X3 Healing Entities and Aliens

X3, Healing Entities and Aliens - Adrian Dvir
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X3 Healing Entities and Aliens

What does a computer engineer do when he discovers he has powers of extra-sensory perception?  He starts to investigate!  

Through a series of extraordinary experiences, a new world opens before Adrian Dvir, unsuspecting computer engineer.
An amazing and fascinating world of other-dimensional life forms, of past lives, of spiritual guides, of beings and entities, and...Aliens from parallel dimensions.
Through his attempts to reconcile his empirical-science-based education with strange experiences, he discovers the practical side of the issue -- healing.
He can harness his powers to heal others! 

Through this common aim, Adrian is joined by others -- positive-intentioned, other-wordily beings.
Together this bizarre team, consisting of a flesh and blood healer and invisible spiritual entities and Aliens, can heal people!
In his matter-of-fact and open manner, the author takes us with him through mind-expanding experiences.
The reported raw facts of these experiences sketch a picture of everything man finds mysterious, unknown, and beyond the reach of human logic. 

Through his telepathic communications with entities and Aliens, Adrian Dvir tries to better understand the universe we live in...and the universe is revealed as wondrous place far beyond all imaginings.
A place inhabited by multitude of life forms, whose culture and technology are far in advanced of ours ... and they are here to help! 


This book 'X3 Healing Entities and Aliens' is a must read for everyone who wants to be in contact with these benevolent extraterrestrial beings as well and for everyone who is interested in ET-Healing or want to become an ET-Healing Practitioner !

Adrian covers a lot of different topics, starting with his own proces in contacting the ET's and moves from explanations from the ET's about more or less known topics like past lives to far more complex topics like the fabric of space, time and travelling the galaxies. 

Although this book is already published in 1999 it provides so much relevant and invaluable information where still so many people are looking for, like :

- Past life and our connection with our present life; 
- Spirits, Aliens and other 'beings' of light and energy; 
- Aliens' life experiences;
- Channelling, telepathic communication; 
- Healing -- various methods, personal encounters; 
- Parasites; 
- Otherworldly spirits and beings; 
- Beings as spiritual guides;
- Partings and unfinished business; 
- Aliens from another universe; 
- The council a corporation of alien civilizations; 
- Creatures  of energy and... what?; 
- Channeling and telepathy; 
- The structure of memory foundations of telepathy and channelling; 
- Meditation and contacting the inner spirit; 
- The spirit-the reincarnating core; 
- Methods of healing - an explanation; 
- Self-healing; 
- Alien chips implanted in humans; 
- Alien treatment of physical complaints; 
- Treatments in the alien spacecraft hospital; 
- Faster than the speed of light; 
- Alien communications; 
- Aliens interfacing with time; 
- Aliens explain the structure of matter; 
- Life forms in parallel universes; 
- The duality problem aliens and matter. 

CD included

This book also comes with a CD containing video material from channelings and more information and explanations.


Purchasing this book ?

This book has become very rare.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has therefore bought the last stock in one go and had it shipped from the US to make the book more easily accessible for the European market.

Of the hundreds of copies in our stock, not one is available anymore ... this book is completely sold out and will not be reprinted.
A digital copy may become available in the future.
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