Being with the Beings

The How and the Why of ET-Contact - Part 2

In the book - Being with the Beings; The How and the Why of ET Contact - written by Miguel Mendonca, several questions are asked to people about their contact with extraterrestrial beings (ET's) or Multidimensional beings.
And like Jacqueline, more and more people are becoming aware of their connections with extraterrestrial civilizations and their soul contract with one or more extraterrestrial beings to exchange information that can serve each other's lives in other realities.

In order to make the whole subject of contact with extraterrestrials a little more accessible and to offer a helping hand to everyone for whom such contacts are in the early stages, I have picked up some of the questions from this book and worked them out on the basis of my experiences with Joël.

Joël - an extraterrestrial being from Sirius

We have built this blog in two parts,
Part 1 - Questions for Jacqueline Fiolet about her contact with Joël
Part 2 - Questions for Joël -the extraterrestrial guide from Sirius- channeled by Jacqueline


Questions to Joël -the extraterrestrial being from Sirius- channeled by Jacqueline

Why do you, as an extraterrestrial being, work with this specific person, Jacqueline on Earth?

We've known each other all the time, Jacqueline and I.
That's why it feels so familiar to her when she feels my presence, it feels like a holistic experience for her and not as a foreign energy that passes by and interacts with her.
I don't work with other Earth people at the moment. It could be, but not right now.
Right now the connection between Jacqueline and the teams is my main focus for your world and beyond, because we are all in a transformation phase and in this way I want to give and receive my contribution to that.

You indicate that you only work with Jacqueline and yet we regularly see other people feel your presence and get in touch with you.
For example, our own children and clients of Jacqueline who can contact you directly... are you also in constant contact with these people?
It's true that contact is kept if we think it's wise and that's possible because these people have already interacted with me through their visit to Jacqueline.
So there is already a connection as it were.
You have to imagine that I am like a spider in a web and that I experience all those lines that connect through Jacqueline and which can be important to me as well because they have a relationship with Jacqueline.
The moment I feel through this web that one of those wires is moving as it were and we feel that help is needed, then we take a look, also because it's interesting for me.
What is there for us to learn and what we can possibly do if the person asks for it.
Sometimes we indicate during the session that a specific person can 'call' me by simply making the connection back to the session with Jacqueline and I ask permission during the session to help if appropriate at that moment and in what form at that moment.

You indicate that you have known Jacqueline for some time. Can you tell us more about that?
We know each other and are in contact with each other in several incarnations.
You could say we share the same oversoul, although that is not a precise description for it is not about sharing, it is about being.
Sometimes these contacts are further in the background and at other times more in the foreground, as it is in this life experience.
Whereby we made the contact in this life manifest only in a later phase.
Many times during her incarnation she never realized that I am of extraterrestrial origin for her because that was not appropriate or desirable, as in one of her lives in the region of what is now called Tibet as a monk in which she chose to turn all the way inward and didn't want to have a focus on the world outside.
I was present at that time only and sometimes very subtly as a whisper and there was no further conscious contact.
In other lives the contact has been more direct than the contact that is taking place right now.
So we know each other through several incarnations and we travel with each other sort of speak.
It is important for the whole group soul or oversoul as you might call it that this information is shared because there are many 'cross-connections' from our group soul with your world.

Why do you use channeling for your contact with the earth?

As indicated, the form of contact has been variable.
For this particular life, we agreed in advance to start the contact in this way as soon as Jacqueline was ready, because we then estimated that both of us would be able to get the most out of this contact, if you could put it that way.
The momentum of contact would be indicated by Jacqueline herself and took place shortly after 2012, when the process towards this point was initiated by herself much earlier, although she was not aware of this at that moment.
Until then, I kept myself in the background, as agreed.

Subquestion: Can you tell us more about the lives in which you have had more physical contact?
There has never been a physical contact in the sense that you have physical contact in your reality of time and space.
The person's day consciousness in those other lives was not enough to make physical contact a desired experience.
There has been an incarnation in which magic was part of life and in that life I have been very close as a natural being and Jacqueline as a person observed me as such and we had many interactions.

