Being Human and Humanoid Beings

Do you also sometimes feel that the world is beginning to look more and more like a Sci-Fi ("Science Fiction") ?
And we do not mean here the suggestion that science is a fiction, but that in our reality more and more ideas can be found that were once shown to the public in Sci-Fi's.

A fiction is defined as a story or text, which is not based on reality. It is written from the writer's imagination.
And at the same time, the word "fiction" is derived from the Latin word "fictio," which means "formation.

Now the question is, did the writer of the Sci-Fi channel another timeline and did science pick up the idea for investigation or are we dealing with a 'Science Presentation' in the form of 'entertainment' to get the minds of humanity ready (formation) so that this new science can start rolling out into reality in the future ?
Not coincidentally, the media seems to use a core term like 'programming'.

Well, this was the introduction to yet another challenging topic ...
This blog does not have a linear structure, we look at the idea from different perspectives ...

What is a Human Being

One of the most extraordinary facets of our work with the extraterrestrials who guide us is that Jacqueline and I have both come to understand much more about what it means to be human.

And the question "what is a human being" or "who are we as human beings" is going to be a key question in the near future, but has actually been playing below the surface for some time, visible to those who have the eyes to see it.

Only when you look for it do you find out that there is actually not even a good definition about what exactly a human being is.
There is a set of characteristics that are named, but that set of characteristics also apply to many extraterrestrials, the "humanoid" (human-like ) extraterrestrials that is.

Being-Human-Humanoid-Arrival<< Click to Watch Official Movie Trailer - Arrival (2016) >>

Imagine you meet a humanoid extraterrestrial being and you go to explain what a human being is.
What would you say?
What qualities now make us special and unique in the Universe ?

Perhaps a good idea to first examine what distinguishes us from other species on our planet.

Now of course we can look at our physical characteristics, but most aspects of them are consistent with the physiology of other vertebrates on our planet, only the expression of those aspects is unique to each species.

For example, we do have a strikingly different "fur" than most animals, but the building template of vertebrates always includes 4 limbs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, nose, neck, head, trunk, etc.

Even the body systems (respiration, circulation, etc.) are similar.
Not the same, but similar. Infinite variations on the same model.

What really distinguishes humans from other animal species is our self-awareness, our way of transferring knowledge, our mechanism of motivation, our emotions and very much our use of language and communication.

If this sets us apart from the other animal species on our planet, how do we explain to an extraterrestrial being who we are ?
How do we even explain to another human being who we are ?

Here lies a tremendous challenge ... we often do not yet really know who we are and what being human is in essence.
Often during a first contact we share our name, where we live, family composition, work situation, what we do in life ...

However, things we have and do are not who we are in essence, nor do they have to be a pure reflection of who we are.
We can be in a job, place of residence or relationship that does not resonate with us and still make ourselves known with it in a introductory chat.

In today's society, we constantly confuse "being human" and "being a person.
We learn during our socialization/education primarily to become someone, not to be someone.
The question is often 'what do you want to become later' not 'who/how would you like to be'.

It may not seem as relevant, but they are really two different things.
When we interact with a person, do we always feel the human being ?
And if we really have deep contact with each other as human beings, is the person (what he/she does in life) of the other person still as relevant ?

When we introduce ourselves in a new group, do we introduce ourselves with who we are as human beings or as persons ?

By the way, the word person comes from the Latin word persōna, and means mask, role, character and is derived from masks used in theaters to denote a character or role.

Except that being aware of this is a topic in which we as humans can already make a lot of progress, this is essential in the (coming) contact with extraterrestrials !
Who am I as a human being ?
What does it mean to be human ?

We will first have to regain contact with ourselves and with each other as human beings before it makes sense to want to make sustainable and constructive contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Contact with extraterrestrials goes through the path inward ...

Ezra'el Paradox ca. 2015


Humanoid Beings

So now, with the return of extraterrestrial civilizations to our planet, how will we now define ourselves if they are 'humanoid' like us ?
After thousands of years of having the idea that we are unique in the Universe ?

Incidentally, the exact etymology of the word 'human' is not entirely clear either.
It is derived from the Latin 'humanus', presumably a hybrid word of homo (meaning "man") and humus (meaning "earth"), which is an acknowledgement that our human body is built from the Earth, as mentioned in Genesis 2:7.

Now this should come as no surprise to an extraterrestrial civilization that has come to Earth to make contact ...

Most likely, they still have memories in their (collective) consciousness of incarnations in other timelines here on Earth.
For realize well, they have always continued to come here, but no longer in their physical bodies.

Many extraterrestrial guides who are currently preparing humanity for the reunion of our star families have past and as well as present incarnations in our Earthly reality.
Therefore, they are not really coming back (they never really left), but are coming back into our physical reality.

And the question is, when they incarnate on Earth with their consciousness, what are they, a human from planet Earth or are they, for example, an extraterrestrial from planet Sassani ?

According to our definition, they are "human" ... of this Earth and that is how they see themselves, even if their consciousness is not directly part of the human collective, but of e.g. Shakani (Sassani collective consciousness) or Siskeen (Sirius collective consciousness) etc.

And this is just the beginning of many questions that we as humans will have to deal with, and we will list some of them.


Science 'Fiction'

We will assume for a moment in this still limited listing that the being was born on Earth and has 'Earthly' DNA, unless otherwise stated.

