Being with the Beings

The How and the Why of ET-Contact - Part 1

In the book - Being with the Beings; The How and the Why of ET Contact - written by Miguel Mendonca, several questions are asked to people about their contact with extraterrestrial beings (ET's) or Multidimensional beings.
And like Jacqueline, more and more people are becoming aware of their connections with extraterrestrial civilizations and their soul contract with one or more extraterrestrial beings to exchange information that can serve each other's lives in other realities.

In order to make the whole subject of contact with extraterrestrials a little more accessible and to offer a helping hand to everyone for whom such contacts are in the early stages, I have picked up some of the questions from this book and worked them out on the basis of my experiences with Joël.

Joël - an extraterrestrial being from Sirius

We have built this blog in two parts,
Part 1 - Questions for Jacqueline Fiolet about her contact with Joël
Part 2 - Questions for Joël -the extraterrestrial guide from Sirius- channeled by Jacqueline




Questions to Jacqueline about her contact with Joël 

What words do you use to describe your contact with this extraterrestrial being?

The contact I have with Joël feels like a very personal contact, it feels so familiar as if it is part of my immediate family. And that has grown over time.
In the beginning I was not at all familiar with this phenomenon and was even a bit afraid of it and therefore this contact was a bit more distant, seen from my side.
Joël also had to get used to me and practiced working with me during my sleep for a while.
In my half-sleep I noticed this because I made all kinds of movements with my mouth, eyes, face, hands and feet and when I asked him what this was he indicated that he (we together) was practicing with my body dynamics in the sense that he was investigating how his energy had an effect on my body.
Now during the sessions my hands move fully automatically and the talking, clicking and tapping and so on happens all by itself.
The clicking sounds are also a certain way of transmitting energy, as Joël explains.
Joël also indicated that I regularly visited their ship to learn.
I don't remember this in detail, but I often had (and still have) the feeling in the morning that I have been on a ship somewhere and that I have met acquaintances there as well.
It is not (yet) that I remember the dream very concretely, but I do have this special feeling.
The contact with Joël is now very close and as soon as I think about this contact or take his name in mind, it's there.
Immediately his energy is palpable and he introduces himself with a click or a kind of sigh that can hardly be imitated by myself.
His name is of course not his real name, he doesn't have a name like we do, but the name acts as an anchor for me to get in the state of contact.

How does your extraterrestrial guide appear to you?

I don't see Joël very often in some kind of physical way.
I've ever seen him more or less physically, but that must have been a kind of representation of my mind, because he doesn't have a physical body like we have in our reality/density.
I often see him as a light body and he has explained this once, that he is here with a body that we will perceive as a semi-transparent, luminous form of a body for the time being.

However, in most interactions we are 'working together' and I constantly get images for the person we are helping and I don't really see him, at most at the beginning or end or when he introduces 'someone', for example a guide to an upcoming ET-Healing Practitioner (as we call it?).
In the beginning I thought it was very important to be able to see him and I wanted to see him very badly.
That's why he might have 'portrayed' himself for me at once, but nowadays I'm not interested at all.
His presence is constantly so palpable and that is much more important to me now.

As I write this, he lets me know that as long as you can look your guide right in the eye, he is in fact facing you, just like you are looking a human being right in the eye. There is an 'I' and a 'you'.
As soon as we start working together he stands next to me, behind me, or sometimes even 'inside me' (woooh spooky he says now, and gives an image of a wink - Note, they have humour).
And during this collaboration there is a kind of fusion or unification that makes me feel it and experience it but not see it.

What kind of being( s) are you in contact with?

Joël indicates that he originates from Sirius and that the teams that are present during the healing sessions come from different locations and dimensions.
A few months ago Joël indicated that more and more civilizations are joining 'their federation' (a collaboration to offer contact and support to Earth in this way).
Much later I learned from Bashar that the consciousness of the cetaceans has strong connections with the Sirius consciousness and that can't be a coincidence ... I've always felt so much love for dolphins.

Now I can't prove anything of what Joël says and also this was very important to me in the beginning and wanted some kind of proof.
I remember channel sessions at the beginning of our collaboration in which I or Philip asked questions that actually went in the direction of 'wanting proof' and then I noticed that the connection became very poor.
And while I (my ego-me actually) was in need of evidence, the connection was cut off, which at that moment brought even more doubt.

Now I understand that at that very moment I was transmitting such a low frequency of distrust, disengagement and cramping that I actually disconnected myself as a result of this.
And also because of this I understand very well how this works for many people who are new in this field, who first want proof, just as I 'needed' it then.

After a while I have had so many beautiful experiences that I don't really care much anymore whether I can prove it or not.
And Joël also mentioned this at a very early stage and that it is precisely this letting go of physical proof and just opening up in trust and allowance that paves the way for even more contact and ultimately also more physical contact as we experience it in our reality.
And it's actually quite interesting that this is also the way we make contact with other people in our physical reality.
Someone can tell that his name is 'Peter', that he comes from 'Lutjebroek' and you see that person looks so-and-so, but bottomline you cannot prove he is who he says he is. Normally we trust it is true.
But above all, the reason for our friendship is how we feel about that person.
And if that feels super good, then the rest doesn't really matter at all anymore, does it?

