The Cosmic Connection - A Deeper Dive

In early 2020, our guides mentioned that a "Reconnection-like" reactivation or alignment would be instrumental in helping humanity more easily access and maintain a higher frequency bandwidth by connecting us to our original blueprint, the Template Level of Reality.
Over time, we have gained much deeper insight and understanding. 
In response to this growing interest and our expanding knowledge, we have updated our website with comprehensive information about the Cosmic Connection and Axiatonal Alignment that we are eager to share with you.

But before we go any deeper, it might be a good idea to start by familiarizing yourself with the bigger picture by taking a look at our page called The Cosmic Connection.

Diving deeper in the Cosmic Connection

As mentioned in the main article, the Cosmic Connection provides an opportunity to align with Universal Energy Grid, unlocking an infinite source of wisdom, healing and spiritual growth. 
By exploring the deeper insights of Axiatonal Alignment from J.J. Hurtak's The Keys of Enoch, Eric Pearl's The Reconnection, Bashar's teachings on template reality, the significance of the number 333, the 12 layers of DNA, and the 12 chakras, we gain a profound understanding of the essence and significance of the Cosmic Connection.

In this article, we will look at some aspects in more detail.



The Evolution and Activation of DNA

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Cosmic Connection involves the evolution and activation of our DNA.
Reconnecting with higher frequencies of energy can lead to profound changes at the cellular level, including the activation of dormant strands of DNA.

The integration of Kryon's 12 layers of DNA with the concepts of Axiatonal Lines and Spinpoints offers a comprehensive framework for understanding our spiritual evolution and potential.
By aligning ourselves with The Cosmic Connection, we can activate these interdimensional aspects of our DNA, promoting healing, ascension, and a deeper connection to the divine and the universe.

Hurtak's Perspective

In "The Keys of Enoch," Hurtak discusses the idea that our DNA contains twelve strands, although only two are currently active in most people.
The activation of the remaining ten strands is linked to our spiritual evolution and higher states of consciousness.
Hurtak explains that through Axiatonal Alignment (we call  this process the Cosmic Connection as it is easier to remember), we can stimulate these dormant strands, unlocking our full genetic potential and enhancing our physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities.

Pearl's Insights

Eric Pearl's "The Reconnection" also touches on the concept of DNA activation and is based on Axiatonal Alignment as well. 
Pearl suggests that by reconnecting with the universal energy grid, we can trigger the evolution of our DNA.
This process involves the integration of higher frequencies of energy into our cells, which can lead to the activation of dormant genetic codes.
As our DNA evolves, we experience heightened states of awareness, increased intuitive abilities, and enhanced healing capacities.

More and more scientific discoveries are disclosed almost every single day regarding the workings of our DNA, unveiling new dimensions of our being and potential.
Let's explore what becomes visible when we bring it all together ... 

Recovering Memories Through DNA

DNA has given us incredible insights into our ancestry and health risks.
But as incredible as it may sound, scientists are now suggesting that it may soon be possible to recover our lost memories!

Groundbreaking epigenetic research suggests that some of our experiences leaves an imprint on our DNA in the form of methylation marks around genes related to memory and learning. 
These marks, like notches cut into a record, could correspond to significant life events, preserved in our genetic code and passed on to future generations through our DNA.

By understanding and exploring the potential of our DNA and its capabilities, we open ourselves to new possibilities for transforming our future. 
The Cosmic Connection embraces these cutting-edge discoveries, integrating them into our spiritual practice to help unlock our full potential.

For more insights, read the full article on recovering memories through DNA.

Kryon's 12 Layers of DNA

Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, describes the 12 layers of DNA as multidimensional aspects that affect our spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.
These teachings provide a comprehensive understanding of our genetic potential.
To fully understand the concept, we advise you to read the book. 
However, we will summerize briefly:

    1. Layers 1-3: Physical and Biological Layers

      • Layer 1: The biological layer, representing the chemical and physical structure of DNA, which is the template for the physical body.
      • Layer 2: The Life Force layer, associated with emotions and instincts.
      • Layer 3: The Ascension and Activation layer, which activates higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

    2. Layers 4-6: Human Divine Layers

      • Layer 4: The Divine layer, connecting us to our true self and spiritual essence.
      • Layer 5: The layer of life lessons, reflecting our karmic experiences and learning.
      • Layer 6: The Higher Self layer, representing our connection to the divine and our spiritual guidance.

