ET-Healing ET-Contact Hybrid Children

After we came into contact with these energies and frequencies through the Reconnection in 2012, our contact with extraterrestrial civilizations has gained tremendous momentum.
At that time we knew nothing more than that 'these energies and frequencies' did not originate from this planet, and even then we could not fully grasp the meaning of that.

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Jacqueline Fiolet

Jacqueline has been working with energies since childhood, having picked that up from her parents. She came into contact with ExtraTerrestrial Beings after a lifelong journey of Self exploration and development in which she finally came into contact with Haggai Katz, where she made her first contact to her guide from outer space.

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Philip Fiolet

It is not easy to explain in words what it feels like to live your life from the perspective of your true Self and your personal mission, this you can only experience and from my deepest sincerity I grant this everyone. And it's his passion, his privilege, to guide people on their path to authenticity and their mission. Philip is a spiritual guy, combining tenderness and strength in bringing the gifts of Universal Wisdom and Knowledge to the Earth and helping out others where possible through healing, teaching and many other ways.

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