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20. 08. 25
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In September 2020, the virtual doors of the online community 'Human-ET One' (can be pronounced as 'humanity one') will open.

But what exactly is this community ?
First of all, it's good to know that what is there now is the beginning of a development and not a finished product.
After all, a community is something that is built together.


... an online platform (community) that brings together people with a great interest in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and creates a place to share, learn and connect (Community).

This community is also about building one big place of valuable and constructive cosmic information (a library) so that together we can have many more moments of inspiration about this phenomenon that opens our eyes, our mind, our heart and our soul and makes us feel more one with each other (Humanity) and with our cosmic family (Human-ET).

If you want to connect with our Cosmic Family in a positive and constructive way and feel a desire to connect, share and learn with like-minded people, feel free to be part of this collective!

Human-ET One is ... One place ...

- where people meet each other with the same interest in extraterrestrial connections, both worldwide and close to you, people who enjoy the same things and who are interested in the same subjects.

- to find inspiration, share stories, experiences and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our common interest.

- to find constructive information in a kind of library on all kinds of topics related to extraterrestrial contact, civilizations, their presence on Earth, the information and symbols they share, the New Earth coming up, healing, .... and many other creative expressions from us and from them, concerning the transformation of the Earth and remembering who we really are.

- To start building an online community with the ultimate wish to create physical communities in the future in the world where we meet, heal and transform, learn and have fun in creating a New Earth where Open Contact with Stellar Family is a natural thing. 

Human-ET One ... One place to connect with Human-ET


There is a lot of information on the internet about extraterrestrial presence, both very constructive information and also much less accurate or less constructive information.

It was already quite difficult to find good sources of information (simply because of poor findability in the search engines) and because of the increasing 'pushed' negative narratives it is becoming more and more difficult.
We foresee that in the coming period it will be of great importance to build a good library so that this information remains findable for those who are looking for it.

And instead of spending hours searching the internet and social media, with a few clicks you can find what you are looking for in the publications of people who have been collecting and sharing valuable information about extraterrestrial contact for decades.
And at the same time you can easily find other Star Friends to contact and exchange ideas or experiences with!

In a sense, this online community has aspects of social media as well as a well-organized digital library.

It could just be that once this community has grown big enough, we as 'ET-Healing' are going to withdraw from media like FaceBook which, like so many other alternative health institutions, has been placing us ever lower in news overviews for a number of years now.

Participating in Human-ET One !

Membership in Human-ET One is based on donations from its members.
But please note ... donation basis is not the same as free ...

It is our vision to create a place for and with each other and that also means that we will have to support and maintain this place together.

And support can be done in different ways.
As the community grows we will need more 'hosts' and to keep the information on the platform of great diversity, high quality and at the same time easy to find we need 'moderators'.

We understand that you can't say anything about this at the moment, but that will come.
We're just dropping some 'food for thought'.

Finally, although there is no mandatory monthly subscription fee, we do ask members to make an annual donation so that you can decide for yourself as to what it is worth for you to remain part of this community.

What's more important to become a member is ...

- Having a positive intention and attitude towards connecting with other like-minded people and connecting with your Star family and extraterrestrial civilizations...
- allowing the community to flourish by supporting it through positive energy, constructively sharing information with each other.

Want to know more ?
Check out HUMAN-ET ONE ...


~ Sassani saying

How it Works !


Just like in the 'real' world when you enter a new place, you ask your self questions like 'what is there to do' and 'where shall I go' ...
So, let's provide you with a kind of road map !

Basically, this community has two major options for you to experience :
- you can connect, share and interact with friends with the same interests. (Community)
- you can find a lot of information on a variety of topics related to extraterrestrial connections, experiences and events. (Library)

First things first ... 

