Our Experience

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine is a collective of healers working with an ExtraTerrestrial Team providing powerfull healing frequencies during individual and groupsessions in what is known as ET-Healing.

As healers we joined together in Healing Centre Beyond Medicine because we know that together we can bring more love, light, energy, information and healing onto the planet than we could ever do alone. 
And also each of us bring in their specific experience of a lifetime walking our own spirituals paths, attended trainings and courses, educations, workshops as well as in the many given lessons provided by our Souls through the lives we live and of course the lessons we get from the spiritual guidance from our friends in other dimensions.

We have been granted to help people with issues on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, like

  • Body Symptomotology
  • Karmic and Other Life Charge
  • Unprocessed Trauma and Emotion
  • Spiritual Agreements
  • Fragmented Aspects of Self
  • Living a Meaningful Life and Finding Purpose
  • Developing Intuition and Opening to Psychic Capability
  • Transforming Relationship Dynamics
  • Creating balance within our masculine and feminine polarities
  • Transforming limiting Beliefs
  • Repeating patterns of limited behaviour, thoughts and emotions

If our way of helping appeals to you and you recognize yourself being hold back by any of these (or other) isues, than grant yourself to live a life to it's fullest potential and come into contact for a ET-healing session or a Reconnection

And if you feel this is what you are meant to be doing, this is why you have choosen to be on planet Earth at this point of time in her evolution, this is what you have been looking for your whole life, please let us know and let's see what our friends from beyond have in mind for you.

On behalf of our friends, we let you know that you are not alone on this journey.
There are multitudes of loving beings supporting us every day.
If we only grant ourselves the permission to connect with them.

Lots of love, also on behalf of our star family
Jacqueline and Philip