Editor: Video
Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2019
Link: LinkBashar Store : Orinoco's Quest - Shards of a Shattered Mirror - part 2

Darryl reads a shamanistic “vision quest” story from the third book in the “Shards” series about Willa Hillicrissing.

“Orinoco’s Quest” is a “bedtime story” that’s familiar to Willa and many other Hybrid children who live 700 years in Earth’s future.

Session Name        : Orinoco's Quest
Session Date          : 7-12-2019
Session Location   : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length      : 2 Hours 45 Min

Q and A Includes :

1 - Could you comment on my synchronicity with the Orinoco River?
2 - Are beliefs self-aware?
3 - Do the hybrids and Yay’ell have belief systems?
4 - How does the dreamworld relate to The Nine Levels of Consciousness?
5 - Why do I wake up every night at 3 am?
6 - Am I spreading myself too thin?
7 - Do we need 7 hours of sleep to remain healthy?
8 - How can I get over a bad relationship?
9 - Could you comment on the intimacy of sex?
10 - How can I leverage my company to help more people?
11 - What is the meaning of Shivai?
12 - Could you comment more on the etymology of the word Aztlan / Atlantis?
13 - What is the connection between Atlantis, The Native America Civilizations and Egypt?
14 - What about the relationship between Atlantis and The Crystal Skulls?
15 - Is there a Crystal Skull in Ohio?
16 - Can you give me any more information regarding the sunflower seed radiation remedy?
17 - I met my soulmate but then he suddenly died.
      Could you comment?
18 - Could you speak more on the concept of body being inside the spirit?
19 - Is reality an illusion?
20 - How can I help people to change?
21 - Did I see a Precursor?
22 - Why do I see lights coming out of your crystals?
23 - What is death?
24 - Why does smoking marijuana inhibit dreams?
25 - Did The Atlanteans smoke marijuana?
26 - Did Jesus become ordered into the Priesthood of Malchiesedek?
27 - Was Ancient Egypt written into the book of life by Thoth?
28 - Does going the path of the cryptic make oneself very foreign from others?
29 - How can one evolve spiritually and financially at the same time?
30 - What is spiritual ascension on the spiritual plane?
31 - What can you tell me about my new kitten?
32 - What is the realm in between dreaming and being awake?
33 - Can you comment on my experiences with ghosts?
34 - Are we living within a black hole?
35 - Are there humans on other planets?
36 - What does it mean when you dream something that comes true in real life?
37 - Does The Interstellar Alliance have cops and jails?
38 - Does one’s signature frequency change each life?


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.