Alien Intervention

Alien Intervention

In the last month, we have been asked several times ... Why aren't the extraterrestrials doing anything about what's happening in the world?
Why do they let this happen and do they not intervene?".
It is a very human question, with an answer of almost non-human nature.

We want to state upfront that from the beginning of our open contact since 2013, our personal guides have made it clear that they will not answer specific questions about political or economic issues.
Our guides also hardly give any information about others if there is no direct relevance for us to know.

Stating that their job is to help humanity with healing (wholeness), well-being and awareness and that it is not up to them to give information about certain topics or people.

However, about two years ago <red.: beginning 2019> our guides did make three statements about the episode that would follow, being :


- A 'level playing field' will be ensured ... 

- From mid-2022 onwards, you can start thinking about building up

- Just as you will have tribunals, so do we

While we now have more idea of what is indicated here than 2 years ago, it is still not entirely clear.
There has also been no update on this topic since then.
And it feels like the second statement is a personal message related to a big upcoming project ... 

However, our questions on this subject are each time placed in a broader context so that we ourselves start thinking, empathizing, and viewing such questions from other perspectives.
We do not get answers in return from our guides, but deepening questions and during the exploration of these questions within ourselves we feel an ever-increasing understanding arising in our consciousness.

This is so typical for the way our guides work with us ... they do not want to be some kind of oracle onto which we become dependent for answers, but rather they want us to become autonomous and conscious beings ourselves.

In this newsletter we will take you through a bit ...

Sometimes the short answer given to the above question is that 'they are not allowed to intervene directly', but it goes much further than that.

After all, in the history of man, several extraterrestrial civilizations have also intervened in our evolution, so why not now ?
From whom would the Galactic Federation have to get permission anyways ?

So, why did they allow the Light to be extinguished 2000 years ago during one of the darkest times in the history of human existence ?
Why did they not intervene during the hundreds of wars that have been created since then on this planet that together have cost hundreds of millions of lives ?
And what about famines and natural disasters, and ... ?

Wait a moment ... where does the intervention end once it is started ?
Would they then also intervene with all those other civilizations in the Universe with challenges ?
Would it help us to change really if they intervened now ?
Would we grow in consciousness if they intervened ?
Would we ever learn to take responsibility for ourselves, for the mess we create by our own actions or by our failure to act ?
Are we really asking for an extraterrestrial federation to determine what we or another civilization is allowed or not allowed to do in its own environment/planet and to enforce/intervene on it ?
Would we want to become dependent on a power outside of us to solve our problems ?
Would they want to bear the responsibility that a civilization may live in peace, while that civilization itself still does little to change its behavior ?


What does it mean karmically for us as well as for them if they come to our rescue now?
After all, anyone who gets involved in a struggle becomes part of the problem and thus responsible for the solution.
The karmic cycles of previous extraterrestrial interventions of many tens of thousands of years ago are only now coming to completion ...
Would they want to induce a new karmic cycle that might take thousands of years again before we get to this point again ?

And how would they need to intervene ?
In the event that the extraterrestrials would come between one another as a neutral peacekeeping force, how would they make sure that everyone complied ?
How should they enforce in case one of the parties does not abide by the agreements ?
Is humanity able to handle and oversee this at the moment ?

Or would they have to do this secretly?
And how will they explain later that they had a secret agenda ?

The time has well and truly passed where we sacrifice our authenticity, surrender our authority and autonomy, it is crucial that we transform from the inside out, and return to our own authentic self ... which is made out of unconditional love.
It is not about them coming to solve our problems.

Rather, they come to show us how to solve these problems ourselves, but most of all, it is about gaining the awareness that we are not creating these problems.
Intervention by our friends at this time would not bring progress in understanding our role in creating this reality and it would only set us up for a replay in the future.

Sometimes we hear the question of whether the extraterrestrials might be able to influence "certain key people within the problem" to change their minds.
Of course they may be able to change the minds of some people.

But then why only the minds of certain people and not those of others?
And why shouldn't they then be allowed to change your mind as well?
Would we want them to?
Or just on others that we see as the problem?

What effect would this have on the evolution of humanity, would we become more conscious, authentic and autonomous beings from this?
Or would this solve the 'problem', a quick fix, and we return to business as usual?
And could it be that this is precisely the problem?

Do we do enough ourselves to stop dividing, judging, making conflicts and do we really succeed in accepting others unconditionally?


In this enormous transformation, everyone plays a crucial role.
On a human level, terrible things are happening, partly in plain sight, but largely unseen, unrecognized.
In the larger scheme of things, such escalations can lead to deep insights and forever end an era of ego/individual oriented consciousness and open the door to collective consciousness in which we can experience the interconnectedness of things, leading to the realization that harming others also harms the whole and thus harms everyone, including ourselves.

From this also comes the realization from within that we are all one, connected and everything we do for the collective benefits everyone, including ourselves.

