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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2019
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2019) The Last Days of Atlantis

What was it like to live in Atlantis? What became of the people? And why should we know about it now?
Finally a session where Bashar gives us everything we?ve ever wanted to know about The Last Days of Atlantis.
In this transmission we will learn about this pivotal culture in human history and be given a chance to grow and change from our ancient past.
This session and The Angels of Orion address our current social and political upheaval by teaching us the historical patterns that are repeating again in this time of transformation.
This is the perfect time to learn the true story of our collective consciousness as we decide who we are becoming.

Session Name : The Last Days Of Atlantis
Session Date : 4-10-2019
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length : 2 + Hours

Q and A Includes :

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.