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trust yourself you will learn to trust others
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
Last Updated: 14 September 2022
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Following on from last month's newsletter on forgiveness, I would like to open this month with a personal story from my life and from that look for parallels in our current timeline.
A part of my life that very few know, but after reading, those who know me will most likely recognize me in it.
It is an episode of my life that has largely made me who I am today.

While I am describing myself here as an example, it is not so much about me as it is about the process and therefore I only give the details that are necessary for that. Here we go ...
Although early in life I was aware that I seemed to be very different from others and certainly did not always feel safe because of that, as a teenager I was always exploring the world and had a trust in people.

And yet, after an increasing number of experiences of hurt, humiliation and violations of trust by people I expected safety from, there was the ultimate low point in my young life at age 19.
That day I felt so deeply betrayed, so deceived, so humiliated, put down, used by a full grown adult, at that time an authority to me ... I could pull my heart out of my body from the pain I felt.
Finally, I put myself in front of the mirror at home and looked deeply into my tearful eyes full of pain and I swore to myself 3 things ...

'I will never surrender',
'I can do it myself',
'I don't need anybody' ...

These words came in English and I didn't know where it came from at the time (I do now), but this kept going and going with an unprecedented intensity.
And these three promises repeated themselves in my head for weeks, maybe months, and dug deep into my system.

A time of isolation and distrust followed and it took years before I began to trust people a little again and began to allow them into my inner world.
Jacqueline was the first and for a long time the only one.

This time of self-isolation has brought me a lot ... it taught me to take care of myself, to know who I am, to take responsibility for my life, to find my own truth, to follow my intuition, inner knowing and feelings, to stop depending on others and to be enormously creative in solving problems.

In particular, the time I served in the military had - paradoxically - a strong healing effect on me.
As a combat unit officer, I learned not only to better understand my personal strength, but also how the strength of my team was determined by the trust we had in each other.
During that time, I experienced what brotherhood is, the feeling of being there for each other "no matter what," trusting each other regardless of the risks we would be facing.

The theme of trust and betrayal has always remained an important theme in my life, each time followed by an important and necessary turn in my life path and each time with a quantum leap in consciousness and an enrichment and empowerment of me as a human being.


A phase that follows forgiveness is the process of learning to trust again.
Something that can be forgiven is not yet forgotten.
And where forgiveness has a relationship with letting go of the known past, trust has a relationship with opening up to an unknown future.

There are a small number of forces that hold our world together.
Trust is one of them and it acts as the glue of a society or an organization.
The presence of trust strengthens relationships and enables us to live and work together, to belong to a group and to feel safe in it.

Trust, however, is hardly definable, but we all know how it feels when it is there or when it is lost.
When trust is abundant, we enjoy contributing to what is needed by offering our presence, our dedication, talent, energy and by sharing our ideas, feelings and sincere opinions about what is important to us. When there is trust, we flow out.
When trust is lost, the relationship is at risk, we withdraw our energy and commitment, and everything crumbles.

For example, organizations collapse very quickly when staff (or shareholders) lose trust.
Trust is like cement that holds the bricks together and allows for huge structures to be built that can last for years, but as soon as the cement begins to dissolve, that same structure is in acute danger of collapse.
At its core, trust gives us a kind of feeling that "it's safe," that the outside world will be what we expect, and in trust we give ourselves an inner permission to take the risk of being vulnerable.

Trust is like a connection we enter into, an unwritten agreement that forms the basis for openness and exchange on the assumption that those involved only have each other's best interests at heart.
Trust is different from having faith in something/someone or having hope for something.
Having trust (as well as not having trust) is essentially the expectation that the future will be as you expect and as the past has proven or shown. It is very difficult to have 100% confidence in something once the past has shown otherwise.
We sometimes need faith or hope to regain trust.

Where trust is more of a gut feeling, faith is a mental construct that can restore trust by putting reality in a different light.
Faith in yourself is an important condition for rebuilding self-confidence through new experiences.

