ET-Healing for a paralyzed dog


Last week I had the opportunity to do another wonderful ET-Healing session for a dog that was paralysed at the backside several months ago due to a fatal accident.
My extraterrestrial team loves to work with animals as well because they too contribute enormously to the transformation and healing of people through their unconditional love.
And that the teams by helping our pets in this way also indirectly help the people.

During the last few months I have been able to support this dog several times with my extraterrestrial team and also here the teams continue to surprise me every time.
In the meantime this dog was already progressing pretty well.

Last week the owner asked me to ask Joël and the team why the dog is troubled moving at "normal" moments nowadays, while when he is distracted by some goodies or suddenly becomes very "excited", he starts to walk better and better.

At that moment my 'mind' thought that this was probably a matter of asking for negative attention.
The dog of course gets a lot of attention when he is or does "pathetic".
I was almost convinced of the fact that this was happening here.

Anyways, I start the session, tune in to Joël and the team and ask them to look at the dog again to see what else there is to do about his paralysis and ask for insights on the question of his carer.
It turned out to be very different and it touched me enormously what the extraterrestrial team told me.

This dog helped his owner by his 'paralysis' on a completely different level!

Sometimes people have trouble moving because of convictions that they can't do it or aren't worth it. Not good enough.
And it is precisely these people who can have the greatest confidence in the abilities of others.

This dog shouldn't be able to walk anymore and yet his owner doesn't give up.
Comes to ET-Healing sessions because he knows there are solutions.
Also trains with his dog every day.
He knows his best buddy can do it!

And this dog in turn helps his owner by, so to speak, continuing to limp and thus giving his owner the opportunity to train with him again.
To keep showing his owner that as long as you want and persevere that it is possible.
It was the enthusiasm and enormous love of the owner that started to flow again.
To believe in the impossible.

The dog knew in a different way that if he kept limping he will get his owner moving and he gives him a feeling of joy and gratitude that that has an impact in his own life.
This dog is willing to do anything to make him happy!

This is the first time I have experienced it like this. That an animal takes on such a task.
I know that dogs are very loyal and true to their owners, but that they go that far I never expected this.
And this is really beautiful and touching.

And at the same time I realize how quickly we can have an idea about something and how quickly our convictions give meaning to events.
A beautiful lesson learned that day.
Thank you Joël.

What a wonderful lessons ... I feel very grateful to participate in this cooperation between ET's, people and animals!
~ Jacqueline Fiolet and Joël and the team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication

Reference ET-Healing

ET-Healing for Lymphoma Hodgkin

In July 2011  I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Hodgkin in three places in my chest. After 5 months of chemotherapy and 25 days of radiation treatments the tumors seemed to have disappeared.
During my recovery period of these treatments different heart defects and problems in my right shoulder arose. Here also, it took about half a year before I recovered more or less..  
After a few months I was struck in one week by nerve pain in chest and right arm, in my legs and achilles tendons. Many medical research in mainstream medicine followed, but nothing became clear.
I had to learn to live with these daily fierce pains, they said. Through naturopathy, diets and homeopathic support the pains in chest and arm disappeared after 14 months.
But not so in both my legs and ankles.  

Beginning July 2014 I made a crop circle tour in Wiltshire where Philip and Jacqueline Fiolet participated as well.  
It is there I heard that they worked with what they call ET-healing with the help of a guide that could mediate between a client and a team of extraterrestrial beings.
Through years of studying spiritual sciences, I was very critical in examining mediumship.
I had a conversation with Jacqueline and her husband Philip on questions that are important to me: how do you work?
Will I stay conscious all the time during an ET-Healing session?
How can you and I know you are not a medium for transcendental negative forces?
What are your methods of protection?
Can I stop if I feel manipulated?  

I am not sufficiently expert in the transcendental world so I could be mentally manipulated unconsciously during a healing. That's absolutely not what I want.
So I wanted to be present in full consciousness and completely in control of my free choice.  
After I got sufficient explanation and all the conditions important for me were met, I joined an ET-healing session on our last day in a freshly laid crop circle formation "Trinity".
The ET's mentioned they were familiar with energetic operations on the nervous system.

While I relaxed on the grain Jacqueline made contact with her guide. Her guide acted as an intermediary between me and the team of extraterrestrials: I was allowed to ask any question which were then answered by Jacqueline's guide and vice versa.
Her guide also proved to be a guardian that provided as safe environment for me and Jacqueline during the ET-healing sessions against uninvited entities on the threshold between our reality and the transcendental.

