X3, Healing Entities and Aliens - Adrian Dvir

Beings from Other Worlds

Strange shadowy figures began to appear in Chaya’s home throughout the year 1994. They explained politely that they were aliens from another universe, outside our own universe and they asked her permission to build a hospital for the purpose of treating human beings adjacent to her home. Chaya answered that she is neither a doctor nor is she certified to open a hospital.

The aliens explained that they were doctors with highly advanced technological means at their disposal for curing diseases.

She finally gave her permission and the construction project commenced.
They built several rooms above Chaya’s designated parking spot adjacent to her apartment.
These rooms, like the aliens themselves, are not visible to the eyes for most people.

For a few weeks, Chaya’s apartment echoed with the sounds of banging and strange noises as aliens brought in and installed medical equipment.
When the building was completed, the construction team was replaced with a medical team.

Chaya was the first trial patient and she said she underwent a long series of tests and medical treatments.
Following this, treatment was begun on others.

I remember one of my first treatments very clearly.
I sat in a chair and began to have a sensation on my face as if I had walked into a spider’s web. I wiped my face, but the sensation remained.
I put all my effort into my extrasensory perception and managed to see shadowy figures busy around my head.
They looked similar to human beings, but there was something different about them that I couldn’t define.
It took me quite a while to get over my excitement — the room was full of living creatures, but other than Chaya and myself, none of them were human.

My extrasensory perception was unclear and I felt I couldn’t rely only on what I thought I was seeing; in contrast, the physical sensations I was experiencing came through loud and clear.
Evenso, I couldn’t be sure what was real and what were imaginings.
Despite the fact that this same situation was repeated several times over the next months, my doubts remained.
Was it really happening or was it the wild fantasies of an over-active imagination? 

Invisible Beings from Another Dimension

Aliens who exist in the three-dimensional physical world appear on planet Earth as UFOs visible to the human eye.
There are many well-documented and photographed sightings of these UFOs. 
Another well-known fact is the aliens’ interest in medical matters, supported by evidence that has been found of animal vivisection and reports of people abducted for purposes of medical examinations.

Regular contact between aliens and humans on the physical plane is problematic because of the psychological barrier. 
Other-dimensional aliens are not made of the same matter as we humans.
According to their explanation, they exist in higher dimensions and, for this reason, they are imperceptible to most human beings.
They have no problem mingling freely among us, studying us, and making telepathic contact.

They claim that about one-quarter of the population of the planet Earth has the potential for extrasensory perception and can see aliens in parallel dimensions, but most human beings do not realize this potential.
For people who have the ability to act as a medium and make contact with the spirits of the deceased, the event is so commonplace that it is thought of as almost tangible.
Aliens who exist in another dimension have taken advantage of this fact to make contact with such humans.


Mediums are more open than others to the possibility of contact with entities from elsewhere, be they spirits of the deceased or aliens, although, in my experience, many mediums avoid the contacts with aliens.

The belief in the existence of other worlds, such as the next world makes it easier to believe in the possibility of life outside of the earth (i.e., the existence of aliens), and, therefore, it is easier for the aliens to communicate with them.
Another relevant fact is that communication between mediums and spirits is accomplished through telepathy.
Telepathic ability apparently is highly developed among aliens and is used instead of telephones or other devices of communication.

Despite all the joint work I’ve done with aliens through my healing sessions, they generally refuse to identify themselves.
If pressed, they will throw out a name that seems quite random, such as Physicist XY, or Head Doctor X3.
They prefer defining their positions in terms such as surgeon, psychologist, physicist, knee technician, and so on.

The teams are replaced regularly so that the relationship with them tends to be more professional and less personal.
Each one performs his or her own task in their well-defined area of responsibility.
When a team is replaced, there is either an overlap of the two teams, or the new team uses the documented information in the computer so that continuity of treatment is maintained.

The few aliens with whom I nevertheless managed to develop some sort of relationship chose local names for themselves to make things easier for us. For instance, the head doctor from Sirius, who identified himself as X3, asked us to call him Dov.


Extraterrestrial Medical Teams

The following descriptions of aliens and the organization and composition of their medical teams are based on my personal experience, and that of other healers and patients with the ability to see with the third eye.