    3. Layers 7-9: Lemurian Layers

      • Layer 7: The Lemurian layer, holding ancient spiritual wisdom and knowledge.
      • Layer 8: The Akashic layer, containing information and connections to all our past/parallel lives and experiences.
      • Layer 9: The Healing layer, associated with the power of self-healing and regeneration.

    4. Layers 10-12: God Layers

      • Layer 10: The Divine Source layer, connecting us to the source energy of creation and the divine.
      • Layer 11: The Wisdom layer, representing divine wisdom and mastery.
      • Layer 12: The God layer, embodying the energy of the divine and our oneness with the universe.


The Cosmic Connection and the Layers of DNA

How does these layers relate to the Cosmic Connection and Axiatonal Alignment ?
As we explore which layers of DNA are associated with Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points based on Kryon's teachings, we find the following layers of DNA to be particularly relevant:

Layer 3 - The Ascension and Activation Layer

This layer is responsible for activating higher consciousness and facilitating spiritual ascension.
Spinpoints act as energetic catalysts that stimulate the activation of this DNA layer.
By activating Spinpoints, we can accelerate our spiritual ascension process and integrate higher levels of consciousness into our daily lives.

Layer 6 - The Higher Self Layer

This layer is connected to our Higher Self, which is the part of our consciousness that serves as the bridge between the divine and universal energy and the parts of our consciousness focussed in physical reality. 
Axiatonal Lines facilitate a direct connection to the template level and the Higher Self, enabling the integration of higher consciousness into our physical form. 
The activation of Axiatonal Lines helps us to align more closely with the guidance and wisdom of our Higher Self.

Layer 9 - The Healing Layer

This layer is associated with the power of self-healing and regeneration and Axiatonal Alignment is known to facilitate the flow of healing energy through our body. 
By activating Spinpoints and Axiatonal Lines, we enhance the ability of this layer to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by stimulating the regenerative powers inherent in our DNA.

Layer 12 - The God Layer

This layer embodies the divine energy of creation and our oneness with the universe.
One of the effects people have from the activation of Spinpoints and Axiatonal Lines is the enhanced connection to the divine energy. 
The Cosmic Connection helps us realize our divine nature and our unity with the cosmos, fostering a sense of oneness and spiritual connection.


The 12-Chakra System and the Cosmic Connection

The chakra system, rooted in ancient Indian traditions, serves as a map of energy centers within and beyond the human body.

Just as the meridians relate to being in the physical world and the axiatonal lines relate to our being beyond the physical world, so too do the 12 chakras, seven of which lie within the physical body and five of which lie beyond the physical body.

By expanding our awareness beyond the traditional seven chakras to include the additional five, we open ourselves to a wider range of spiritual potential and deeper levels of healing.
In addition to grounding us more firmly in our physical existence, it also connects us to the vast energies of the cosmos and fosters unity and tranquility.

First let's provide a very brief overview of the 12-chakra system:

The Seven Primary Chakras

The seven primary chakras are energy centers in the body that run along the spine, each associated with specific physical, emotional, and spiritual functions.
They include the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, each influencing various aspects of well-being.

  •     Root Chakra - Base of the spine

    Governs safety, security, and grounding.
    It's the foundation of our energy system, ensuring we feel stable and secure.
    Imbalance Effects: Insecurity, anxiety, depression, physical ailments like fatigue and immune disorders.

  •     Sacral Chakra - Lower abdomen

    Controls creativity, sexuality, and emotional balance.
    It's the center of our feelings and desires.
    Imbalance Effects: Emotional instability, reproductive issues, lack of creativity.

  •     Solar Plexus Chakra - Upper abdomen

    Influences personal power, confidence, and self-esteem.
    It's the source of our personal strength and willpower.
    Imbalance Effects: Digestive issues, low self-confidence, lack of direction.

  •     Heart Chakra - Center of the chest

    Governs love, compassion, and emotional healing.
    It's the bridge between our physical and spiritual selves.
    Imbalance Effects: Heart disease, emotional detachment, difficulty in relationships.

  •     Throat Chakra - Throat

    Manages communication, self-expression, and truth.
    It allows us to express our thoughts and feelings clearly.
    Imbalance Effects: Thyroid issues, difficulty in expressing oneself, shyness or over-talkativeness.

