Axiatonal Alignment

For us, Axiatonal Alignment, of which the Reconnection is a well-known example, is like sacred work, and in our experience it should also be considered from this perspective.
Those who guide this process for others must ensure that the work is done from the highest possible level of consciousness, and from a place of total integrity.

In this work, it is essential to create a space or field by raising your vibration to the highest level, and holding that vibrational level.
Making contact with the guides who support during the session.
Even though we present it that way, it's actually not support, it's really a co-creation.

Once I (Philip) start an Axiatonal Alignment / Reconnection session and create the field, make the contact, I can feel her (it's a she, a Pleiadian named Myra) coming and standing in me, merging, so to speak, and working through me, while on the other side of the table I can often see / feel one or more other beings.
Myra is always present during these sessions; the others are not always the same beings, but always seem to have some kind of connection with the person on the table.

Axiatonal Alignment aka the Reconnection

It is hard to fathom how we can reconnect with the power and knowledge of All-That-Is.
It is actually impossible to fully understand ... it is to be felt.
One not only feels these changes, but moreover, often sees them happening.

The simplest explanation/metaphor is that Axiatonal Alignment connects us to the universal grid system and the planetary grid system.

Axiatonal Alignment is part of a five-dimensional circulation system that combines color and sound and brings together the basic energy for renewal functions of the human body.
The Axiatonal Alignment brings and activates aforementioned lines and points allowing the exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands.

Axiatonal Alignment / the Reconnection is the term used to describe the procedure of reconnecting the Meridian System with the Axiatonal Lines,

The Axiatonal Alignment is a relatively simple but very powerful alignment or upgrade of the energy system.
The Reconnection is a similar, slightly less elaborate version of Axiatonal Alignment, but more on that in our blog History of Meridian and Axiatonal Energy Work.
It is a powerful tool for healing that works on reconnecting and nourishing the body's meridian lines so that your energy system can function optimally, rejuvenating all levels of the body: physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual.

The baggage in the form of negative emotional and mental patterns that we carry with us from this life and from other lives can also be easily released with the help of the Higher Self, the Soul and the OverSoul levels of our Self.
Thus, there is much more room for Spirit to express itself through the physical body in this physical reality.



Connected Consciousness ... the One 

Existence has only one property ... to exist.
All that exists is SOURCE ... Undifferentiated Source, projected in myriad ways.

Whatever it is called, we all know, deep inside - where words often cannot reach or language cannot describe - that " attraction " to return to a " Home " or Silent Place where we come to rest and are completely still and fulfilled.
A " place " where opposites coincide and dissolve into a beneficent synthesis.
A "place" where there is no separation but a seamless integration of All That Is into what we might call Oneness, the One, the Golden Lake ... might call it.

Awakened teachers and spiritual traditions, poets and artists throughout time have been tempted in many ways to describe this Oneness or the Universal Grid.
Mystics called it the Unborn, Primal Source, Uncreated, Unformed.
Hui-Neng, from sixth-century China, declared it Buddha.

The eighth-century mystic Padmasambhava described it as Absolute Consciousness.
The Hindu mystic Shankara called it Brahman.
Jesus in his Christ Consciousness spoke of it as Father, Heaven, Light, One.
Poets have described it as an ocean or Sea of Light, Stillness, Cave of the Heart. Jeddah Mali calls it the Sea of Consciousness.
Lyssa Royal-Holt (Pleiadians) compares it to the Golden Lake.
Progressive scientists have tried to describe this Central Point of Existence as either the Zero Point Field or the Matrix.

Whatever we call it, this Grid originates in the heart of our Galaxy.
We are connected to that Center, through a system of Light and Information that through networks, etheric blueprints, and axiatonal lines as J.J.Hurtak calls it in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.

This Oneness continually differentiates and sends parts of itself into Creation to simply experience all there is to experience (All-That-Is) in continual "deeper probes" to express and experience ever deeper levels of subtlety of Life.
As themes are played out, all aspects of experience return to the Undifferentiated. Everything is interconnected. There is really only One consciousness projecting itself through unlimited holographic fragments ... like fragments of a fragmented mirror ... reflecting back unlimited perspectives of creation. 



There are different views as to why it is that humanity lives in a state of separation from the One.
And while this may be seen as a problem by us (and some like to blame the Anunnaki), from another perspective this has actually been a unique experience for an Over-Soul to be able to incarnate over many millennia in a civilization that has lived so deeply in separateness.

The most interesting question now is where in our consciousness this separation actually arises and what it takes to restore it.
The fact that more and more people are aware of this separation means that our collective consciousness is ready to activate the codes our creators left in our DNA.