Description of Aliens

The aliens working on the medical teams are similar in general structure to human beings — that is, they have two arms, two legs, and one head, but here the similarity ends.
They are anywhere from 70 centimeters to 4 meters tall and the appearance of the face and eyes is varied and strange.
Some have smooth skin, while others have skin that is hard and rough and still others are covered with thick hair like a bear’s fur.

Their style of clothing varies from lightweight items to heavy and complex-looking suits that, according to explanations I have received, are actually a type of space suit.
The aliens work in teams, which are rotated every few months.
The regular team is joined from time to time by specialists, such as cardiac specialists or knee technicians, according to the needs of the treatment.
It would seem that these specialists are constantly moving around, visiting one treatment site after another.
Additional alien visitors to treatment sessions include official observers, students, tourists, an assortment of supervisors, and those who visit purely out of curiosity.

Hierarchy of the Medical Team

For every treatment session, there is a clearly defined hierarchy among the members of the team.


First, there is the doctor or head surgeon who is in charge of the theater and ultimately responsible for the treatment.
This being has assistants, including technicians who work the equipment, aids, medical students, and so on.
Other members of the team include other professionals, such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Combined Teams

Treatments are managed by delegates of aliens who have arrived on Earth from other planets and universes, but sometimes, earthly beings are included on the medical team.
During one treatment I recall, a being who had been a young doctor was present; he had died just after completing his medical studies and was pleased to be able to continue
working in medicine after his death.
During another treatment, there was a being who claimed to have been a Chinese doctor during his lifetime.
Through telepathic contact with the patient, it was relayed to me that the Chinese doctor sounded like an ancient being who had accumulated
a great deal of medical experience and was even sometimes assigned to head the medical teams.
We put a series of questions to him and received the following information:

The Chinese doctor explained that he was made of energy and could move from place to place in the blink of an eye, in terms of human time.
All beings who were once living humans have this ability to some degree, but their movement through space is limited to the Earth — to leave
the Earth for more distant destinations, they require transportation, such as an alien spacecraft.


Aliens in Training

Occasionally, alien students take part in the medical teams.
During one treatment session, I carried on a conversation with one of these trainees through a friend of mine who succeeded in making contact.
Our dialogue is as follows:

Adrian: Who do we have here with us?

Michael: The doctor and two students.

Adrian: What are the names of the students?

Michael: Irit and Avi.

Adrian: Nice to meet you.
          My name is Adrian. Please tell me something about yourselves.

Irit: I’m from another galaxy.
      I worked there in complementary medicine.
      Here, I’m a student of alien conventional medicine.

Avi: I was born here on Earth — I was a doctor during the time of the industrial revolution.

Adrian: If so, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Avi: Not especially.
      Medical equipment has advanced, but a doctor’s behavior and his relationship with the patient have not changed.
      Doctors took the Hippocratic oath then, too.

Adrian: Where do you work?

Avi: Wherever we are needed.
      This clinic here with you is our home clinic, but we help out at other clinics as well.

Adrian: Do you live here in the home clinic?

Avi: No; We have other living quarters where we meet doctors from other medical teams.
      We only work here in your clinic.


During one treatment session I conducted outside of my own clinic, I became aware of three rows of benches on a gradient like in a theater.
About 20 entities with large glowing eyes sat on the benches — in fact, the eyes were almost all that was visible.
During the treatment, one of the entities stood up and explained something to the rest of the audience.
I didn’t catch what he said, but from his movements I understood he was explaining about the treatment.

Personal Questions for Alien Teams

Below are a series of questions I put to the team of aliens who work with me, and their answers as relayed telepathically.

Adrian: How long will you be in this area?

Aliens: For several years.
          A date for the completion of our research has not yet been set.
          If the research is productive, we will stay longer.
          It all depends on how worthwhile the research turns out to be.

Adrian: So you are a research team?

Aliens: Yes, we are a research team assigned to study your planet.
          We are studying humans in many areas and for many reasons, one of which is scientific curiosity.
          We are, as you know, more advanced than you.

Adrian: Otherwise, we would be studying you.

Aliens: That’s right — exactly.
We want to understand you better, including your psychological and physical diseases.
That’s why we have set up medical teams in several places and we are carrying out treatments on human beings.
We help to the best of our abilities, and in the process we learn.

Adrian: What will you do with the information you accumulate, particularly in the field of medicine?