I could feel exactly in full consciousness and intuitively 'see' on which parts of my body they were working on.
I saw and felt the openness or blockages in chakras, organs and limbs, how the ET's were altering these with beautifull colors of light and simply made large amounts of light energy flow into my legs to widen my nerves and blood supply.
After that I could ' see ' and feel exactly how the different parts of my body were linked energeticly and harmonized from my feet to my Crown and above it.
Periodically Jacqueline and I shared and checked the observations and messages with each other: they matched exactly each time.
This way I 'knew' I could trust both my own experiences and Jacquelines information and knew internally when the operation was ended.
This matched exactly with the information of Jacqueline as well.  

Now, 4 weeks later, the nerve pains in my legs are mostly still gone.
Only my achilles tendons are occasionally painful after exercise.
A wonderful experience with ET-healing for which I feel very grateful!

For privacy considerations, the name is kept private.

My deepest gratitude for the cooperation and cocreating with the ET's and other interdimensional beings
~Jacqueline Fiolet en Joël and the extraterrestrial team
~Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication

Janet Ossebaard

ET-Healing for Janet Ossebaard


Life changing event: healing by extraterrestrial beings

When we were on holiday in the South of England (Glastonbury area) in 2013 doing a crop circle tour under the guidance of Janet Ossebaard, the team and I were called to action when Janet began to show signs of a chronic condition that could turn her off completely if no action was taken quickly.
I was not aware of that, but it turned out to be a very special intervention.

This is what Janet mentions about it 

"But the most impressing thing about me was an ET-healing session that was given to me by Jacqueline Fiolet.

She had already told me during the introductory meeting that she is healing people with the help of a team of extraterrestrial beings.

That sounded all very far out at the time, although I know the crop circles are created by intelligences beyond Earth and even thought it was very remarkable that my dog was no longer limping after Jacqueline had given her a quick session in between.
And I know I was thinking ... Is there something like suggestion and illusions for dogs? Do they respond to placebos?
And while I was questioning this inside my head, Jacqueline offered to give me an ET-healing session for she saw my energy draining by the increasing pains.

At the very least, this was a life changing event.

While the ET-healing took place I wasn' t being touched. Jacqueline occasionally asked some questions on behalf of the extraterrestrial beings.
I suffer from a type of MS called Neuralgic Amyotrophy, which is associated with enormous nerve pains. In less than half an hour my (chronic) pain disappeared almost completely!
And without being touched, with a rationale that kept on chatting that this was impossible, and if there were extraterrestrial beings working on me, why didn't I see them? Bla bla bla bla ... my thoughts rattled on and on.

And suddenly there was no more pain at all. Not one of the earth's doctors had been able to do this so far. And as I opened my eyes with my mouth wide open in amazement, I saw them for the very first time. Four light beings of different origin and size stood to the right of Jacqueline, a fifth stood behind her right shoulder. I felt there was a kind of surreal atmosphere. As I walked down on them in my mind and embraced them, Jacqueline said, "They're giving you a hug now...
More than a month has passed and the nerve pain is still gone. Unbelievable.
You will understand that I have been stalking Jacqueline ever since.
Not for a moment do I stop to ask her everything about these beings.
I want that contact as well, I want to learn and work with them as well!
Imagine if I could heal people like that too!
This has to go out into the world! ....."

Thank you very much Janet for sharing this beautiful ET-healing!
~ Jacqueline and Joël with the extraterrestrial beings
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication

Healing voor Gabber

ET-Healing for Gabber


Gabber is a very cute dog and one day his owner contacted me and asked me to do a distance ET-healing session for him, because when she lifts him, he is screaming in pain.
The veterinarian don't know what's going on.

He also doesn't like brushing, which he normally loves. 
Moreover, he pants terribly when he runs while he's out, and this lady fears heart problems despite the fact that the veterinarian can't find anything.

My extraterrestrial team starts the ET-healing session by examining and calming Gabber, for he is upset.
The ET's check his vertebrae in his neck and then move on to his tail.
Then they listen with a kind of stethoscope. It looks like a general check for Gabber.
They even brush him to see how he reacts. Then Gabber showed them that he was in pain.