After subscribing you will have noticed your personal account when you signed up.
There are two important pages the the settings of your account, edit profile and notifications.
On the 'Edit Profile' page you can provide some information on your self, your location (area) so that other members in the same area can easily connect with you, as well as define you interests so that notifications become more personalized
At the bottom of this page you get an overview of your subscriptions on all topics, corners and libraries.
On the 'Notifications' page you can define what kind of messages you would like to receive (or not).


Social Aspects

One of the primary goals of this community is to enable to the members to connect, share and learn with/from each other.
To support that, this platform provides all kinds of options to make posts, articles and other ways to share as well as to 'like' and respond on posts from others.
Also it is easy to see who lives in your area and for things as organizing a meditation evening or a CE-5 event (night watch event for making ET-contact with ships and beings) and so on.

In a sense it is a little like FaceBook, but then without the algorithms, censorship and (personal) data that is used for other purposes.
Another difference is the nature of the posts and articles ... FaceBook is more like 'fire and forget' in the meaning that most of the time the shared information is hard to find after a while as a result of the 'quick posts' culture.
So, the attention on Facebook is very fleeting.

As we see it, socializing is actually about 'relating' and 'relations' and asks for a kind of serious attention for each other and the things you share.
Interesting enough, this is the only kind of relationship our extraterrestrial friends are interested in as well.
They know, once you make contact, it changes things forever, so they are only interested making contact with people being really serious about making contact.
And that's the kind of attention we grant every member in this community!

Human-ET-One-Members    Human-ET-One-accountHuman-ET-One-chat



Ready for lift-off ? 
Let's explore this Space !

Now you're ready to go, it might be handy to have a kind of idea about the major areas of this community platform.

As soon as you enter this 'space' you will notice you are 'Home' ... on the homepage ;-)
And instantly you will see all the recent news and updates.

The menu Discovery provides a wonderful overview of the structure of this community. Just try it !

The menu Members shows all the members of our community  and there are wonderful search and selection options to find friends living in your neighborhood, friends that recently signed up or members with specific roles, like hosts and moderators. Very easy and handy tool !!!

The menu About contains articles regarding our community itself, like some guidelines (things we do and don't), how this community is organized, why we ask for donations, how to support the community in various ways, for instance by becoming a moderator and so on !

The rest of the elements in the menu shows us actually the way the content is structured in our community.
For instance, you will discover an area with corners, an area with libraries and an area with topics, and most likely in the future other area's like events and so on.

Although everyone can add content to these areas, the structure of the areas itself can only be changed by hosts and moderators so that the overall structure remains surveyable and prevents a proliferation in which information gets to hard to be found.

Please let us know if you have a good idea for a new topic (theme), library or corner on a subject related to this community!
If there is enough interest and content to be shared, we love to expand the options !!!

By the way, a moderator might suggest (or make) changes to the articles and posts done by members in order to make them better findable in searches or more aligned in the way information is preferably presented (with description and images/video).

Human-ET One - Corners


Corners are typically the area where information is organized by 'type of medium'.
At the point we started the community, there are the Book Corner, Music Corner, Movie Corner and Art Corner, but that might expand in the future as well.
In these corners we share good reads (books), interesting movies and documentaries, lovely music and a stage is provided for artists to show their work.
Do you have a brilliant idea for another corner ?
Please share your ideas with us !


This is the area where you can spend hours on information on many different subjects brought by specific sources.
There is a lot of channeled material from extraterrestrial civilizations brought by different channels like Elan (via Andrew), Bashar (via Darryl Anka), Pleiadian Council (Barbara Marciniak), Sasha (Lyssa Royal Holt), Kryon (Lee Carroll), T-Reb and Aridif (Rob Gauthier) and so many more channelers with years of experiences in sharing information.
The power of this area is that they are all brought together in one place, one big library.
You might come across wonderful sharings, channelers and other sources that you have had no idea existed.
And because every channeler brings through unique perspectives and vibrations there will always be a source that will resonate with each of us.

Building this library is a big project and a continuous activity that is not finished in one go.
If you would like to help build this library and/or become a moderator for a section within the library ... let us know !

