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Sasha and Atun through Lyssa Royal Holt
September 1, 2001 – Ixtapa, Mexico

This session was recorded in Ixtapa, Mexico during a Seed of Life Level II workshop in which participants were doing close, physical work with captive dolphins.
In addition to this work, the group was also making connections with our star family from Sirius.

Reconnecting with Sirius
Greetings. This is Sasha.
Perhaps you have heard of us through the channel.
We are one of the primary beings that work through her [Lyssa].
We are female, from the star system you call the Pleiades.
We are here to facilitate another energy that will interact with all of you this night.
But first, we wish to tell you a little story. We are going to simplify it greatly.
We do not want to get lost in the details.
This will assist in setting the stage for the information to follow.

During the ancient days on your world, when those you call “the Gods” walked the planet freely, there was a lot of conflict.
We are speaking of the days when your species, Homo sapiens, was being developed.
Your extraterrestrial forefathers, of course, were primary responsible for the development of Homo sapiens.
There was a period in which your primary forefathers did not wish for you to achieve sentience or consciousness.
This was the original template that originally created the idea of slaves and masters.

During this time, there were other beings from the stars that silently worked for the liberation of the new human species.
We know that you all know that dramas play out on many different levels.
Though there may be a drama on one level there is always a counterpart on another level.
Simply put, the drama always has a purpose.
So if you look at the drama of humankind in its early development, it is easy to get caught in the idea that there are “good guys” and “bad guys.”
But as we spiral that to another level, let us speak of it from there.

When a species is born, it cannot be handed its freedom.
The awareness and consciousness of freedom must be awakened from inside.
So often new species get caught in dramas to provide a way for them to then raise themselves to an awareness of their own freedom. So, you see, there is always a reason for drama.
During this early time when man was learning to become free (but struggling with it), there were a group of entities from the stars who agreed to be guardians for mankind.

Though these beings came from different star systems, their primary orientation was from Sirius. They began to interact with your planet on many levels.
One was directly through humanoid form.
Another was through incarnation on Earth into the human species.
These became the leaders and heroes of ancient times.
But also, these beings chose to incarnate in other forms on your world, which could hold a high frequency.

These forms were those of the cetaceans. The consciousness of the cetacean has a very long lineage.
The primary reason for its initial existence was not only as a guide (not just for humankind), but also as a frequency that would uplift the whole planet.
So it is quite literal when you hear the dolphins say that they have been waiting for you.
Though “waiting” for you is not understood by them in the same way as it is understood by you. They are not impatient.

They simply swim the dreamtime with you, in which time and space does not exist in the same way.
On a subconscious level, they continually remind you of your True Self and your divine spark. They also remind you of your freedom.

The irony of course, is that many human connections with dolphins are made through those that are captive.
The reminder of captivity allows humans to touch their feelings of captivity and thus turn it around to help them achieve their freedom.
The higher aspect, the group soul, of the dolphins (as it is more connected to Sirius than Earth), is more magnificent than you can imagine in your heart and mind.

For those of you who wish to participate, please sit comfortably and allow the representation of the Sirius energy to blend with your group field.
I will assist in balancing the frequency, because it can be quite an electrical energy. We will bring this entity through the channel’s body.
Then from her, it shall be dispersed into the group field.
In this way, it will be less of a shock.
Is this something you will allow? [Yes.]

Sit comfortably. We will bring this energy through and he will guide you further. [Silence as the energy shifts.]

Atun: Our arms embrace you through infinity. You may call this energy “Atun.”
You may picture the form of light that I embody as follows:

We give this to you only to help you bring in the frequency.
We are approximately 16 feet tall in your measurement.
We have long, thin arms and long, thin legs.
We have a large elongated head, with a blue/white energy field with a tinge of gold.
This is our celestial image. It is from this energy that cetaceans were born upon your world.
And yet, we are simply just another form of you.
We do not differentiate.

Take a moment now to breathe into your hearts the celestial energy that we represent.
You may simply picture it as the star Sirius.
The picture is not important, it is just for assistance.

Breathe this celestial energy into your heart through the top of your head.
When you breathe it out through your heart, send it to the dolphins.
They will breathe it back to us, creating a triad between us so that our breath echoes through eternity.
Forever joined we are.

Take a moment to feel the triad between us.
We come not to share information but to share experience – to experience another aspect of ourselves.
Let us show you another aspect of you.

We are told that in a moment, your group is going to engage in an outdoor activity. [Contact work.]
For that activity, we ask that you continue to connect with this triad energy.
There will be much electrical energy.
If it is too much for you, you may ask your Higher Self for adjustment.
We will be embracing your group, and your guides and masters will be present as well.
This experience is merely for all of us to enjoy the blending.

Continue, even if it is just in the back of your mind, breathing the triad between Sirius, you, and the dolphins.
You breathe in our energy from the cosmos and breathe it to the dolphins.
The dolphins will return it to us.
The cycle will continue.

Now we ask you to hold this energy as you silently walk outside and seat yourself comfortably in a place where you will be protected from the environment.
We ask you to walk quietly because as you are leaving we will be disconnecting from the channel so she can join you outside.
When you go outside and sit, remember your reverence exercises that you have been doing.
Continue to breathe the triad between you, Sirius, and the dolphins.
Simply, open yourself to your celestial aspects.
There is no need to “work” tonight. Let yourself receive.
Receive more of the beauty that you are.

With deep gratitude, we thank you for the invitation this night.
And you may quietly go to take your seat and continue.
Open yourself to the cosmos.

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