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Our vision on Copyright

A lot of times we hear the call of people for 'disclosure' and the wish that governments, or perhaps the 'forces' behind governments, will finally open up about the existence of extraterrestrial presence and the existence of (extraterrestrial) technologies that could change our society forever.
Technologies with which clean energy sources could be implemented in 'no-time', hunger and poverty could disappear, pollution and exploitation of our Earth would become a thing of the past and there would no longer be any need for war.
A world in which the idea of 'shortages' no longer exists and there is plenty of room for development and growth instead of survival.
A world based on 'expansion' instead of 'contraction'.

The remarkable thing is that what we expect from our governments, we can do ourselves.
In fact, we as a population have more or less adopted the behaviour of 'not sharing openly'.

Copyright is one such example.
Imagine that everyone makes all his/her knowledge and discoveries freely available ...
How long would it take before we developed free energy generators?
How long would it take for all the diseases in the world to be eradicated?

As a matter of fact, we all participate a little in the secrecy of knowledge and information.
Either because we want to, or because it is imposed on us and we follow it up because we fear the consequences.

Copyright is intended to restrict the use of information by others and to allow them to use it only with the approval and under agreed conditions of the 'source' of the information so that this source can gain merit.
This is a very understandable mechanism in our 3D world based on scarcity, but in an open, free world it is actually a completely unnecessary system.This is a very understandable mechanism.

We acknowledge that the mechanism still has a function in our world.
And at the same time, we are willing to make a first step to a different world.

This is why we are offering all material on this web site under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Which,  translated quite freely, means that the material may be reused provided that it is referenced to our website as the source of the information, that it is not modified (or submitted for approval first) and that it is not used for commercial purposes.

Eye Opener

Imagine the extra-terrestrial spacecraft landing here with technology that could take our civilization a giant leap forward in the way we live and work together.
But that we are not allowed to use any of it because they have copyrighted it or only and under certain conditions if we pay them for it first.
That would be a huge disappointment to most people regarding the nature of the relationship we would like to have with these civilizations.
So if we now expect in a relationship with other, more advanced civilizations, a freedom in which knowledge and information is shared with us, why should we, as human beings, keep information to ourselves instead of sharing it freely with each other?


Bashar on Patents and Copyrights

We have, on our planet, for inventors, patents and for artists, copyrights.
Is this something that you see eventually disappearing?
And for those of us now who are interacting at this level, what do you recommend – pursuing things like that?
And will this change around the transitional gate of 2011 - 2013?

Yes, we recommend that you maintain the integrity of the system that recognizes the idea of origination at this time.
Eventually it will be unnecessary because the recognition of origination will be innate and natural and will not require the idea of structure of law to enforce it, and certain things will also be shared in a number of ways that will also make it unnecessary in certain circumstances.
It will begin in that time frame and continue on for, again perhaps, another decade or so and then it will cease as a system.