Is a being a human being, if it ...

  • has been partially modified with technology ?
  • is for a larger part modified with technology (Cyborg) ?

  • is for a small part modified in DNA ?
  • is modified to a larger extent in the DNA (Human Genome Editing) ?

  • for a small part is modified with DNA from animals ?
  • is for a larger part modified with DNA from animals (Chimera) ?

  • was created by cloning ?
  • has a body in stasis/artificially kept alive but consciousness can still communicate through technology that translates brain waves ?
  • has a body that is "preserved" after death and can be communicated with via technology (ADC) ?
  • has a body that is partly organic, indistinguishable from a human, thinks, acts and partly interprets feelings as human, but consists of technology (Android) ?

  • has an artificial body, but a sentient "human" consciousness and can communicate through technology that translates energy patterns (AI) ?
  • is born on e.g. Mars or other colony ?
  • after 1000 years of habitation, is born on e.g. Mars or other colony ?
  • is born and grows up aboard an Earth spacecraft ?
  • is born and grows up aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft ?

  • consists in small part of DNA from extraterrestrials (e.g., starchild) ?
  • is composed for a larger part of extraterrestrial DNA (Hybrids) ?
  • born and raised on Earth and composed entirely of extraterrestrial DNA ?

  • have superhuman abilities due to different DNA pattern, e.g. 3 or 4 strand DNA (like some StarKids) ?

  • born and grow up on Earth and consists entirely of DNA from extraterrestrials and this civilization has been here for 1000 years ?
  • Have lived/lived here on Earth ? (e.g. Hathors)
  • has a consciousness very different from the average human being ?
  • can shapeshift ?


Maybe now you come to the conclusion that DNA determines whether we are human or not.
But then what if our DNA mutates or is mutated ?
And when in this process are we still human or do we become something else.
Or thinking the other way ... from what level or modifications in DNA are hybrid civilizations considered human?

To be very consistent in answering such questions, we will come to the conclusion that "being human" is a combination of our consciousness and "our" DNA. It is the fusion that makes us human.

Movies like Avatar prepare us for this new phase for humanity.
This film is not only about other, humanoid civilizations, but also about what the connection between consciousness and body is.
What actually determines what you are.

Is 'good guy' Jake Sully now a human or a Na'vi in Avatar: The Way of Water ?
Is 'bad guy' Colonel Miles a human or a Na'vi ?
In this film, what defines whether someone is a Na'vi ?

We can parlay all these questions by stating that it is all fantasy of 'script writers'. But is it ?

We can also parlay many of these questions by arguing that there is all legislation prohibiting it. But is that so ?

All these questions revolve around the phenomenon that consciousness projects itself through a blueprint (DNA) which is of itself also a kind of consciousness and can thus express itself through this merge into a reality.

It is not for nothing that there is so much going on in our world around DNA and RNA, this is part of our awakening, both physical and non-physical.





A look at human genetics

Apart from our sex cells, each human cell has two sets of 23 chromosomes, consisting of 22 pairs of "normal" and one pair of "hard-coded" sex chromosomes (the female XX and the male XY), as well as the mitochondriale genome.

No human being - not even identical twins - is genetically identical !
Each human being has a unique "DNA fingerprint.

And at the same time, all humans have an average genetic similarity of 99.5%-99.9% !!!
This makes humans the most homogeneous species on Earth, with human populations in Africa and Oceania harboring the greatest number of genetic variations.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited exclusively through the mother.
Mitochondrial Eve is the designation used to refer to the woman who is the most recent common matrilineal ancestor of all humans living today.
This means that all now living humans "inherited" their mitochondrial DNA from her.
It is assumed that mitochondrial Eve must have lived somewhere in Africa about between 250,000 and 100,000 years ago.
Fascinatingly, that is the era when the Anunnaki roamed this planet.

If we let this sink in ... genetically, we are almost 100% identical, and with that minimal bandwidth of differences in DNA, we have 8 billion unique expressions of humans on this planet, linked together in a collective consciousness.
Human civilization on a small planet in a gigantic Universe bustling with life ...

All that remains to be aligned between our consciousness and our bodies are our beliefs we have about who we are.
Starting to see ourselves as a cosmic human being instead of an individual person.

Because if we literally have so much in common as human beings, then surely we should be able to easily bridge the differences in personal interests with each other ?

Once we have mastered this, we are ready to welcome and receive "Humanoid Beings" from beyond the Earth.
In essence, this is the process of human awakening from the daydream we dream as persons into the consciousness of who we really are as cosmic beings on planet Earth.

<< Fundamental premise in the Sassani Contact training >>

Dear People,

Thank you for reading our newsletter!
As previously mentioned, not a linear storyline, but different aspects on one theme and intended to prepare us for what is actually already there, but perhaps not yet in the public domain.

Some aspects feel very natural and fine, others again very unnatural.
And yet it all exists and we have to relate to it in whatever way we can.

For now, lots of love!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip


“Do not think like a human.
You have the ability within you to create anything you wish.
Truth is, you are all highly powerful entities walking this planet, disguised as simple biological beings and your disguise fools everyone -- even yourself.” 

- Bashar 

Another interesting detail ... the Arabic word Bashar translates not only into "messenger" and "bringer of good news," but also as ... human/humanity/mankind.

Source :
Newsletter Maart 2023

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