The vital functions appear to be good. The team shows me that he is a bit stiff.
Gabber is given a kind of infrared light treatment, because he appears to have a lot of muscle and joint aches, and they indicate that he may drink more, because of acidification.

They recommended to place warm jars on his lying area, so that he would have a nice warmth, and in this way the blood flow would improve.
As a result, the waste materials can be disposed of more easily.

When I ask the team why he is gasping so often, the team answers that he has started his life under terrible conditions (this is a dog from the streets in Spain).
His immune system is damaged, he carries trauma, and he is therefor very quickly tired.
And he needs a lot of energy to clear away all the stresses of his past.

His blood count is at times too low, which in turn requires a lot of energy to recover.
Gabber's mother is a rather older dog, and therefore her puppies were weaker than those of a young dog.

Gabber is given a kind of spiralling energy throughout his entire body. He also receives two times a kind of infusion to thoroughly purge out the toxins from his entire physical body.
Then ET's take a kind of scan from Gabber. And they test Gabber again by stroking him first softly but increasingly stronger, but he no longer reacts with such intensity.
Finally the ET's put him on a kind of treadmill. Gabber seems to like it and he is active.
He shows that he is playing and is cheerful, and challenging the way happy dogs can do that.

The same day of the ET-healing session, late in the afternoon I received the following euphoric e-mail from his owner ...

"Dear Jacqueline,
I don't know exactly what happened, but since about half an hour there has been a very happy Gabber jumping with his ball, playing with his ball and being naughty.
I have yet to listen to the recording, but I am extremely happy that I wanted to e-mail you right away and I am so grateful!!!
Until now Gabber has been sleeping all day and even this morning he could barely do anything, and now this metamorphosis is amazing. 

My love for you, Joël and the extraterrestrial team is enormous, I can't thank you enough."

Wow, how blessed I am with this beautiful work!!!
~ Jacqueline and Joël with the extraterrestrial team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication

ET-Healing for a traumatised dog

ET-Healing for a traumatised dog


One day there was another request for an ET-healing session for a dog, which I also love to do.
For animals are so pure in there responses on the healing frequencies and once they trust you they are so open in their willingness to communicate. In this case, the dog suffered from her hind leg caused by ripped ligaments.
She had previously had surgery and was now given heavy painkillers.

During the healing process, however, all kinds of other things happened to the meniscus, which did not contribute to the healing of the ligaments at all.
Things got worse and despite the heavy painkillers she finally didn't want to stand on that leg anymore.

Now, this dog has been traumatised severely by previous experiences and was actually further traumatised by this operation.
As a puppy she was attacked and injured by another dog, and this has made her extremely frightened.
As soon as the Extraterrestrial Beings start working, they go back on her timeline, so that they can guide the dog through the operation again and with the appropriate support from them on this theme.
It start when she is given a kind of 'lucky hormone' to make her feel safe, while still lying in her own basket. Then they start operating the leg again.

It appears that she relates her trauma with the attack of the other dog, to the pain in her hind leg due after the surgery. She has linked the two events in her system.
So the operation, although done perfectly, caused the trauma to rise again, which is why she started to associate her hind leg with this trauma and didn't want to see her leg anymore, so she started to completely disregard it!
Since then the hind leg has not been used anymore although the veterinarian has been very careful to ensure full recovery.

During this ET-Healing session, the ET team goes back to the moment ...

... on which the dog was attacked and the emergence of the trauma, and to make changes in the memory of the dog so in his experience this event will run completely different and more positive.
In this way her old trauma is overwritten, reprogrammed, with a very positive experience.

The Extraterrestrial Beings also provide ideas for the owners to work on with the dog the period following the ET-healing session.
They are asked to stroke and massage the dog gently and in particular to soflty and lovingly touch the hind leg, so the dog becomes aware of again of the leg in a positive way.
Admittedly, the trauma has changed, but there is still such a thing as 'cell memory' and now it was up to the owners to partake in the healing by explicitly anchoring this positive experience in the body.
To also reprogramme the body. They may treat her as if she has never experienced anything serious, but has always been a cheerful and confident dog. This will also heal them as they carry with them this traumatic energy from that event as well.

The day after the session I already receive an encouraging mail: the dog is already using the leg again and is almost completely rid of the painkillers.

What a wonderful feeling to join this teamwork between ET's, people and animals !
~ Jacqueline Fiolet and Joël and the team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication

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