  •     Third Eye Chakra - Forehead between the eyes

    Enhances intuition, insight, and mental clarity.
    It's the center of our inner vision and wisdom.
    Imbalance Effects: Headaches, confusion, lack of insight.

  •     Crown Chakra - Top of the head

    Connects to higher consciousness and spiritual awareness.
    It's our link and bridge to the divine and the universe.
    Imbalance Effects: Depression, disconnection from spirituality, rigid thinking.

The Five Outer Chakras

The five outer chakras extend beyond the body, connecting us to higher dimensions and deeper spiritual awareness.
These include the Earth Star Chakra (grounding us to Earth), the Soul Star Chakra (gateway to the soul and higher consciousness), the Spirit Star Chakra (connection to spirit guides and higher realms), the Galactic Chakra (access to cosmic wisdom and astral travel), and the Universal Chakra (merging physical and spiritual realms for divine healing).

  •     Earth Star Chakra - 12-18 inches below the feet

    According to the Eastern yogis, this eighth chakra is located 12 to 18 inches below the soles of your feet and goes down into the earth. 
    This chakra acts as the grounding point, connecting the individual to the Earth's core and magnetic field.
    It plays a crucial role in releasing negative energy into the Earth, promoting stability, and anchoring the entire chakra system.
    This chakra is essential for grounding practices and maintaining a balanced energy flow within the physical body
    Sometimes when people are not properly anchored in their bodies and experience their lives as a kind of dream is because this chakra is not aligned with the rest of the system.

  •     Soul Star Chakra - About 6 inches above the crown

    This chakra serves as the gateway to the soul and higher consciousness, facilitating access to the Akashic records—an ethereal library of all human events, thoughts, and experiences. 
    The Soul Star Chakra helps in aligning with one's true purpose and spiritual destiny, enhancing intuitive abilities and spiritual insight

  •     Spirit Star Chakra - Above the Soul Star Chakra

    This chakra connects us to higher spiritual realms and spirit guides, such as angels, ascended masters, and other light beings.
    It enhances our ability to manifest our desired lifepath and provides a clearer channel for spiritual communication and guidance.

  •     Galactic Chakra - Around the energetic field of the body

    This chakra facilitates connection to cosmic wisdom and the greater universe.
    The Galactic Chakra expands consciousness far beyond the physical realm, enabling access to other dimensions and timelines, and supporting profound spiritual growth​.

  •     Universal Chakra - Further above the Galactic Chakra

    This chakra integrates the physical and spiritual realms, allowing for divine healing and a deep connection to universal energy.
    This chakra connects us to the collective unconscious and the divine source, facilitating profound spiritual transformation, creativity, and universal wisdom.
    Activation of this chakra can lead to experiences of unity consciousness and enlightenment​.


The 12-Chakra System and The Cosmic Connection

During several phases of the Cosmic Connection process, activations and balances are performed on all seven primary chakras, as well as two specific outer chakras known as the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra.
It is interesting to note that although the other outer chakras are not specifically addressed in the Cosmic Connection process, the effects of activating these chakras are visible in the recipient after a period of integration, depending on the shift in consciousness of the person involved.

Let's look at what we see and how these elements work together:

  1.  Grounding and Connection:
      The Earth Star Chakra helps us ground ourselves and connect deeply with the Earth’s energy.
      As we can't walk our path if we are not really grounded, this chakra is essential for effectively navigating and integrating cosmic energies here in physical reality.

  2.  Physical and Emotional Balance:
      The lower chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) are foundational for maintaining physical and emotional balance. 
      They support the physical body to function here in physical reality and need to be aligned and fully anchored to handle the influx of higher energies and transform them into action.

  3.  Heart-Centered Expansion:
      The Heart Chakra acts as a bridge between the lower and higher chakras.
      It facilitates the flow of love and compassion, which is crucial for harmonizing the energies received through The Cosmic Connection.
      A profound feeling of Love and Gratitude can be experienced during and after integrating the Cosmic Connection.

  4.  Higher Guidance and Intuition:
      The higher chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) enhance our ability to receive and interpret divine guidance.
      They are activated through the cosmic energies and enhances our intuitive abilities and spiritual insight.

  5.  Accessing Higher Dimensions:
      The Soul Star Chakra and Galactic Chakra connect us to higher dimensions and galactic energies.
      Although only the Soul Star chakra is activated during the Cosmic Connection process, many recipients find that they become interested in the galactic heritage of humanity, and some even find that they feel connected to their galactic family and begin to access ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge as also addressed in Bringers of the Dawn and Kryon's teachings.
      Note that the energies used during the Cosmic Connection come from galactic sources and during the sessions we are supported by our galactic friends.