Have you ever wondered why so many people today are searching for who they are and what their purpose is in life?
In the model of "the nine levels of consciousness," the answers these questions lie at the blueprint level, the template level.
This is precisely the layer in our consciousness that resonates at the frequency of consciousness of 333kHz that is the transition between the layers of consciousness that are in non-physical reality (Higher Self and beyond) and physical reality (physical mind).
More on this later ...

Axiatonal Alignment and the Reconnection consists precisely of reconnecting these layers of our consciousness by activating channels (Axiatonal Lines) and a large number of energy points (spin points).

From Separated Consciousness to Connected Consciousness

From the moment we consciously veiled parts of our Self, many higher-order systems, such as the Axiatonal Meridians and the Axial Circulation System, could no longer be used, so they became disconnected and inactive.
Because of this disconnection, we were no longer able to experience our Soul and other parts of the Higher Self on a vibrational level at the level of our Personality, and our consciousness became fragmented in a sense, allowing us to forget who we are and go on a journey with such unique experiences that only Masters venture into.

This is why Bashar always says: 

Earth is not a Kindergarten, Earth is a MasterClass.

And as predicted in the work of Dr. J.J. Hurtak PhD and many other writings and the many channelings with guides, Ascended Masters and extraterrestrial civilizations, humanity is ready to make the journey home.
And the tools are being provided to those who are open to it.

Axiatonal Alignment/Reconnection is a healing process that enables the reactivation and reconnection of the Axiatonal Lines and allows the reintegration of all levels of our Self, our layers of Consciousness.
Once this connection is restored, our Higher Self begins to orchestrate more of the life experiences that we need to (re)experience in order to support the process of integrating all of our fragments and reintegrating them.

The process of returning to our true Self begins with the reconnection with our Blueprint, our Template, which contains all the important information about our existence in this life in this reality ...
Anyone who chooses to initiate this process through Axiatonal Alignment or the Reconnection is giving themselves perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves and therefore this is truly Sacred Work and should only be approached from this perspective.


Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points


The human body is formed from and surrounded by a dynamic energy system.
The electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body is called the auric field or etheric body, which consists of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

We have energy lines in the body also called meridian lines or acupuncture lines - these supply our physical body with subtle and vital energy.
Originally, the meridian lines (acupuncture lines) on our body were connected to magnetic grid lines (ley lines) that circle the earth via Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points.

These Axiatonal Lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulating energy grid system that connects us to Earth's grid lines and those that extend beyond Earth and connect us to a much larger grid system, thus connecting us to the entire Cosmos/Universe.
These lines are designed to feed our bodies with the Divine Light/Soul energies from the 5th dimension and above, and also to circulate these energies through the template level in the 4th dimensional system of acupuncture meridians.

This grid is macrocosmic and microcosmic. It goes deep into the universe as well as deep into our cells.
The only historical references to this way of connecting and restoring essence in the body are found in Chinese medicine and is known as the Meridian System and in Ayurveda where the Meridians are known as Nadis.

The Meridian System is responsible for the synthesis of the Cosmic Prana and its redistribution through the physical body and its organs.
Humanity became disconnected from these Axiatonal and Planetary Grid lines.
We lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the Universe and our multidimensional selves, creating distance and separation from our Source, our Higher Selves, and from each other and the Cosmos. Currently, this system is struggling to provide the minimal functions of physical and energetic nourishment to the body.

Axial: structure, pattern, angle of vision, geometry.
Tonal: sound, light, information, energy, vibration, frequency

The Meridian System is a subset of the larger web of intelligence in the Cosmos, which is also present in the human body.
This grid is a light-body grid. In poor health, a larger part of this grid is inactive or darkened.

Axiatonal Alignment reconnects this light-body, turning the light back on, activating the energy field and allowing the body to begin to restore itself.
Axiatonal Alignment activates these dormant Axiatonal Lines and integrates unique vibrational levels and frequencies for wholeness and evolution.


Axiatonal Lines

The etheric body that permeates the physical body consists of multiple templates in higher dimensions. Simultaneously with the separation of the Higher Self, a series of lines known as Axiatonal Lines (or axiatonal meridians), connecting all levels of the Self, were also severed.

These axiatonal lines fed a 5th-dimensional circulation system known as the Axiatonal Circulation, as well as the 4th-dimensional acupuncture meridians.

This flow of higher energy served to keep the physical body and its organs, as well as the emotional and mental bodies, in perfect harmony.
When the axiatonal lines became broken, the Axiatonal Circulatory System became more or less dormant. The acupuncture meridians were left only to harness just enough energy to sustain life.

Through the various life experiences orchestrated by the Soul, the human personality begins to realize more and more that it is part of a greater aspect of Self, and that this greater aspect of Self is in turn part of yet another greater Whole.
Meanwhile, the desire to reconnect with the rest of the Self is very strong in much of humanity.


 It is our true desire and our willingness to reconnect that makes this reconnection possible.

