Editor: Video
Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2014
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2014) Interstellar Enneagram II

In this exciting three-part weekend event, Bashar uses the Interstellar Enneagram to explore the historical, present and future relationship of Earth to various extraterrestrial and interdimensional civilizations including the Anunnaki, Grey, Orion, Reptilian, Pleiadian, Essassani, Sirius, Arcturus and Shalinaya civilizations.

Part 2: The Present Interstellar Enneagrams of the Essassani and Yahyel (Shalinaya) hybrid civilizations.

Session Name : Interstellar Enneagram II
Session Date : 27-9-2014
Session Location : Los Angeles, CA
Session Length : 2+ Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - Why are the Scandinavian, Chinese and other races are so different from the Annunaki bloodline?
2 - Are the accounts in the Old Testament related to the contact with the Annuanaki?
3 - Did religion come from the Annunaki?
4 - Was the quarantine because of the Annunaki?
5 - How many hybrid children do I have?
6 - Will I meet them?
7 - What is buried on the Oak Island at the east coast of Canada?
8 - Could you comment on the wall of water that I saw in a vision?
9 - Is it possible to be ecstatic every day as a human?
10 - Is it possible to instantly download information from a book?
11 - As we evolve, how will our physical needs change, such as having to eat food?
12 - I once had repeated dreams of a little Grey. What is the relevance?
13 - Are there more civilizations in the Enneagram?
14 - Is my son a descendant of the Annunaki?
15 - Can you elaborate on the higher vibrational placement as in the white of Orion?
16 - Is the hexagon symbol in the center of The Enneagram related to the fourth hybrid race?
17 - Who are the Oxcillo?
18 - What is your definition of ecstasy?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.