Working with your ET-Guide

working with your ET-guide
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
Last Updated: 31 January 2023
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Joël is part of the extraterrestrial team that assists me during ET-healing sessions and over and over again he tells me how important it is for all people, who are open to it, to build a real relationship with his/her guide.
A real relationship similar to how we as people can have with each other ...
The stronger the connection, the better your guide can support you, so this means, you have to put a lot of effort in this relationship.

The cooperation between you and your guide makes you realize that you are not alone here on Earth, your are supported by cosmic friends that guide you on your path.
Very important here is that your ET-guide comes from much higher dimensions like those where the Angels reside. 

How do you know your extraterrestrial guide is from higher dimensions ?

For me, personally, it was not so difficult, it came to me with the help of Haggai Katz who introduced me to these extraterrestrial beings from higher dimensions and in working with them by ET-Healing.
My guide is always very respectful regarding my free will and mostly uses metafors to bring clarity to me when I ask for that. 

And that is a another important thing to know in working with a helpful guide from higher dimensions : (s)he will never tell you what to do or don't and (s)he will only respond to you after you have asked your guide.
Your guides task is to guide you with as less intrusion on your daily life as possible.
Therefor they will use as much of what is already available in your surroundings by the use of synchronicities, which is by the way  the easiest way to get your attention as well.
Every time again. it is us that need to make this contact and only then your guide will help you as best as (s)he can, but you are the one to ask for it.

These are two points of attention to know if you work with a pure guide.
He will always support you in your growth in respect of your free will and the contract you made with yourself.
He will not tell you precisely what to do in certain circumstances, for that would be interfering your free will, he will give you clarity and options so you can learn to make the best decision for yourself.

Can anybody connect to an extraterrestrial guide from higher dimensions?

The experience in my practise is that my extraterrestrial friend Joël enjoys it very much to help people in reconnecting to their guide en to help them in making the first contact.
If people like to connect and work with ET's this guide will be, what we call, an ET-guide.

The people Joël has assisted in getting in contact with their guide are every time so delighted about the contact, the first comunication and above all the loving feeling from their guide.
And the contact mostly become stronger and clearer once they are back home but only as long as they keep the line open and ask for it.

Joël mentions that also the extraterrestrial guides are very pleased with the contact with humans.
They can feel the gratitude and love of people and they love to be i contact that way.
They are always prepared to help us with wisdom, clarity and giving us inspiring and uplifting insights.
This is their way of helping the Earth in raising the vibration and becoming a spiritualy evolved civilization.
And that is not only a benefit for us, humans, but for everyting that lives here on Earth and finally in the whole Universe, since everything is connected.
We are all one.

They only need our permission .... and know they are waiting for that moment you sent out the invitation !!

 Joël gives you a big, cosmic hug and much love from me