Human-ET One - Library

Human-ET One - Topic


Another way to organize information is by topic (or theme) where information from all sources and in all kinds of forms can be brought together.
For now we are not sure if it is wise or not to have all members the option to create new topics.
We could make that possible for all members and at the same time we noticed in other communities such as this one that in no time at all the community was flooded with new themes containing only one or two articles that could just as well have fitted into an already existing topic / theme.

So, for now we have chosen to start with the option to have moderators create and manage a topic.

Do you have a brilliant idea for another topic or are you interested in becoming a moderator for certain topic(s)?
Please share your ideas with us !


Excited about joining us ?
Sign in on HUMAN-ET ONE !

ET-Healing Reconnection Stargate
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13. 12. 05
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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From an early age, we felt that we were different from most of the other people around us.
We couldn't be completely ourselves and also found it very hard to show ourselves fully.
Often we didn't feel understood and we often felt alone, not really belonging.

Do you recognize that too?
Most Lightworkers experience this and if you recognize this, you might be Lightworker as well.

Not until later in life did we understand that not being able to fully integrate in this world has an important function.
We understood that the lack of integration is not a problem but in fact a quality that we need to be able to offer the world an alternative.
By not fully adapting, a large part of our authenticity is preserved.
And yes, in our society 'being different' was not appreciated and was sometimes perceived as a threat, but fortunately that is rapidly changing.
The world is starting to wake up from falsity and longs for people who are authentic.
The time for Lightworkers has come ... time for the people who still know the way to the Light.

Our story starts at a very young age, but the biggest turnaround took place in 2012.
After considerable disappointments in the 'spiritual world' - in which we discovered that unconditional love, authenticity and sincerity were also often violated - we actually no longer wanted to have anything to do with it.
We had resigned as a Lightworker.
This was followed by a period of a number of years in which we and our family lived our lives, for ourselves and with ourselves.

And then ... then 'The Reconnection' came into our reality. But we didn't want anything anymore.
And the Reconnection kept coming, in many different ways. But we didn't want this anymore.
In the end we set up the film 'the living Matrix' and again the Reconnection came on screen. And all of a sudden we wanted more.

Lightworkers are unstoppable ...

Jacqueline and Philip both did 'The Reconnection' at a practitioner in the Netherlands and things started to change at a rapid pace.
There was no stopping it.
Not long after that we travelled to Barcelona to get our training as a practitioner for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and it is unbelievable what happened there during the days (and the nights in the hotel room) with ourselves and with many other participants in the seminars.
An extraordinarily important experience for us to witness how human bodies react to energies that do not come from this planet, as dr. Eric Pearl carefully describes it.
Even though we didn't know then what was next to come ...

Jacqueline opened her practice, Philip continued on 'the old road' for a while and ended up in a severe burnout.
Misery? Well, no, the best thing that could have happened to him at that moment.

And then there was an invitation via the network of Reconnective Healing Practitioners in the Netherlands for a workshop with Chaggai Katz.
Chaggai is from Israel and he gave a workshop in Etten-Leur (Netherlands) about his work as a healer with a team of extraterrestrial beings.
At first we didn't believe any of this, but this also kept coming back into our reality and after the third time we signed up for this ...

During that workshop Chaggai says to Jacqueline that these teams with extraterrestrial beings would very much like to work with her.
extraterrestrial beings ???
Working with us ???
Huh??? What???

A few days later Jacqueline was on a massage table for a session with Chaggai Katz in which she is brought into contact with her personal guide from one of the extraterrestrial teams.
And although Jacqueline wasn't clairvoyant before, all kinds of images and information soon came through and Philip could feel the enormous energy field on the other side of the room.
That day we went home with a personal ET guide for Jacqueline called Joël, an extraterrestrial team and as homework a book called X3, Healing Entities and Aliens by Adrian Dvir.

