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what do the esassani people look like

What do the Sassani people look like?


The Sassani are humanoid, small in height, about 5 feet (1.5 m), fragile build, larger eyes than ours, whitish / grayish complexion (though there are exceptions).
Only the females have hair, which is white with some exceptions.

The head is proportionally smaller than that of the Zetas; the nose is small and the mouth smaller than that of humans, but larger and more functional than that of the Zetas.
Their irises are typically gray, but their pupils are enlarged, giving the appearance of almost completely black eyes.
They have 5 fingers on their hands and probably 4 (or 5) toes.

The Sassani are telepathic and don't sleep, speak, eat, drink or defecate.

They create offspring between a male and a female outside their body, without any physical contact, through an energy bubble imbued with their idea and harmonies of the higher mind - mind-soul-consciousness, where a child is formed from a single point like a seed.
This happens because a 'body form' is in our mind and not the other way around.

The child who has chosen to be in his society grows and is guided telepathically.
At the age of 3 (in human terms) the children can go out on their own, learn what they want to learn, because every Essassani always knows where they are, because everyone is telepathically connected to their collective consciousness Shakani.
They are ONE family in this sense, a child belongs to every adult and every adult belongs to every child.

To help the child learn, they create environments for them to express their excitement and safely experience the consequences of their actions.
Essassani children are encouraged to discover themselves in every possible way, using the synchronous energy that allows everyone to receive what they need, when they need it.


Note : As the Sassani people's vibration is currently beyond the spectrum of our perceptual ability, their physical appearance is now only obtainable in channel state and through channeled artist impressions.

Image above :

Artist interpretations of Sassani/Shakani energies
Left to right: Primary Facilitator, Anima, Bashar, Cybo

Artist : Vashta Narada
A visit to her website is absolutely worthwhile !!!
Or take a look at Vashta's YouTube channel
There is also a great interview with Vashta with Reuben Langdon on Vimeo (for rent).

Snapshot from documentary 'First Contact' by Darryl Anka