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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2011
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Session Name : The Nine Levels Of Consciousness
Session Date : 5-11-2011
Session Location : San Francisco, CA

Q and A Includes :

  1 - Can you talk about the collective agreement in the world I live in and judgments about appearance? 
  2 - Do you have any format or outline that you think would be helpful for mastermind groups?
  3 - I have a physical trainer and I'm supposed to do what she says.
       But then there are moments where I don't want to do it. What is that?
  4 - What is your definition of abundance?
  5 - What are your thoughts on 'writers block' ?
  6 - Is the natural self is who I am?
  7 - I saw a copper coil sticking out of the ground, and I pulled it, and I got shocked.
      A couple of days later, I start having visions.
      Were those Tesla's drawings, or am I just hallucinating?
  8 - About quantum vibrational touch and psychic surgery, can you explain the two levels of reality?
  9 - Can you tell me about one of those non-physical realities you were describing that my spirit could have chosen, or is doing somewhere else?
10 - I had a negative experience with Chi Gong.
       Can you help me with that?
11 - I see these entities in my dreams, and they may be the Grays.
       Who or what are they?
12 - Can we use crystals to communicate with extraterrestrials?
13 - Are there supplements to accelerate this?
14 - Can you discuss your perspective on death?
15 - Is it true that on occasion dolphins actually rape humans in the water?
16 - Can you help me to further understand parallel realities, and how it is that we can change our pasts, and therefore our future, without being in denial?
17 - What about other people in our lives who haven't changed with us?
18 - I have an equation that was channeled by a friend of mine 30 years ago.
       What is it, and what does it mean?
19 - I'm from Hiroshima, can you talk about the recent Fukushima nuclear crisis?
20 - Do you know about SETI?
21 - But why hasn't SETI found your civilization yet?
22 - My brother has always had a very negative presence.
      As a child he described himself as a dark spirit.
      What can I do to help him? 

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.