The origin of ET-Healing ®

Late 2013 there we start a kind of cooperation with Chaggai Katz in which we help him to start his work in the Netherlands and he shares his experiences with us about his longstanding cooperation with these extraterrestrial teams in the field of healing.
We organized many workshops and fairs for Chaggai and presented them under the title 'Beyond Medicine - ExtraTerrestrial Healing & Communication'.
At that time we named this work with our star family 'ET-Healing' in order to make this phenomenon known in the Netherlands.
After an intensive collaboration of 9 months and many workshops together, it felt better for both parties to be independent, to go our own way, to realise our own dream and to embody ET-Healing in our own practice.

We chose 'Healing Centre Beyond Medicine' as the official name of our practice and 'ExtraTerrestrial Healing & Communication' as our pay-off ... this is what we do and what we stand for, ET-Healing.
And wow... What a journey.
Since late 2013 we have had many adventures and experiences.
Meanwhile we have been able to offer our support in the form of many hundreds of individual ET-Healing sessions, far over a hundred Reconnections, many dozens of people introduced to working with extraterrestrial beings through the ET-Healing Practitioner Programs, annual ET-Healing Week Retreats and Quarterly Weekend Retreats, monthly evening meetings at various places in the Netherlands with Stargate Experiences, and many more ...


Since 2018, more and more people from around the world have called in for sessions and attending the programmes through personal guidance.
At the moment, ET-Healing is increasingly spreading all over the world to people in Australia, Canada, America, England, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Romania ...

ET-Healing is moving further and further around the globe and will continue to grow, especially in the coming period of years in which more and more people are awakening.
A period in which more and more people will remember their connections with their star family.
A period in which many people are looking for support from people who have preceded them in this contact.

And we have given ET-Healing a kind of official status by registering it as a trademark in 2019.
As a recognition of this wonderful work and that we are serious about bringing ET-Healing even further into the world.

We don't see the trademark registration as a kind of claim like 'this is ours', but rather as a recognition of this phenomenon on Earth.
And we see a trademark registration as a kind of beacon that makes clear to the world where ET-Healing originated, how it originated and who took the initiative to bring ET-Healing into the world more widely.

And yes, we entered a world that we really never expected, and for which we are incredibly grateful.
A journey that we will never be able to fully understand with the mind, and one that is so nourishing for heart and soul.

Our vision is more than just a practice by ourselves. We believe in a LightNetwork.
Look at what the introduction of the electrical grid has brought to this world.
Imagine what can happen when we Lightworkers connect with each other like that and start working together.

The core message of our extraterrestrial guides is to first connect with who we truly are (i.e. to ignite our own Light) and from there to reach out to each other and to start remembering that we have always been connected.

We have started doing it... Will you join us?



ET-Healing-Practitioner-Team-Beyond-Medicine ET-Healing ET-Healer Reconnection Stargate Experience


ExtraTerrestrial Healing FAQ
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13. 11. 26
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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It is a quite stunning idea that extraterrestrial beings can perform healing activities with equipement far beyond the current known technology here on Earth, working from another dimension and invisible for most humans. Of course that brings up a lot of questions. And that is a good thing ! Questioning addresses our ability to learn and evolve. But do not take our answer just for granted, do your own research as well. Here we offer you some answers on the frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, please visit our FaceBook page FACEBOOK Beyond.Medicine.ET and post your question.  We will be delighted to answer it !  


Who Are these extraterrestrial beings

These extraterrestrial beings are part of a organisational structure we would call a federation that have been studying humanity and our environment for eons and have a thourough knowledge of life in general and human biology in specific.
Many of these civilisations know we are here, simply because we are family. We have genetic relations with eachother.
Some of them are what we could call cousins, other are more our predecessor or ancestors although we have done our own evolution for many millenia.
These beings are evolutionairy, intellectually and spiritually very advanced and in many ways far ahead of humanity.
When the support us with healing they do not just focus on our physical bodies, they take our whole being into account, including our emotional, mental and spiritual state.
They also take our past lives and soul contract into account.
These extraterrestrial beings are very gentle, kind, compassionate and respect in every way our free will of each individual on Earth and Beyond.