Subquestion: You once indicated that you are 'here' 'now' in a light body.
We sometimes see you as a light-contour and you said that we might perceive you more physically in due course. What does that mean?
It depends entirely on the growth in Jacqueline's consciousness and it is not certain that this will actually happen for Jacqueline.
There are people in Jacqueline's network who will be able to perceive me in a way that seems more physical to you.
People with whom contact is possible and has also been established through Jacqueline and who are expected to be able to meet me sooner.

Subquestion: So you're saying that there are people in our network who are more likely to be able to get in touch with you than Jacqueline herself?
Hi (this is Joël's confirmation). Indeed.

Subquestion : Ohhh, can you tell us more about that ?
Nope, not at the moment.

Can you tell us something about the reality in which you, as an extraterrestrial being, generally are?

I have a very strong focus on the reality that Jacqueline is in and so I can be found there in part, although this is difficult to explain in terms of time and space.
Of course there are many other fields with many sections and planes.
It is a kind of matrix of lines with all kinds of connections and I can go to the outside of this web and still be in contact with Jacqueline.

Subquestion: So are you somewhere here on Earth, or on a planet or spaceship or ... ?
To understand it a little bit, you can best compare this with your movie 'Avatar' in which a person connects his consciousness to a body in a different reality.
We can also do this literally with some of your animals. Your ancient civilizations knew this.
Similarly, I do this from my ship in which I live and where my body is, but that is not a body as you understand it as a physical body in your reality.
This is something very big for you to fathom, but very common for us, and eventually it will be for you as well.
That is why we use the term light-body because this projection is understandable for you.

Can you describe a few similarities and a few major differences between your reality as an extraterrestrial and ours?

Like you, we are a consciousness with, say, an incarnation in a certain reality.
However, it is very difficult to explain what our reality looks like in your terms because there is no concept in your reality that we can compare to.
Referring again to your movie Avatar, it contains much more information about realities and the connection of consciousness with a body in that reality than most people are aware of.
Information about connections with other forms of consciousness and the collective, as well as the contrast that exists in your reality.
Not that the reality in the film resembles ours, but it contains many clues to start thinking about who and what you are as a form of consciousness in order to get out of your fixed way of looking at your reality.
Also realize that we do not perceive your reality as you do with your body.
Once again we see a kind of matrix of energies. We sometimes look through some of your animals in order to get a better view of your reality as you perceive it.
Does this give you an idea of the differences? It is hardly comparable.
Remember when I say this, I am talking about myself and many of our teams.
There are many kinds of civilizations and just as many kinds of beings, many of which are more like your civilization and also have bodies that are much more recognizable to you than mine.
For these reasons and many others, these civilizations are more likely to come into direct physical contact with you than with us.

Can you tell us something about your connection with humanity and the Earth and your interest in us as an extraterrestrial being?

Together with us and many others, you form a much, much greater whole. We are connected with each other. You are for us as a family.
You are not separate from us. We are One.
And in our connection we can see, so to speak, and sort of experience your reality, exchange information, without the need for an incarnation.
We experience the connection to the whole continuously, always.
And you all do that on an unconscious level as well, and we see an increasing group of individuals who are becoming increasingly aware of this.
In this way we can experience to some extent how you experience emotions, albeit and fortunately somewhat flattened.
And you will learn from us indirectly and often unconsciously. You download information and energies through us.
Much more than you can realize right now.
In fact, we have always been working together.
The only difference is that you are now beginning to become aware of this.
We have always played this game together.

What is the most important message that you, as an extraterrestrial being, want to share with the people of Earth at this moment in time?

We are all consciousness anchored in a different form. And even the formless is a form, namely not having a solid form.
Everyone has a form that is suitable to perceive the reality that has been chosen to be experienced, as an individual and as a collective.
And we see this as one of the most important messages to you right now.
Go beyond form. Focus on the essence and intention and you will discover that the forms may differ, but that in essence we are a lot alike.
We look forward to this moment of reunion, which is actually more of a remembering (re-member-ing) than an actual reunification.
Because we are already connected. Always have been. We are One.

Wonderful are these questions and would like to add, so fittingly, a Sassani saying ...

Though our minds may be different,
Though our body forms may be different,
It is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one.

A lot of love from me and Joël and a big thank you to Philip who has spent a lot of time working on this material.

~ Jacqueline Fiolet
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