Aliens: First, the information is for the purpose of learning and research.
At a later stage, the authorities will decide what to do with the accumulated medical information, such as whether or not to set up mass public aid teams.
Meanwhile, our aim is to learn and gather information on your planet from many different aspects.

Adrian: What about ethical aspects? Have you ever requested permission from any humans for your research program?

Aliens: No. We haven’t asked anyone’s permission, because there is no one to ask—there is no official human organization that recognizes us or would grant us permission even if we approached them.
We have permission from an extraterrestrial authority, a kind of galactic government or supreme custodial guardian that watches over developing planets that cannot yet speak for themselves in the cosmic environment.
This authority granted us permission for our research, otherwise we would not have been able to work here freely.

Adrian: Did this permission involve you giving anything in return?

Aliens: Yes. The information we gather will be available to the galactic organization in the event of there being the need for any kind of intervention.
The knowledge acquired will be used at some future time for the good of the planet, you can be assured of that.
The aim of the galactic organization is to help developing planets and not to cause them any harm whatsoever.
The knowledge will be used for higher purposes—that is our way.
We’re learning how to cure you of your diseases; can there be anything bad in that? 


Aliens in the Form of a Vertical Band of Light


During one of the treatment sessions, a different type of alien appeared.

Their body structure was very thin, almost like a long, wooden plank, with blinding light surrounding it, making the creatures looked very much like a blinding, vertical, fluorescent light with a dark strip up the middle.
No finer details were observable. The aliens said that one of their kind was presently living a human life cycle and he was the reason they had come to visit and observe.

Homofluid Aliens

Several people with extrasensory perception took part in one of the most interesting treatment sessions I have experienced.
The greater number of mediums present allowed the aliens to carry out a great deal of work.
They energetically tackled several medical problems simultaneously, and it seemed as though the teams were being replaced and replenished as they worked.
Suddenly, several of us shouted at once, “Wow, did you see that?”
We exchanged experiences and it seems that several people saw two or three figures basically similar to humans, but with dark blue bodies, small heads, and small, yellow eyes.
These blue figures suddenly began to duplicate themselves, turning into several identical figures.
It looked as if one figure was stepping out of the first and the effect reminded me of an accordion opening up.
During the duplication, the figures took on a fluid appearance.
When the duplication was completed, each duplicate took on the exact appearance of the original and each one set about their work.



I asked one of the healers present to make telepathic contact with them, and through him, I began to ask questions.

Adrian: Did what we just see actually happen—you duplicated yourselves?

Aliens: Yes. In order to get all the work done, we duplicate ourselves several times, and each duplicate works in harmony with the others.
A central element supervises them all.

Adrian: Do you use any mechanical equipment to duplicate yourselves, or is this a natural ability?

Aliens: It is a natural ability.

Adrian: Are all aliens capable of this?

Aliens: No.

Adrian: Where are you from?

Aliens: Not from this galaxy. We are fluid creatures and we generally live deep under water, in fresh water, but we can live also on dry land.

Adrian: Is this your natural appearance, basically similar to humans?

Aliens: We adapted ourselves to this form to facilitate our work with other members of the medical team.
          The human structure is good enough for performing medical treatments, but we can take on many different forms.

Adrian: Do you duplicate yourselves always into the same kind of matter?

Aliens: For the purpose of the present treatment, we duplicated ourselves into the same kind of matter, but we can duplicate ourselves into other types of matter.

Adrian: How many duplicates can you divide yourselves into, and for how long?

Aliens: It depends on how much energy we have.

Adrian: If one of the duplicates is injured, does this injure the whole?

Aliens: No. The whole can duplicate itself.

Adrian: Did the ability to duplicate yourselves grow out of an evolutionary need and increase your chances of survival?

Aliens: Yes, that is correct.

Adrian: After you duplicate yourselves, is the mass of the duplications equal to the mass before duplication?

Aliens: No. It’s a complicated process. We are made up of light, dynamics, and mass.
          We have no personal names and we have a common thought process.
          Currently we’re living in the Atlantic Ocean, where we can exist in duplicated form indefinitely.
         We can exist in duplicated form for about 6 hours on dry land.