Now, this previous quote is really very important !
The willingness and desire within are very important conditions that must be fulfilled before one can return to Wholeness ... evolution of consciousness cannot be forced by anything external, including adopted beliefs of others.

We have used our free will to separate from the Higher Self and now we must use our free will again to reconnect.

Axiatonal Circulatory System

Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, feeding into key spin points that lie above the surface of the skin.

Axiatonal energy is high-vibrational energy flowing through a grid called the Axiatonal Circulation System (or Axiatonal Grid), which is a connection between different levels of the Self, and thus connected to creation, the Universe.
As mentioned earlier, when we collectively, consciously veiled parts of our (Over-)Self in order to experience separation at a deep, deep level, the Axiatonal Lines of this grid became interrupted and became dormant.

When reconnected to this grid, Axiatonal energy begins to flow into our Axiatonal Lines through the Soul Star and Earth Star, which act as energy gateways.

The Axiatonal Lines, which often run along the Acupuncture Meridians, then feed Axiatonal energy through Spin Points to the Axial Circulation System and the Acupuncture Meridians.
But they do not always follow the meridians perfectly; they also often cross and connect them, making it an interactive network.
The flow of Axiatonal energy through the Spin Points to the Acupuncture Meridians ensures that all cellular grids work together in harmony.


Spin points

Spin points (called Activation Points in the Reconnection) are small spherical vortexes of electromagnetic energy.
They lie near the surface of our skin and emit Light and Sound frequencies that increase the momentum of the atoms of the molecules in the cells.
This increased spin creates "Light threads" that collectively form a grid for cellular regeneration.
Every cell in the body has Spin Points and they are all connected through the Axiatonal Circulation System.

By activating these spin points, axiatonal energy can enter the Axiatonal Circulation System and continue to the acupuncture meridians.
In short, one could say:

Axiatonal lines are like the rivers that carry the Energies, Light and Information which have been tapped by the spinning points as like portals from the infinite Sea of Awareness.


What to Expect

It is important to remember that this work is done under the guidance of benevolent "Light Beings" working solely in accordance with the Soul Contract and is a completely safe and loving process, but this does not mean that there will be no more themes in life to work out.

The sessions for Axiatonal Alignment or Reconnection are the beginning of a process that naturally has a beautiful flow.
It doesn't force anything, but neither is it unstoppable.
The consciousness now wants to go only one way ... toward integration.

Now that we are (re)connected to the Universal Field / Axiatonal Network, we can expect changes in our lives: personally, emotionally and mentally; changes in career, relationships, interests, location, friendships, health - any of these areas (and others) can be affected by the changing frequencies (i.e. Light and Information) in you and your field.

You may begin to notice that you are attracting new people into your life, new relationships, new work, new locations, new beliefs, new experiences that resonate or fit well with you in terms of vibration.
After a while you may feel that you are no longer the same person you were before the Axiatonal Alignment or the Reconnection and people around you may start to notice that as well.

What we personally have noticed after the Reconnection is that it has become much more difficult to deny ourselves.
Whereas before we could do things we knew were not good for us, now after the Axiatonal Alignment the inner conscience has become much stronger and can hardly be pushed aside by the physical mind.
You can hardly deny yourself and your truth anymore.

The parts in your life that no longer work for you and that reflect fragmentation become very visible. All these life experiences bring the realization that there is more to your Self.
This is the point where you have the choice to reawaken to who you really are.

This really makes the contrast sharper and sharper in terms of your doings in terms of work, home, friends, relationships, interests, food, life path....
In general: people are beginning to feel more connected to the Universe and to their presence here on Earth. Many people feel more connected and more grounded.

Some people notice these differences within the first few weeks after the sessions, for others it takes a few months and for some even longer.
The process has its own timing.
But when you look back after a year, the differences are often significant.

People for whom the process takes a little longer often don't notice their own changes.
The changes from day to day are too small to notice themselves.
Often it is the people around them who notice these changes first.

Axiatonal Alignment requires two sessions to reactivate and reconnect the Axiatonal Lines.
The first session "opens" or "clears" the energy system, while the second session deepens the connection.

After two sessions, the Axiatonal Lines are sufficiently activated to continue the process at their own pace.
Additional sessions are not really necessary, although one may benefit from a third session after a few months of integration.
This work is done energetically, (hands off the body) that is, the work happens in the subtle energy bodies, not on the physical body itself.

Contrary to what one learns when practicing the Reconnection, it is possible to do Axiatonal Alignment remotely, although it requires a more experienced practitioner.
In any case, the activation is done not on the physical body but on the subtle energy body (Light Body) and here a special phenomenon occurs ... the energies become stronger as the distance increases.
In fact, this is also an indication that we are dealing with quantum energies here, since this phenomenon occurs only in quantum fields.

More on the Reconnection | 333 | Axiatonal Alignment

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