The most important thing to understand is that they are not here to rescue us, nor to liberate us anything, including diseases. They are here to teach us to evolve to our full capacity and empowerment.
Not to do it for us, but to teach us how to do it by making us aware and conscious regarding the causes of our ailments.
That's why they provide so much information during the sessions, so not only do they support the healing, they also bring the information into our consciousness so we can learn and grow.
If the lesson is learned the ailment will leave, but no second before that.

Where Are They Coming From

These beings come from many different galaxies, some known to man, some not discovered yet because they simply cannot be discovered with 3D technology.
The organisation consist of members coming from dozens of different galaxies in the Universe, from which the Pleiadian, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus and Andromeda are the most familiar ones.
Many of them have a kind of humanoid presence although can differ in size, but there are also many other looking entities.
Fortunately most people will not perceive them for their presence could easily raise anxiety due to their non-human appearance.
In some cases people might see them, but obviously they are ready, for one can only perceive what (s)he is vibrationaly compatible with (what you are the frequency of).
Some of these beings have had incarnations on and connections to Earth and mostly in the field of human wellness and health.

Why Do They Help Humanity

These extraterrestrial beings are quite clear that their help to humans is also in their own benefit.
Since the whole Universe is connected to everything in it, everything that happens on Earth is effecting the whole Universe.
They mention as an example; "if your liver is not functioning well, than this is not just a problem for the liver, but the whole body will be effected by that."
The planet Earth is momentarily going through a hughe shift, many wise souls have chosen to incarnate in this era to assist the Earth and it's inhabitants in this process and it is therefor supremely important for us (the extraterrestrial beings) to support them in there missions as much as we can.

Can We See Them

Most of the humans can not see the extraterrestrial and their equipement in this stage of their evolution.
As more and more people are awakening, more people will be able to see them and communicate with them as part of their spiritual development and accomodation from to the 4th and 5th density (dimension as some will call it, although it is not the same).
Untill that point you will not see them, for most of them cannot been seen with the naked eyes.
Their frequency is beyond what our physical eyes can perceive.
The communication is also not done through tones perceptible with our physical ears, they communicate telepathically using our subconsious mind.

The healing team operates from higher realities / dimensions and therefor most of us won't physically see their spacecrafts as well but most people can feel their presence in the room or at least feel a very high energy once the session starts.
Many people report that they feel they were conscious and could hear everything form the physical enviroment and at the same time have the feeling they were somewhere else.

Can We Feel Them

If you are able to feel inside yourself, you will definetly feel their Love, their Enlightning energies and their way of working on your body during a treatment.
You cannot miss that!
And once you have experienced this, you know for sure that this is real, that this is not imagination, that this is not vague, illusionary thinking.

These extraterrestrial beings are so kind and respectfull and are very honoured to be allowed by us to help.
More than once they bow for people after the session in deep respect, because they know how it can be on Earth and they have outmost respect for the Lightworkers here on Earth in this era doing their missions.
Once you have felt their Love and support, your life will change dramatically.  And although you have never been alone, now you know it, you feel it.

Can We Communicate With Them

Depending on the extent of awareness and perceptabilty it is certainly possible to communicate with these extraterrestrial beings.
They certainly communicate with us. But to be able to "hear" their messages most of us need to transform our limiting beliefs, like "this is my imagination" and "this is coincidence".
These extraterrestrial beings communicate through our subconsiousness from where thoughts, pictures, and messages appear in our consiousness.
The only difference between your own thoughts and imagination is the fact that you do nothing to create them, you only observe.
You are not the actor on stage, but the audience.
And this is where our beliefssystems get in the way, for we are only trained in liefe to work with our consious mind.