X3, the Specialist from Sirius

One day when I phoned Chaya to consult with her and her medical team on a particular question, she told me that a new alien specialist had arrived.
He had expressed an interest in meeting me and making direct contact.
I readily agreed and 7 minutes later I sensed activity around me, although nothing was clearly visible, and I began to type.

X3: My name is X3. We don’t have names like you do.
     My planet is very beautiful and highly advanced, both along the evolutionary scale and scientifically.
     We live in harmony with nature: We use natural materials, rather than synthetics because they are major pollutants.
     We are all as one body. 
     Everyone has the same memories and the same line of thought— in fact, almost the same thoughts—and whatever one feels or thinks, the other feels or thinks.
     It’s a kind of cooperative, telepathic thought process.

Adrian: Have you really arrived from the planet Sirius?

X3: Yes, in a transit ship.

Adrian: What is your area of specialization?

X3: Where I come from, I’m a specialist in kidneys and other internal organs.
     As far as you’re concerned, I’m here to consult with the local medical team and augment its abilities to deal with kidney problems.

Adrian: Are you reading the text on my computer screen?

X3: No, I don’t know how to read Hebrew.
     I am receiving your thoughts and someone is translating them for me.
     I understand you’re typing our conversation onto your computer.
     Is that your best way of communicating?

Adrian: Yes, for now.
     I asked if you all could help me communicate verbally, but the attempt was unsuccessful.
     A receiver has been implanted in my head, but for some reason, it’s not working. 
     How old are you?

X3: Several hundred years old—458 according to your way of counting.

Adrian: What is your usual life expectancy?

X3: About a thousand of your years—some reach two thousand years—because few among us die.

Adrian: What do you look like?

X3: Externally, we are basically similar to humans — the body, the eyes, and so on are fairly similar to humans’ appearance—but our internal structure is different.
     Our internal organs are organized differently from yours, our metabolisms and lymphatic systems are different, and we are less vulnerable to infection.
     One could say that our bodies are more sterile, which is why we are more immune to illness.
     Our bodies are not constantly eroded by attack from germs as humans’ bodies are.
     Our immunity is in part an evolutionary development, in part genetically engineered, and in part a result of local medical and environmental efforts.
     We maintain a high level of environmental hygiene: Our living quarters are sterile, as are our places of work and entertainment.
     In fact, most of our environment is totally sterile, so there is no chance of contagion.
     Here on Earth, the environment is biologically polluted.
     We have to be very careful when we arrive on Earth—for example, we wear sterile suits and live in well-protected quarters.

Adrian: What is your average level of intelligence?

X3: It’s difficult to define or compare.
     Obviously,we are more advanced in intelligence than humans, but not in the same way or in every area.
     There are areas in which you are more developed than we are, so it’s difficult to set a standard.
     In general, we are more advanced in terms of intelligence.

Adrian: Do you wear clothing?

X3: Yes, we wear a kind of spacesuit made of light, flexible material that is an effective covering against infection and maintains personal hygiene.
     We don’t want to pollute the environment we live in with various body secretions.

Adrian: Do you keep house pets?

X3: Only in special animal houses and under very strictly supervised conditions; they don’t walk around freely among us as they do with you.
      You’ll have to excuse me now; we have to go— we have work to do. We were pleased to talk with you.

Adrian: Likewise. I’d enjoy continuing our conversation whenever you have time.

X3: So would we. It isn’t every day we get the chance to speak face to face with a living human being.
     Thank you very much; be well. 

I phoned Chaya and told her about the conversation I had just had, or thought I had.
As usual, it was hard for me to believe it had all really happened.

Chaya: The alien says you did not imagine the conversation.
He really was at your house and enjoyed meeting you.
         The conversation was interesting and productive—and it really did take place.

Adrian: What does he look like?

Chaya: He looks basically like a human being, but he’s very short—shorter than most of the other aliens here in my team—and he has big eyes and smooth hair.

Adrian: Aside from his conversation with me, did he receive any additional information about me?

Chaya: Yes. They have the ability to penetrate our unconscious.
He feels that you are a very complex person, like all humans—we are all very complicated emotionally, which is a problem they don’t share on Sirius.


On March 31, 1997, I met X3 again at Chaya’s and I asked him if he had read my book and what his opinion was of the perspective of a flesh and blood human.