How do you connect with your extraterrestrial guide?

Now this happens almost completely automatically as soon as I tune in to the idea of making contact or when I say his name inwardly.
This is so anchored in my system that I automatically 'dial in' as soon as I focus on it.
And because I make contact several times a day, this has become so self-evident that I honestly have to take this into account as well.
Once I asked Joël something while driving in an unattended moment.
At that very moment I became partly detached from the 3D reality, as if I was in a healing session.
A part of me was alarmed and I 'fell' back into my car seat.
An important learning moment that I will not easily forget.
I have made this contact so much a part of myself by doing lots of healing sessions and by doing so overcoming as many of the obstacles within myself as possible, completely trusting myself and allowing myself to go into that state of surrender. Because only in that state can this happen.
Joël is extremely patient and loving and my trust in him has never been violated in any way.

This process of making contact is central to our program for ET-Healing Practitioners. Trust is the key here.
They will come as far as we allow. They do not impose themselves or prove themselves.
The most important thing to do is to surrender completely to the process. I don't know any particular technique or something like that, but I can take people with me to the 'state of being' in which this contact can take place.
And once you (re-)know this process, this feeling, and can establish this within yourself and can evoke it for yourself and then you are in the state to make this contact.

In the beginning you will find that your Mind has it's own thoughts about this contact, well that is actually the real work to be done.

How does your extraterrestrial guide get in touch with you?

I first came into contact with Joël during a session that was meant to establish this contact.
So in fact I have indicated that I want contact and want to work together.
And this is actually still the case ... I take the initiative.

As soon as I have contact with Joël something changes in my energy system to which my body reacts.
Sometimes I make a click (or sound) with my tongue, there is a short, but very fast clapping of teeth, a very fast blow-out or a sound.
This happens very quickly and spontaneously and I can't do it like that myself.
But sometimes this also happens when I relax and I feel that Joël is just very close to me.
You could say that he is contacting me at that moment, but I don't experience that he wants to let me know or that he wants something from me.
I experience it as a message 'I'm here', that's all.

Can you initiate the contact yourself?

Yes, and for me this is the way it usually happens.
I also see that this is how it works with the participants in my course for ET-Healing Practitioner.
If the healer does not make contact himself, there will be no contact. Nothing happens then.
The initiative lies with us, at least with the teams we work with.
This is sometimes difficult for new healers in the beginning when there is still the expectation that 'they' are the ones who have to make contact and come to the healer.
In the beginning I didn't exactly understand how this worked, but now I know that what actually happens is that I tune in with my frequency and so do they.
And we meet somewhere halfway. If I don't tune into their tune, then they are waiting there, as it were, and nothing happens.
In other words, we will both have to answer the phone.

How do you distinguish between your own thoughts and the information of your extraterrestrial guide?

In the beginning there was a lot of doubt.
The mind just doesn't want to do it and wants to prove that it's not real.
Understandably, the Mind wants to protect us and surrender and full trust is threatening from that perspective.
The Mind actually wants proof that it is safe, before it wants to clear the way.

What helped me a lot was working with others I could trust completely.
People who were willing to explore and develop this with me, without the risk of disapproval or insult.
I had my husband Philip and Manon (partner in our practice) ask questions and let them know what was coming.
For example, I had questions asked on the basis of the book 'X3, Healing Entities and Aliens', which is about ET-Healing.
I hadn't read the book myself, was still completely unfamiliar with channeling and was just exploring this phenomenon.
And it surprised me (and Philip) what kind of information came up that was completely in line with what was written in the book.
But also all kinds of other questions.

And so the three of us have discovered and developed this further and further.
My advice to others is: just start doing it with a dear friend or partner and give yourself all the space you need, without any judgment of what is coming through, but also without expectation that it has to be right.
Just follow your curiosity because this curiosity opens up your system.
Because the information of Joël is transmitted telepathically (actually energetically) and is translated by my system into words, sentences, images, sounds, feelings, it is quite difficult to make a distinction in the beginning.
At least, the mind still makes you believe too much that it is your own mind.
That's why it's more convenient for someone else to ask the questions.
And once you recognize the 'state of being' you are in when you are channeling, how that feels and how the information feels that is suddenly there, then that doubt disappears further and further to the background.
Information that you produce with the mind follows a process that is very fast, but still has a kind of chronological structure.
In my contact with Joël I experience that the information is there all of a sudden, nothing is building up, it is there.
It happens that I myself are unable to do anything with the information. So I myself do not understand the connection between the question and the information, but the person for whom the information is intended knows exactly what is meant.
It often happens that I myself only later understand what is meant during a channeling or healing session.

