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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2015
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2015) Sedona Vortex Array

Bashar unveils 'The Sedona Vortex Array,' a project to further the acceleration of ET contact.

Session Name : Sedona Vortex Array
Session Date : 12-9-2015
Session Location : Sedona, AZ
Session Length : 4 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - What can I do to raise my vibration?
2 - You've talked about instantaneous change.
      How does it relate to the concept of three-dimensions?
3 - What does 'array' mean?
4 - Is there any way that I can get more in touch with you and your civilization?
5 - What kind of beings are the Yahyel?
6 - Are they different from Pleiadians?
7 - Is the human race the sixth hybrid race?
8 - What dimension do the Venutian people reside in?
9 - Will they interact with humans in the future?
10 - What kind of work do the Essasanni do in Japan?
11 - There are many disasters in Japan right now with earthquakes and floods.
       What is the significance of that?
12 - The people who live inside the hollow Earth, are they coming out soon?
13 - Are they Asian?
14 - Can you explain how our soul embeds into our DNA?
15 - What is blocking our DNA from fully activating?
16 - What is the physics of gravity?
17 - Are there any geometric structures or shapes that we can sleep with or use to help embed our DNA?
18 - How can I use my own Astrological chart to connect with beings from other planets?
19 - Is the connection that I feel to Nikolai Tesla real or just my imagination?
20 - When I'm swimming, I experience a giant sea serpent.
      Is that connected to Sirius?
21 - Can you tell me about my persona on Orion?
22 - What specifically can I do to help my children heal from allergies?
23 - Is it okay to eat animals?
24 - While in Sedona for the weekend, what can we do to maximize the chance to see UFOs?
25 - My father has been in and out of hospitals.
       Is there something the doctors are missing?
26 - I don't understand the concept of everything existing at the same time.
       When does this cycle of life end?
27 - How can I connect with the Blueprint or Template Level of Reality?
28 - What do you use for names in your culture?
29 - You once said, 'Earth is a God experience', what does that mean?
30 - How can I connect and learn from my multiple incarnations?
31 - What are the physics of remote viewing?
32 - What is a hiccup?
33 - I've known some people all my life who seem very special.
      Is that some sort of energetic connection?
34 - How do fractals relate to multiple incarnations?
35 - What is the difference between density and dimension?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.