Bringers of the Dawn and The Cosmic Connection

Bringers of the Dawn is a book by Barbara Marciniak, published in 1992.
It shares teachings from the Pleiadians, a collective of multidimensional beings from the Pleiades star cluster. 
These teachings are intended to help humanity navigate the significant spiritual transformation and awakening that is taking place in our world right now.

In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians emphasize the awakening and empowerment of humanity through the activation of our latent spiritual abilities and DNA.
It states

"The firing of the codings is the reactivation of the dormant strands of DNA,
allowing you to access and integrate the full spectrum of your multidimensional self.
As you align with higher frequencies, the dormant codes within your DNA begin to 'fire,'
unlocking your potential and restoring your abilities as a fully realized being of light."


"The firing of the codings and the realization of your identity are going to become phenomenally intense.
The reason for this is the evolving DNA.

When you have 12 helixes of DNA in place,
those helixes will begin to plug into the 12 chakra system.

The 12 chakras are vortex centers loaded with information that you must be able to translate"

Let's see how this aligns with the Cosmic Connection on the different levels :

Key Concepts from "Bringers of the Dawn" and parallels with The Cosmic Connection

  1. Pleiadian Wisdom:
    The Pleiadians present themselves as ancient beings who have been guiding human evolution for eons, providing insights to help us evolve spiritually and reclaim our multidimensional nature.
    Our guides have mentioned that this work we call the Cosmic Connection (or the Reconnection as Eric Pearl calls it) was brought to the planet by a Pleiadian group/council.
    In both the Cosmic Connection sessions and the Reconnection sessions we feel the support of the Pleiadian guides.
    Although Pearl did not mention it directly, he has given several hints as to the origin of 'his Reconnection', through the scientific evidence of independent professors that these frequencies come from beyond the planet, and his dropping the name of the Pleiadians several times.

  2. DNA Activation:
    A central theme in the Pleiadian teachings is the concept of activating dormant strands of DNA to evolve into multidimensional beings. 
    According to the Pleiadians, the complete human DNA is made up of 12 strands of DNA, which allows for higher states of consciousness and spiritual abilities.
    The Cosmic Connection's activation of the Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points directly supports the process of awakening that involves reactivating these dormant strands of DNA.

  3. Multidimensional Awareness:
    The teachings emphasize the importance of recognizing our multidimensional selves.
    Humanity is encouraged to expand her consciousness beyond the physical realm, connecting with higher dimensions and different timelines.
    This expanded 12-chakra system allows us to access higher frequencies of light and consciousness, integral to The Cosmic Connection.
    So, the activation of the outer chakras aligns completely with the multidimensional awareness as mentioned in "Bringers of the Dawn."

  4. Cosmic Connection:
    The Pleiadians emphasize that humanity is part of a larger cosmic family. 
    This cosmic connection involves recognizing our interconnectedness with other star systems and beings.
    The Universe is seen as a vast network of consciousness, with Earth playing a central role in its evolution.
    It is very interesting that after the Cosmic Connection sessions many people are waking up to our Galactic heritage.

  5. Role of Lightworkers:
    Lightworkers are individuals who have incarnated on Earth to assist in the spiritual awakening of the planet.
    The Pleiadians encourage Lightworkers on Earth to remember our purpose, embrace our spiritual power and divine nature, and work to raise the vibrational frequency of ourselves and the planet.
    The Cosmic Connection is about facilitating this empowerment by reconnecting us to the divine energy of the universe and activating our higher potential.



In this article we wanted to provide a little more context about the Cosmic Connection and how it is connected to a much larger process regarding the evolution of humanity.
There is more, much more, to tell, but perhaps it's more appropriate to share that through workshops than to write in long articles.

We welcome you to the journey of Cosmic Connection, where we as Galactics (note: we as humanity are Galactics) unite as one with the Universe, embracing the divine energy that flows through us all.
Let us step forward on this path, hand in hand, and discover the profound transformation that is in store for us.
Together, we can come to a deeper understanding of our place in the Cosmos and begin to realize our highest potential.
Welcome to The Cosmic Connection Journey!

~ Jacqueline and Philip


For those who would like to dive even deeper into the Cosmic Connection ...


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