This is the crux of the shift from 3rd to 4th density for a civilization.
All other phenomena are side-effects of this shift in consciousness and this is essentially a polar shift.

Mind you, polarities still exist in 4th density by the way as a metaphysical phenomenon in the structure of a physical reality.

But division and polarization cannot exist there, and behold the instrument we have been playing for millennia to slow down our process of transformation.

Herein also lies an important answer to the question with which we began ... the solution to the problem - if you want to call it like that - is not to intervene in our manifested outer world or by manipulating the minds of a few individuals ... the solution is to collectively make a shift.

In this we all have a role to play.

With all other interventions, the extra terrestrial federations become part of the problem, not part of the solution.
And they know that very well, we are not the first civilization to go through this process.

I have not heard of other civilizations that have made a similar shift from third to fourth density without a similar dramatic awakening process.

Not all civilizations make it through this phase of this process, but given the tremendous amount of support from star families, for whom this transformation is of equal importance, we are definitely going to make it.
This is also what they indicate time and time again.

The scale of their support on the planetary energetic level is massive and the extraterrestrial federations are doing everything in the shared and collective interest to get us through this phase.


<< click on image for article on Cygnus >>

Anyone who has ever personally experienced "a dark night of the Soul" knows that if you get through that phase successfully, you are completely changed and have returned to your blueprint.
And to enter this process, we often need a trigger event.

In the previous newsletter, I shared a little about myself.
For a while I blamed the individuals who triggered me for my crisis, but actually 'their gift' propelled me into the next phase of awakening.
My 'dark night' was not as a result of their actions, for it was only possible because the darkness that was already within me and brooding beneath the surface, looking for a way out.
Despite the pain of letting go of all that at once, no one was really able to help me, I had to do this myself.
Without these triggers, I would not have become who I am today.
I am now grateful for their role at the time.
Life is a paradox.

Humanity is now on the eve of a "collective dark night of the Soul" or "a dark night of the Collective Soul, the Over-Soul" ... and we need individuals to set the events in motion.
Now, while each Soul plays its part in this, no one knows the full script of this massive process and yet there is some kind of guidance.

At this time we are learning even more paradoxical things ...

As an example ... we have sent Love and Light to someone(s) in hopes of changing that person so that they will start acting differently, in a way that we prefer.

To our ET friends, this is not unconditional Love, because unconditional Love accepts everyone and everything as it is, without the need to change it into something else.
Unconditional is 100% without conditions.

We can send Love and Light to specific people ourselves and at the same time we have to realize that what we can't force anyone to accept our love.
It is up to the other person to be willing to receive it, take it in and remember his/her connection to source.
Wanting to change another individual is fundamentally limiting the autonomy of the other, against the free will of a Soul to express itself through the role it plays, even if we use our Love and positive intentions to do so.
Even with our most sincere intentions we do not know what the greater plan is as to how appropriate it is to lovingly impose your will on another.

Fortunately, we cannot change others, not even with the help of Love and Light.
We can only change ourselves and let our Light shine, to be examples for others, to be sources of inspiration for others, in all freedom to follow suit.

A lot of what is written here can be understood to a certain extent, but for almost everyone there comes a point where it becomes very difficult.
That is the point where our growth lies ... the point where coherence disappears and division appears.
And we all have such a point ...

The Universe is 100% unconditional, otherwise everything we can see happening would not be possible.
The word 'Universe' comes from the Latin 'unum vertere' and means 'going in one direction' or somewhat more broadly 'those who are travelling together'.
If then everything is possible, unconditionally, let us move together in a new direction, a world without division, condemnation and towards a world in connectedness.
A nice topic for a next time ...

Dear People,
These times bring up many confusing feelings and conflicting thoughts, but also beautiful insights.
We have certainly not discussed here (yet) all the already known perspectives on the subject of extraterrestrial intervention.
It does not intend to be comprehensive.

The perspective in this newsletter may be a trigger to look deeper into ourselves and find the threshold in our consciousness where inner knowing and outer manifestation are no longer compatible.
The Point of Paradox ...

The idea is to inspire you to explore how these themes reveal themselves in your life and world.
And hopefully, it sheds light on a process whereby you can help others who can no longer cope and you can offer a neutral listening ear and new perspectives.
We as a civilization are undergoing profound collective transformation processes and we hope that as many lightworkers as possible are prepared for the task ahead in the healing processes of many.
Regardless, we hope this newsletter may inspire you in the development of your own unique perspective and Light Power.

We wish everyone lots of love and wisdom
and let us build bridges
from one side to the other
let's connect the shores
and watch together, on the middle of the bridge
at the water and the flow of life

Love each other and hold each other close in the coming months!
Hug each other and be there for each other.
For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in the flesh, at one of the (online) events and on the online community Human-ET One!

~ Jacqueline and Philip

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