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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2006
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2006) State of Future Union

At this special 'Evening with Bashar', Bashar explores the current state of affairs in our relationship with ET's and provides a future vision of what our world will look like.
He shares a timeline for certain key events in our future until arriving at the unification of our planet.
Specific information is given about our relationship with Canada, Europe and Asia.

Session Name : State Of Future Union
Session Date : 29-4-2006

Q and A Includes :

1 - The purpose of the guided meditations that Bashar does with us and how the experience helps you to integrate your consciousness?
2 - Do people have extraterrestrials for guides?
3 - Having panic attacks?
4 - Suppressive childhood with controlling, unemotional father and how the resulting patterns can be transformed?
5 - How to work with your ego and the negative emotions that come up in life?
6 - Creating a core belief about your relationship to the universe that can transform your experience?
7 - Global warming--is it a hopeless situation?
8 - Creating tools through shapes and the vibrations they represent and trusting your excitement to show you what tools to use?
9 - The energetic impact on the body of mercury tooth fillings?
10 - Being of a higher vibration through excitement and understanding how others may be uncomfortable as a result of your energy?
11 - What the 2012 gateway will represent to us as a planet?
12 - Changing to a parallel reality?
13 - The Four Laws of Creation?
14 - A discussion of open contact with extraterrestrials and the need for a planet wide protocol?
15 - Channelers as biological receivers?
16 - Was Jesus crucified and was he resurrected?
17 - The symbolism of Jesus dying for your sins?
18 - The symbolism of seeing colorful snakes in her meditations and dreams?
19 - How do I know if I am choosing my highest excitement?
20 - Repairing a torn ligament without surgery?
21 - Taking a talent for healing others to a higher level?
22 - Dream contact with extraterrestrials and then waking up abruptly in bed--was it real and the relationship to out-of-body experiences?
23 - The meaning and the purpose of seeing recurring numbers?
24 - Are we ahead or behind schedule for Bashar's previous predictions of ET contact?
25 - What is happening to the Earth's axis?
26 - Is there any way we can impact the change?
27 - Fear of channeling another entity and being effected by the 'dark side'?
28 - A detailed discussion of the channeling process that Bashar and Darryl go through in order for the transmissions to be possible?
29 - Is there a transparent sun?
30 - Where we will find life in our solar system?
31 - The importance of traveling to the places of your highest excitement?
32 - Healing arthritis

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.