Maison de Terre Neuve (Lalouvesc)

Domaine Terre Neuve (Lalouvesc)
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Last Updated: 27 September 2018
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The idea is to build a community around La Vie Tara with the essence of creating a place where new age children can stay, meet, develop themselves, relax.
In the near future, programmes will be developed for these new generations as well as for the people who are entitled to accompany them on their path, such as parents, teachers, therapists, coaches and healers.

Community (Commune-ET)

This place will be a place where we will form a part of the New Earth and we have the intention to rename it to Maison de Terre Neuve, but for the time being this is a working name.
A place that is supported by a community, or as we sometimes jokingly say, a commune-ET, because for us it feels like it is more than just new age children here on Earth.
We have talked about this in our blog about Hybrid Children before.

Ezrael, Philip's guide, has previously indicated that this will be a gradual process of conversion.
Conversion in terms of change and transformation as well as conversion in the sense of convergence, the moving to a focal point.
And that they will start to take more care for the new age children, who will increasingly experience the entrapment of the social and economic structures and become less and less understood, as well as less and less able to understand the world around them.
These generations are the foundation of an Earth with completely different structures, and that is precisely why they collide with it in such a way that they understand better than anyone that it is time for big changes.

And precisely the integration of the feeling of communality (community literally means community / municipality / staying in unity) will make that there can emerge a world based on equality

By the way, perhaps you also recognize herewith the transformation at the non-physical level!
Wherein mankind is experiencing more and more connection with the collective consciousness and in this 'reconnection' is running into all kinds of structures in itself and in the collective thinking and ideals that gradually but surely may be changed.
The new generations do not resonate with these structures, simply because they carry different frequencies and have a much broader awareness that cannot be fitted into constricting structures.

Everybody is a Genius. 
But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree,
It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid

~ Albert Einstein

Supporting Maison de Terre Neuve

The current way we see the community function is that the members of the community are able to provide for themselves and additionally contribute to the activities at Maison de Terre Neuve.

This contribution can be by organising programmes and retreats for groups or by facilitating, as part of the team, the care of groups staying at Maison de Terre Neuve for a programme organised by others.
Of course there is also an enormous amount of work and maintenance to be done on the estate, the design and maintenance of the ecological garden (converting it towards permaculture) and of course the activities in the areas of publicity, presentation and communication.

Because the community is bringing in ore capacity, more groups can be hosted on Maison de Terre Neuve on an annual basis. And the community also offers broader possibilities because everyone brings in his/her own expertise in the co-operation.

There is another piece of land directly behind the estate of Maison de Terre Neuve which has been granted permission for the construction of 5 to 6 ecological houses.
At this moment our thoughts go out to fully wooden chalet houses as you see them in Finland, because of the simplicity of construction and the very high degree of insulation.

In the future, Maison de Terre Neuve will focus more and more on groups that have a relationship with the New Earth, with ecological and sustainable handling of nature, health and healing, awareness and who knows what else will present itself.

Interestingly, the village itself, Lalouvesc, was once a very famous place in the south of France because of the miraculous healings that took place here, also called the French Lourdes, and always many children came here to recover in the exceptionally clean air here.

It is also interesting that the village council is putting the village back on the map around the theme of 'guérison' or healing and wants to present itself strongly as an ecovillage.
It is very nice to see how the mayor likes to come and sparring with Fred and Patricia about his plans.

The Road ahead

The way forward
There is, of course, much more to tell and such a change is a process in which many choices are made and in which many things are still open.

It is a path we are travelling, we know the direction and the presumed end point, but we do not know what we are going to experience along the way.
This means that we have identified milestones on the road, on which we stop for a moment, look at where we stand and how we will continue.

October 2018

The first major milestone to come is October 2018.
This is the moment when our roads will physically come together and from when we will stay with the initial 7 of us at Maison de Terre Neuve.
During these months the main season for groups is over and we have more time (and especially being together) to further explore the plans.
The plans for building the community ( that will grow in the future), business plans, marketing plans, financial foundation, assignment of tasks .... there is so much to be done!

3 March 2019

This date is an important date ... the day on which all plans will have to be clear and feasible and the day on which we want to give the 'Go' to the final form of Maison de Terre Neuve.

