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Library: Human-ET
Year: 1993
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One of the very best books that we know of that involves the art of channelling.
Channeling is an ability that we all possess and it is more about remembering and allowing ourselves to pass the information rather than learning a whole new skill.
It is rather a remembering of an ability that we have always had and have always used in unnoticed ways.

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, with the help of their guides, Orin and DaBen, have created the definitive, inspirational, and easy-to-use guide to the art of channeling.
Opening to Channel includes practical, hands-on instruction in how to know if you are ready, how to attract a high-level guide, how to go into trance, how to channel for friends, how to use channeling to open to the higher dimensions, and much more.


Channeling Can Change Your Life
How to Use This Book
Why Teach Channeling?

Section 1 - Introduction to Channeling

1. Welcome to Channeling

  • What Is Channeling?
  • What Channeling Will and Will Not Do for You
  • What You Can Use Your Channeling For
  • How to Tell if You Are Ready
  • You May Be More Ready than You Think

2. Channeling States of Consciousness

  • What Is a Channeling State? How Can I Achieve It?
  • Where You Go When Your Guide Comes In; Choosing to Remain Conscious
  • Our Experiences of Orin and DaBen

3. Who Are the Guides?

  • High-Level Guides
  • Recognizing Entities Who Are Less-Evolved
  • Personal Guides

4. How Guides Communicate with You

  • How Guides Transmit Messages
  • Your Role as Receiver and Translator

5. Getting Ready to Channel

  • Attracting Your High-Level Guide
  • What to Expect the First Time
  • Your Soul or a Guide?
  • Getting Your Guide's Name

Section 2 - Opening to Channel

6. Achieving a Channeling State

  • Guide to Using Exercises
  • Exercise: Achieving a Relaxed State
  • Exercise: Holding a Focus and Concentration
  • Exercise: Attuning with Life-Force Energy
  • Exercise: Channeling Posture and Position

7. Connecting with Your Guide

  • Process: First Meeting with Your Guide
  • Process: Verbally Channeling Your Guide
  • Questions to Ask Your Guide When You First Start Channeling
  • Instructions for Assisting and Guiding a Partner
  • Questions for Partner on Physical Sensations

8. Reading for Others

  • Giving Readings to Other People
  • Handling People's Questions
  • Making Your Readings More Positive
  • Developing Your Reading Style
  • Process: Tuning into Another Person

9. Predictions and Probable Futures

  • How Guides Handle Predictions en view the Future
  • Process: Looking into Probable Futures for Yourself
  • Channeling for Yourself
  • Tips for Working with Your Guide to Receive More Information

Section 3 - Stories of Opening to Channel

10. Our Channeling Experiences
11. Getting Ready to Teach Channeling
12. Opening to Channel - Stories of First Meetings with Guides
13. Stories After Opening to Channel

Section 4 - Developing Your Channeling

14. Channeling — A Great Awakening

  • Channeling — An Accelerated Spiritual Growth Path
  • Turning Your Doubts into Friends
  • Is Channeling Just Your Imagination?
  • Your New Relationship to Your Body

15. Strengthening Your Channeling

  • How Often Do You Channel?
  • Strengthening the Connection
  • Receiving More Specific Information
  • Other Ways Your Guide Reaches You
  • Will Channeling Help You Win the Lottery?
  • Can You Change Guides?
  • Channeling the Same Guide as Others
  • Can You Lose Your Channeling Ability?

16. Going Out to the World as a Channel

17. Channeling — The Time Is Now

  • Channeling in the Past
  • Channeling — The Time Is Now for Humanity