This needs training and that's where awareness and perceptability comes in.
Up till that point the extraterrestrial beings communicate a lot with us through synchronicities.
And even than sometimes we think it is a coincidence. So note ... one time is an incident, two times is a coincident, three times we call a pattern.
If you want to start communicating with these loving entities, just ask them with sincere positive intention and watch what happens.
For ET-healers there is more to it, but that is a diiferent story.

What kind of healing is possible

It will not be a big surprise that the extraterrestrial beings are way ahead our technology if you imagine they come from thousands of light years away and just needs some (Earthly)weeks to come here.  
It is a bigger challenge to understand how they can treat humans from out of another dimension with very sophisticated equipement that most humans cannot see.  
These extraterrestrial beings  explain they mostly work on our astral and energetic bodies because these bodies are easily to treat in the dimensions they are residing.
Blockages that are removed on these bodies will cure problems on the physical body for they are strongly interlinked.
Because of this way of treatment, depending of the kind of ailment, some time might pass before the healing has completely manifested in the physical body.

These extraterrestrial beings also do have the knowlegde and equipement to transform energetically  physical parts to their dimension.
This is to be felt as a locally decrease of gravity on the concerning body parts.
They can help humans with blockages on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, even if it needs treatment of blockages in past lives.  
At the same time they address that they to are still learning and are not able to heal everthing yet.
These beings have gained a lot of knowlegde of life within the Universe, DNA and the processes making life possible and realize that the human body is one of the most beautifull and - in the same time - most complex life form they know off so far (especially our very extended and complicated emotional body) and are still improving their knowlegde, techniques and equipement to help humanity.

Is This Really Possible

The simple answer is : Yes it is. But everything is determined by the way we dare to see reality. Is our mind closed by belief or opened by wonder?
Wonders cannot be created by the mind, only experienced in our reality and than break open our former expectations.
And than the Universe can show itself.
So there is really just one way to be sure yourself and that is to allow yourself to experience it.
To meet one of the ET-healing Practitioners and ask for an ET-Healing session or Reconnection.
And this is not meant as commercial talk, it is really the only way for you to be sure.
For the rest you can investigate quantum physics and get familiar with all that is already discovered (and there is much!!) to understand it a bit more, but this will still only be knowlegde and concepts from other people, no experience for yourself.
Only after personal experience you will be able to say "I know ...", till then it will be "they say ...".

What are dimensions

For many years the scientific world has been speculating about parallel universes, that in addition to our three dimensional universe, there are universes parallel to our own.   
These extraterrestrial beings have clearly explained that this is the reality. Parallel universes may have three dimensions and more.
The visible UFO sightings originate from our own universe, but there are many other extraterrestrial beings from parallel universes that also visit Earth that can't be seen with our physical eyes.  
The extraterrestrial beings in the teams that work with the ET-Healing Practitioners, their equipment and spacecrafts are totally invisible to most humans.
Some of these beings take advantage of this fact to walk among us without causing any panic. 
They don't need to abduct people for anything - they can walk into any hospital and examine as many sick people as they need.

The extraterrestrial beings explained that there is an absolute space that has infinite dimensions and no time.  
In this absolute space, energy exists and takes different forms of matter.
Each form of matter has its own geometry, dimensions, physical parameters (i.e. physical value for the speed of light) and its own line and rate of time.   
Each form of matter defines a separate universe with no interaction with the other universes.    
The origin of the absolute space and the origin of the energy is unknown even to them.

They believe it always existed.
The above information was documented after different communications with a number of extraterrestrial beings.
It provides a little explaination to how they can be present in the same room with us and still be invisible, and how they manage to do impressive space-time manipulations used during the ET-healing sessions.

Can I become an ET-healer and work with extraterrestrial beings

At this point of time there are many souls on Earth with the ability to heal and work with the extraterrestrial beings.
Planet Earth has arrived at a fenomenal turning point in her evolution and much assistance from outer space is available and waiting for healers to wake up.
The support we can receive from our star families is beyond our imagination, there are multitude of cultures assisting the transformation of the Earth and humanity from behind the scenes just not to scare us off.

