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Year: 2006
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The Extraterrestrial Contact Act is a bill that, when enacted into law, will establish a Contact Protocol to allow public interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligences that may make, or express a desire to make peaceful contact with the people of Earth.

The concept for the Act was suggested by Bashar in 2004 as a means of creating a unified global protocol for interaction with extraterrestrials.

The existence of such a protocol would then accelerate the timing and increase the probability of having open contact.

At this first conference in Hawaii devoted to these issues, Bashar provides the extraterrestrial point of view on the Extraterrestrial Contact Act and shares information about the conditions necessary for contact to occur as well as a reading on the timing of contact.
Bashar discusses the creation of a third reality, expanding beyond past limitations.

Session Name : Extraterrestrial Contact Act
Session Date : 11-6-2006
Session Location : Kona, Hawaii

Q and A Includes :

1 - Does Bashar use mechanical means?
2 - Bashar's space ship as a self aware consciousness?
3 - Creating artificial intelligence as part of our communication with our Higher Selves?
4 - Is our society dominated by outside forces?
5 - What is Bashar's civilization's like and do we impact their future?
6 - Impacting your reality through change?
7 - Separation as a vibrational illusion?
8 - A 3-D holographic reality?
9 - Hollow Earth theory?
10 - The size of a space craft in a sub-atomic mass?
11 - Locating artifacts on the planet that have extraterrestrial origin?
12 - Dropping expectation of a particular outcome?
13 - The islands of Hawaii as the ancient Lemurian homeland?
14 - Soul groups from Lemuria gathering on the islands?
15 - Hawaii as the heart chakra of the planet?
16 - How telepathy occurs?
17 - Hawaii as an amplifying energy?
18 - Boarding a space craft in an out-of-body experience?
19 - Transforming negative habits and childhood patterns?
20 - Understanding the relationship between dolphins and ET's?
21 - What is our role with the ET

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.