However, strong faith can also lead to "blind trust" once we allow the mental to rule over the feeling.
Hope can persist even when all trust (and even faith) is gone and reality no longer makes any sense, and hope is thus a kind of last resort on the spectrum.

Whereas trust (fidelity) also has an aspect of integrity in it, loyalty has more an aspect of being 'clinically' committed to agreements (the connection), regardless of whether these agreements (still) have integrity.
It is important to realize this difference because loyalty can also be a means of power with which to manipulate, whereas real trust cannot be enforced.
There are countless management and communication techniques aimed at obtaining trust that could be there naturally, but apparently is not ...


Trusting Yourself

Well, so far we have scanned a bit and looked at the mechanics of 'trusting something or someone'.
But what do we actually do when we trust 100% in something outside of us ?
And why is it that sometimes we trust something outside of us more than we trust ourselves ?
How come we don't learn to trust ourselves first and interact with the world from there ?


When I look back at the great lesson of my teenage years I see :

- I will never surrender ... I will never turn myself in, I am and I will always stay true to myself
- I can do it myself ... I have all the skills I need, I am my own leader, my own authority
- I don't need anybody ... I am not dependent on others, I am autonomous

After going all the way down inside myself and to myself and swearing unconditional allegiance to myself, I have found a way back to the outside world from the inside out.

I have experienced that I continue to exist, even when my world collapsed and the trust that first held everything together disappeared in one fell swoop.
During that time I disconnected from this world and connected strongly with my Higher Self.
For a time I was lonely in the outside world, but always felt carried in my inner world.
I learned to be ... "in the World, but not of the World".

And this was actually my first introduction without the teachings from my guide Ezra'el on the Triple AA (or AAA) of which he mentioned this will become the most important lessons for humanity during the great transformation.


In the past, Bashar (a contact specialist from the Sassani civilization) has paid a lot of attention to the concept of "trust" because it is a built-in mechanism of our Universe.
It is always active, it works through everything, and it forms the basis of our experience in physical reality.

You can't make trust, can't force it, can't force it to be there, because it's already there, always. It' s always at work.
The reality we perceive exists by the grace of the trust we have in that reality, even distrust of a reality feeds its existence, albeit in an unpreferred version of it.


Trust is the energy, the power we give to that which we believe to be true and with which we manifest our reality, our world so that we can experience it.
We can think of it as the power that moves us through the time-space continuum to the place that is in resonance with our consciousness/frequency.

This is the reason that once we give up trust (or distrust) in a specific reality, it is like pulling the plug causing that reality to collapse in a very short time.
We maintain realities by the trust (or distrust) we place in them so that we can experience that reality.

Note ... distrust is nothing more than trusting a reality with a negative outcome.

The collapse of the outside world that we can (will) see happening globally has everything to do with shifting the collective trust in a different direction and thus shifting to a different reality.

The big question is ... 

in what do we place our trust in and how can we strengthen the trust in ourselves.

For more and more people it is unclear what can be trusted in the outside world but remain loyal to something outside themselves because it gives a sense of security.
It is of great importance that we first start to instill trust back into ourselves before we attribute our trust and loyalty to something outside of us.


Should you wish to delve deeper into this the topic of 'what is trust' here are a few resources I would like to share with you :
Dharma Wisdom - Trust Issues
Bashar - Trust and Vulnerability

Dear Members,

There have been many before me who have highlighted the subject of trust, and in fact we are all experts on the subject ... we all work with it, every day !

This newsletter gives one perspective and at the same time there are many other valuable perspectives !
It is impossible to know all perspectives and the idea is also more to inspire you to explore how these themes reveal themselves in your life and world.

And hopefully it sheds light on a process whereby you can also help someone else who has completely lost trust and you can offer a neutral listening ear and new perspectives.

We as a civilization are undergoing profound collective transformation processes and we hope that as many lightworkers as possible are prepared for the task ahead in the healing process of many people.
Regardless, we hope this newsletter may inspire you in the development of your own unique perspective and Light Power.

Love each other and hold each other tightly in the coming months!
Hug each other and be there for each other.

For now, lots of love!
And see you soon, in the flesh, at one of the online events and on Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip

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