These extraterrestrial beings are very keen on working together with humans.
Despite this fact, the extraterrestrial beings are also very precise in where to invest and where not.
Apart from many characteristics a healer needs to have developped over many lifetimes, there must be a desire that is stronger than just wanting.  
And although there is much work to be done, it is not about numbers.

This is not a choice of the candidate or us, the ET's determine whether they can to work with the candidate without pushing him/her over his/her own bounderies, for their frequencies will most certainly invoke all kinds of healing processes straight away.
Sometimes the advise has been given to first start with healing some old parts and coming into contact that way before connecting with the energies of them that intensely as in doing the ET-Healing work.

Apart from the motivation to become a healer, the candidate must be ready for it at this point of his journey here on Earth. Ready in the sense of being spiritually mature as well as being in the practical circumstance to do the work.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has a lot experience in introducing and guiding new healers in working with extraterrestrial beings and can offer a lot of support to new healers.
If you are serious about becoming an ET-Healing Practitioner, contact us and join us.

And More ...

If your question is not here, please visit our FaceBook page FACEBOOK Beyond.Medicine.ET and post your question.  We will be delighted to answer it ! 





Fair Prices
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13. 12. 05
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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Everything is Energy

Once we start to understand the fabric of the Universe, we feel more and more that everything is connected through exchange of energy.
Energy flowing from one point to the other, integrating for a time and moving on again. Energy never stops, disappears or is getting destroyed, it can only alter it's state, it's form.

Ideally, there should be an equal exchange of energy in interactions, so that both parties can proceed mutually enriched with energy and have not given more energy than received. 
If the latter would happen to much to the same point it finally brings darkness (lack of energy) to that point.

For many people money is has a low vibration for many reasons. And it is true that with money and especially the manipulation with it can do much harm to the world.
And once we understand that money is nothing more that an energy certificate for effort that has been done for it with love and in that way a form of exchange it becomes a complete other concept.

And also note that the purest form of energy we know, we call it Love, can be used to manipulate to high extremes.
So, it is not the money that is the problem, it is what people do with it and for it. People craving for money are actually craving for Love.

Having a lot of money is not a bad thing as long as it is gained in by equal exchange of energy and it is used for the right purposes.
Taking more energy (it whatever form) than giving is actually stealing and giving more than receiving is actually exploitation.
And someone can steal as much has he wants, he is creating a lot of dept on his Cosmic Bank account and finally that person has got to pay his dues, if not this lifetime, then likely the next.

So, an equal exchange of energy is what we feel the essence of our pricing.


What is a fair price

Sometimes people feel we should be doing our work for free. They feel we should not ask for money or any other form of exchange. If we would be doing our work that way we could not make a living for ourselves and finally we would stop doing our work.
If the energy flow is not equally there the flow will finally stop.

But then, what is a fair price ?

Of course there can be a lot of discussions about that and there is no such thing as an energy meter so we have taken into account the amount of time we invest in the sessions, preparations, aftercare, the time and costs we make for being able to do this work, like training, courses, materials, treatment rooms, supervision and inter vision, administration and so on.

We think we have fair prices, but more important is to feel that for yourself. Make contact with yourself to feel if this is an equal exchange for you or not.
It is not about what we want, it is about what you are prepared to give in return.

Sometimes people need our help but can not give the exchange in the form of money. We never refuse help.

And everybody is capable giving something in return. We will not make consessions to the principle of exchange and we are always open to listen to alternative exchanges.  
This is a responsibility to be taken up by the one in need to come up with an alternative of equal exchange. Everybody has the ability to give, so be creative and honest if you are in this situation.