Another fascinating phenomenon is that if we are going to work with several healers on the same person (of course we practice this a lot during the ET-Healing Practioner Program) then not all healers get exactly the same images or words.
The energetic meaning, the message is the same for well-tuned healers, but the translation through their system into understandable images and words in this reality differs per healer.
These are important experiences to better understand how the mechanism works and to feel the difference between thinking and channeling.
So how can I prove whether it's my mind or that the information actually comes from another source?
Unfortunately, you can never translate that into hard evidence for the outside world.
And this makes that many people don't allow themselves to make these kinds of contacts, while the only way to find out is to just do it and experience that there will be information coming that you never saw coming.
In short ... with the mind you can't get an answer to something that can't be perceived or understood by the mind.
Only by doing and experiencing can you find out, the energy, the vibration is completely different.
And this knowing is a very different knowing than you will ever be able to experience with thinking.

What do these extraterrestrials with which you are in contact get out of your interaction from your point of view?

This is a multi-layered question and I will try to briefly highlight some of the perspectives.
Suppose you love your partner unreservedly, what do you get out of the interaction with this person? Why do you do what you do?
Somehow you know the answer and at the same time you can't explain it with words.
Many civilizations are here because we are part of the same family. We may not immediately remember that, but they do and they care about us unconditionally.
And this is so tangible and truly moving as soon as we allow ourselves to connect with each other.
It feels like homecoming on a very deep level and that is the beginning of the remembering.
It is pure love and that is also felt during the moments when I work with Joël.
And oddly enough, I got used to it a bit, in the beginning I was overwhelmed by it and that is no longer the case. But it is there. Always.
Another perspective is that they indicate that we are in a process of transformation, just like they are.
Everything is interconnected in the Universe. The Earth as a part is not separate from the whole.
If something changes here, the whole changes and vice versa. They transform just like we do.
And what they do for us, in a certain respect they also do for themselves and for the whole.
And the same goes for what we do. So we do it together, each in his own way.
Compare it with what we do as healers. I do help someone else, but during the healing session I join in the energy and actually receive healing myself.
I am not only helping someone else, I am also helping someone together with myself.
Helping someone else is good for the greater whole, therefore good for everyone within that greater whole and also good for the giver of the help.
And in that perspective they know that it only makes sense to do it for us, to be an example. They are not going to do it for us.
Their help is also limited in that sense through insight, consciousness and empowering us to do it ourselves, because only then do we transform ourselves.
You can only do this yourself. Nobody can do that for you, not even them.
During healing sessions I never see complaints being taken away just like that, so that the person then goes on with his or her life as if nothing has happened.
Every complaint has information and only when it is integrated in the consciousness real healing can take place.
Cheating makes no sense, because if the person doesn't really transform, that complaint comes back in physical reality because nothing has changed in the consciousness.
Again I see that Joël and his team offer a lot in the form of light (energy) and information and that the real healing, the integration of this energy takes place in the person and by the person who wants to receive the healing.

Just as the Earth is transforming at the same time as it is transforming their reality, so they also have an interest in our transformation.
Everything is interconnected. We help each other, it is a co-creation.
Joël also says that they learn a lot from us during the interactions.
He often indicates that what is happening here on Earth is truly unique in this Universe and that it is particularly instructive for them because it helps them to understand themselves and the Universe even better.

How well do you understand these extraterrestrial beings you have contact ?

This is very difficult to say. How well do you know yourself, how well do you know someone else?
You don't know what you don't know, you don't even know what you do know.
But what I have experienced is that the contacts always take place out of respect and freedom and I always get a wonderful feeling of pure love during the interactions. It feels like coming home.
In addition, I would also like to say honestly that I still learn new things every day.
I just don't know it all, the learning process is still in full swing.

But the effect of what happens during the interactions I see every time during the sessions.
Practically most people benefit a lot from these interactions.
Many people have wonderful experiences during the sessions and indicate that they have never experienced something like this before.
Also people often experience that feeling of coming home as well during the sessions.
So I don't exactly understand who Joël and the teams are, how they do what they do and how this is all possible.
Of course I have ideas about that, but that's not the same as real understanding.
What I do see is the effect of the cooperation on me and others and I think that is wonderful and actually the most important thing in this stage.

What have you learned from your contact with extraterrestrials?

I especially learned a lot about myself. Of course I also learned a lot about the profession as a healer and started to see the world in a much broader perspective, but most of all this has been an enormous boost for my own personal development.
I used to be a somewhat fearful person who didn't dare to show himself to the world so well.
Now I am much more aware of who I am and what I want to bring to the world.
I also started to love myself much more as I am and with that I started to love people much more as they are.

How did contact with extraterrestrials change your life?

After the first contact I knew that this would completely change my life, but I couldn't imagine that we would get such a busy practice, give workshops, take people with us on retreats and provide a programme for people who also seek this cooperation with the extraterrestrials in the field of healing.
If I had known then that I was going to do this, I might not have even started it, I was so insecure about myself then.
I hadn't dared to do all this at that time.

The personal growth and the support I experience makes it all so worthwhile.
It is a beautiful journey that seems to go on endlessly and I don't know precisely where it is going.
The contact continues to develop, the new possibilities continue to present themselves and if it feels good we step in and go to the next episode of this adventure.
I just can't imagine a life without this contact.

Read more ... Part 2 - Questions for Joël -the extraterrestrial guide from Sirius- channeled by Jacqueline

~ Jacqueline Fiolet
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