This day is also quite interesting for another reason.
During the development of the plans to move forward we felt that this important decision day would be somewhere in the beginning of March 2019, when Jacqueline spontaneously called out 'oh, then 3 March seems to be a good to me'.

Later when we realized that 3 March 2019 (or 3 March 2019) can be reduced to 3-3-3, or 333, being the frequency code of the Reconnection, the 'phone number' of the hybrid children on board the ships and the master number of the Christ Consciousness, then it was obvious that this was the perfect day to mark this milestone.

Changes for Dutch Activities

Such a decision has, of course, a huge impact and therefore requires very careful consideration.
Where Jacqueline and Philip will further develop the practice and activities in a French branch, Manon will continue and expand the Dutch branch of Healing Center Beyond Medicine.

Most of the activities in the Netherlands will continue, although some activities will of course change their location because they took place in our practice location.
In order to provide clarity about the effects in a clear way, we look at this briefly for each activity.

ET-Healing Sessions

The ET-Healing sessions are the cornerstone of what we do in our practice and of course they will continue.

However, a session with Jacqueline will only be possible via a distant ET-Healing session, which can be done with or without any form of contact.
The contact can be in the form of skype (or a similar form of contact with video) or in the form of a telephone call.
In this way there is the possibility to ask questions and to interact with the extraterrestrial guides via Jacqueline.
Our experience is that the results of a distant ET-Healing session are at least as good as those of sessions at our location. Most clients also feel these high vibrational energies flowing, the changes and sensations in their bodies and even during a distant ET-Healing session people often feel the presence of the team in the room.

Both Jacqueline and Manon are doing more and more ET-Healing sessions remotely nowadays.
But if you really want a session with the physical presence of an ET-healer, then from October onwards you can only ask Manon in our practice.
Or you have to schedule a little ahead and wait until Jacqueline is back in the Netherlands!


We will no longer be offering the Reconnection session in our practice in the Netherlands.
However, we will be offering very interesting options in Maison de Terre Neuve!
Imagine a weekend in France in a beautiful monastery with delicious food and loving people, beautiful nature and receive the Reconnection in the cloister chapel on top of an active ley line.
Maybe there will be a small group of people as well and we will make it into a mini Pathfinder Retraite ...
How does that sound?

ET-Contact Experience

These monthly evenings will continue!
The ET-Contact Experience evenings in Silvolde also continue in the Spiritual Centre the White Rose and on these evenings Manon will be assisted even more by Willy.

ET-Contact ExperienceET-Contact Experience

The ET-Contact Experience evenings in Oosterbeek will continue, but most likely not in Oosterbeek anymore.
These evenings will most likely be moved to the White Church in Lunteren, a completely wooden building with a wonderful atmosphere.
It is called a church, but it is more used as a spiritual centre.

ET-Film evenings

ET movie nights
Unfortunately these monthly evenings are going to stop.
I think I speak on behalf of the whole permanent group when I say that it is really a pity that these super cosy evenings are going to stop.
So if there's someone who wants to take care of the organisation of these evenings, you will make a lot of people happy.
Including me, because I really enjoyed these evenings and grant everyone to continue.
And otherwise ... in June the last movie night.

ET-Healing Programma's

These programs will definitely continue!
We are still looking for another location and perhaps this will also be the White Church in Lunteren.
Jacqueline and Philip will come to the Netherlands every month for the modules of these programmes.

At the same time, an international ET-Healing Practitioner Program will be organised at Maison de Terre Neuve as of next year, and we are now offering individual (online) coaching for learning to work with these loving extraterrestrial teams.

ET-Weekends and Workshops

ET-Weekends and Workshops
These activities will also continue and, depending on the agendas, may be attended not only by Manon but also by Jacqueline and/or Philip.
The latest development is that we are increasingly organising workshops for professionals in the complementary health sector, and these workshops will certainly continue.
It has even been said that they are happy to come to France for a weekend.
Welcome, great fun!!

Location of Maison de Terre Neuve

De location of this incredible place is
Route de Saint-Bonnet
07520 Lalouvesc

Click here to view this place on Google Maps
If you are interested in coming over with a group or joining / supporting our initiative in any form, please feel free to contact us!


All three of us are very happy with all the support we experience and the interest and nice reactions of everyone we have already shared our plans with.
Thank you very much and we will keep you informed!!

Much Love
Philip, Jacqueline and Manon