19 - Do people dance a lot on Essassani?
20 - Would Bashar be willing to allow his scout ship to be photographed/videotaped by humans?
21 - What are the Phoenix Lights and what is our future with that civilization?
22 - What is the purpose of play and what is the nature of joy and excitement?
23 - An explanation of the choices a spirit may make when incarnating?
24 - Why a spirit would choose a body that dies in childbirth?
25 - Do souls choose their parents?
26 - How can we reconcile the idea of reincarnation with the fact that all realities exist simultaneously?
27 - How this life relates to other lives we may have?
28 - The purpose of imagination?
29 - The phenomenon of channeling?
30 - How sex relates to the channeling state?
31 - How do members of Bashar's society experience relationships?
32 - How we receive support from the universe?
33 - What is free will?
34 - The power of the heart vs?
35 - the head in making choices?
36 - Why do some people commit acts of murder and what happens to them when they reincarnate?
37 - Is the universe positive or negative?
38 - What is Go


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.