The Enlightenment Movement

The Enlightenment Movement

A well-known saying is “history repeats itself” often suggesting that we have learned little from the past.
But often we cannot really see the bigger picture clearly until we zoom out enough.
And only then do we sometimes see that there are much larger cycles of development at play.

Alien Technology - Quantum Technology

Alien Technology

The coming and inevitable extraterrestrial contact will reconnect humanity with its family origins in the coming years.
With this event, huge shifts are taking place not only in our consciousness, but also in our physical reality.
Many people believe that the great shift will occur as a result of the contact, but wouldn't there be a great shift prior to this open contact?

Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Humans have long wondered if there are other intelligent beings in the Universe like us.
But it's only been a few decades that we've developed the technologies to seriously search for life beyond Earth. 
Now, planetary scientists and geologists are searching for physical and chemical signs of life preserved in rock and ice from missions to Mars and other bodies in our Solar System. 

The Count of Saint Germain

St. Germain, also called the Cosmic Master of the Aquarian Age, has been given the title of Chohan of the Seventh Ray by the Great White Brotherhood of Light.
His appearances continue to the present day, often unexpected, typically marked by the imparting of wisdom or the delivery of a message of significance to the individual or to humanity as a whole.
By transmuting the old energy and leading Christ Consciousness into the new Golden Age, he delivers a new energy and civilization to the planet.

The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind - Part 1

With scientists discovering 223 "alien genes" in human DNA, the search for human genetic origins and root races as described by Edgar Cayce and Helena Blavatsky, depicting the evolution of humanity's collective consciousness, becomes extremely relevant as humanity stands on the brink of the emergence of a 6th and 7th hybrid civilization - Homo Galacticus.

The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Lemurian Root Race - Part 2

Each culture in the cosmos passes through seven of these epochs, each of which contains seven subepochs, before completing the cycle of evolution on their planet, in our case, Earth.  So far, only five of the root races have emerged on Earth, and the sixth is about to emerge, beginning in the present 21st century.
In this part of the series, our focus will be on the first three root races, and most extensively on the famous Lemuarian civilizations that realmed Earth.


The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Atlantean and Aryan Root Race - Part 3

In this part of the series, we will focus on the famous Atlantean civilization that once lived on Earth.
The civilization of Atlantis was at its height during the long period when Atlantis was ruled by the Toltecs in the period between about 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, called the Golden Age of Atlantis, and the Atlanteans, whose bodies were three meters tall, created a highly developed civilization.

The History of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind

The Evolution of Humanity - The Sixth and Seventh Hybrid Root Race - Part 4

In this part of the series, we will focus on the incoming new humans being born on Earth today, and the future of a new civilization to come.
Each Root Race explores a specific "life theme" in order to learn and grow, just as we do as individuals.
For the current root race, the theme is polarity and the transcendence of polarity through the experience of extreme opposites, an important lesson on the level of mastery that takes place in an environment of extreme limitation that requires us to move into the higher realms of consciousness.


the Red Line

Remember how Bashar of the Essassani civilization indicated in 2016 that "Everything will Change" and that it may not be obvious at first, but in the end all these changes can be traced back to "the Fall of 2016" in retrospect ?
Back then those were mere words, now we can see how the world is rapidly changing. And at the same time, we are still only at the beginning.

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Remember those drawings from the past where you connect dots with numbers to each other with a line ?
And if you connected the dots in the right order, you got an image, a picture!
We could be engaged for hours, and we didn't want to make mistakes, because then the image would no longer be correct ... there is only one correct outcome.


Quantum Consciousness and DNA

Have you ever wondered how it is that we as consciousness or soul can put on a biological "space" suit and have a nonetheless very realistic experience in a physical reality.
Many years ago I submitted that question to my guide Ezra'el and received during a state of trance an explanation with images about the structure of physical reality and in particular I remember the euphoric state I was in about the splendor and beauty of creation.
That was awesome !


Universal Abundance

At a time when we see old, familiar financial and economic structures crumbling and toppling around the world, when more and more families are in trouble, when crisis after crisis promotes the idea of deficits, the topic of Abundance may be a controversial one and requires the reader to have an open mind and open heart.
However, it is precisely because of the paradox that it is now such a relevant topic to get into our consciousness.


Being Human and Humanoid Beings

Do you also sometimes feel that the world is beginning to look more and more like a Sci-Fi ("Science Fiction") ?
And we do not mean here the suggestion that science is a fiction, but that in our reality more and more ideas can be found that were once shown to the public in Sci-Fi's.

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