Our prices 2020

~ ET-Healing Session (1 hr consult) 85,-- euro (incl. audio recording)
~ ET-Healing Session Distant (Telephone/skype) (50 min. consult) 85,-- euro (incl. audio recording)
~ ET-Healing Session Distant (no contact) (40 min. consult) 70,-- euro (incl. audio recording)
~ ET-Healing Session for Animals (30 min. consult) 60,-- euro (incl. audio recording)
~ Reconnection (2 x 1½ hr consult) 333,-- euro  
~ Monthly ET Healing Experience (2½ hr meeting) 17,50 euro  
~ Monthly ET Contact | CE-5 Event (2½ hr meeting) 17,50 euro  
~ ET Workshop (4-6 hr) 75,-- euro  
~ ET-Healing Week Retreats (5-6 days all incl.) 1.025,-- euro (depends on room type)
~ ET-Healing Practitioner Program (12 days) 1.740,-- euro  
~ ET-Healing Practitioner Program - Online (12 days) 975,-- euro  
~ ET-Healing Master Practitioner Program (10 days) 1.295,-- euro  


Student Rates

Among the younger generations there are many highly sensitive people who are hardly understood in the regular institutions.
This high sensitivity is a gift and it is not by chance that so many young people possess this gift in this time of transformation.
We feel a special bond with this group of young people because they are the foundation of a whole new world.
And we know that many young people seek help, but cannot afford it financially.

For students in a daytime study programme who can provide valid proof of this, we therefore offer a large discount on the price of our services and ask for another contribution.
As financial contribution for an ET-Healing Session we only ask for € 35,- and we kindly request to write a short, anonymous experience story that we can publish on one of our pages.
And of course we are happy with any kind of support in bringing our mission further into this world, so also other forms of support such as translations for the website or even simply passing on your experience with 'our work' are very welcome.
It is so close to our heart to be able to organize activities for young people based on our expertise and we are looking for useful support in getting in touch with young people who are open to healing and awareness.


After ET-Healing sessions we sometimes receive long mails or telephone calls with questions, concerns or just requests for confirmations.
Of course we are always willing to support each and every one after a session with smaller questions through email or by phone and we do reserve certain amount of time for this.

And hopefully it will also be understandable we can not put all our time in replying long emails or having extended phone calls since that would mean we can not help other people.

For those situations where more time is needed we can offer  

~ Telephone consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro
~ Skype consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro
~ Skype consult (50 minutes) 75,-- euro
~ Email consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro

Trees for All

Our Healing Centre Beyond Medicine practice is happy to help heal our ecosystems by making an annual donation to Trees for All of €1 for each individual ET-Healing session we did that year and €1 for each annual membership to the online community Human-ET One.



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Beyond Medicine - Trees for All
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Heal the World, heal Yourself

We all are facing the consequences of deforestation and climate change, both globally and in the Netherlands.
And attention to our personal health is invaluable, as is attention to the health of our nature.
Because we are an integral part of nature, we are nature, we are made by nature, we are sustained by nature and we revert back to nature.
Even though nature is 'cultivated', everything in our physical body is built on the same foundation, with the same building blocks and with the same building materials, just like nature.

As we have known for a long time ... everything is connected.
On an energetic level, on a consciousness level, and it is also becoming more and more clear that all ecosystems are interconnected.
Just as we can see our bodies as an ecosystem in which all subsystems interact with each other, so our bodies also interact with our ecosystems.
Caring for the world's ecosystems is also caring for yourself.

That is why we support projects in restoring ecosystems, close to home and around the world by planting trees.
In the Netherlands, we support projects aimed at restoring forests and greening our country by expanding the forest cover.
In international projects such as in Uganda, Bolivia and Costa Rica, we support projects in restoring tropical forests and planting new ones, working together with the local population who will also be provided with a sustainable livelihood.
More information can be found on Trees for All

Our contribution

Our Healing Centre Beyond Medicine practice is happy to help heal our ecosystems by making an annual donation to Trees for All of €1 for each individual ET-Healing session we did that year and €1 for each annual membership to the online community Human-ET One.