X3: It’s an excellent book. Your outlook, from the perspective of the aliens, is very narrow and distorted, but from the perspective of human beings, the book is excellent.
      The book includes two interesting theories, one regarding alien bloodless surgery, and the other is the physical description of the structure of matter.

Adrian: How long did it take you to read my book? A human needs a few days to read it carefully.

X3: I read the book twice in half an hour.

Adrian: How long does it take for an alien to become a doctor?
          Among humans, it takes 7 years of study.

X3: Aliens study 14 years.
     The studies are very comprehensive and include studying comparative cultures and societies and learning foreign languages.
     An alien doctor has to know how to treat a wide range of life forms from many different planets.

Adrian: What is the population of Sirius?

X3: Between 8 and 10 million.

Adrian: Is that all? That’s very little compared with the Earth.

X3: Yes. Sirius is smaller and its rate of population growth is low.
     If a family has two children, that’s a lot and many families do not have children.
     Sirius is relatively closed to outside influences; it has almost no immigrants from other planets, so the population is quite homogeneous.
     In addition, there is no disease.
     One of the reasons for disease on Earth is the variety of races and the lack of homogeneity of the population.
     Sirius is a clean, neat planet, even sterile, which is very different from the biologically polluted Earth.
     The people of Sirius reach sexual maturity at about age 300.

Adrian: What is the life expectancy on Sirius?

X3: There are those who are 300, 600, and also 900 years old.
     Life expectancy on Earth is among the shortest in existence in the whole universe.
     There’s one other planet with people similar to humans and their life expectancy is also similar, however, the other civilizations in the universe have far longer life expectancies.

Adrian: Do the people of Sirius reincarnate?

X3: Yes. After they die, it is customary for their bodies to be embalmed and kept in special crates.
     The soul reincarnates on some other world.
     The people of Sirius are known for the powerful energy of their spirits.


A Lack of Sensitivity


More than once, I discerned a distinct lack of sensitivity on the part of X3.
For instance, they performed some treatment on me and didn’t explain to me exactly (or even vaguely) what they were doing.
I arrived at wrong conclusions and as a result, was under considerable psychological strain.
When I realized they could have saved me this distress with a simple explanation, I complained but X3 could not see what I was upset about.
It seems that X3’s emotional and nervous systems are different from human beings’.
He was absolutely incapable of understanding why I was upset.
After I explained what disturbed me, he admitted that he is unfamiliar with the psychological aspects of humans.

On April 19, 1997, X3 asked us to call him Dov.

Adrian: Why did you choose the name Dov? The Hebrew name Dov means bear.

X3: It’s the name of the constellation.

Adrian: Do you know what a dov [bear] is?

X3: No. [I showed him a picture of a bear.] Does it bite?

Adrian: Yes.

The Spacecraft

Adrian: Tell me about your spacecraft.

X3: There are basically three sizes of spacecraft. The largest is like a huge warehouse.
     It houses the international communications center switchboard and many other functions.
     The medium-sized spacecraft is used, among other things, as a hospital and is located in the atmosphere.
     The small spacecraft are used mainly for transportation.

Adrian: How many operating theaters are there in the hospital spacecraft?

X3: There are three, but only one is presently functional; the other two are undergoing renovations.
     My medical team is sharing the operating room with another team involved in geographical research, including the study of animals.
     Your TV series Star Trek is reminiscent of our reality, especially regarding the variety of creatures.
     The creator of the series must have received his inspiration from us.

Adrian: Where have you seen the TV series?

X3: At your house, on your TV. 

Adrian: How does your computer interface function?
          The aliens were put out by my question because they thought I was asking for an explanation of how their computers work, which is privileged information, and so I had to explain I was only asking about how they interact with their computers.


Adrian: A friend of mine whose hobby is astronomy told me that Sirius is one of the closer planets to our solar system. 
          He said it’s only several light years away. Could you tell me please, how long the trip to Sirius takes?

X3: Our time, it takes three weeks there and back.

Adrian: But you once took Chaya and I on a trip to Sirius and returned us back home the same night. How can that be?

X3: You and Chaya were in a converted state and so in human time only a few hours went by.

Adrian: That goes along with your practice of time conversion. It would seem that alien time runs faster than our time.

X3: If humans had spacecraft like ours, it would take you 3 days to get to Sirius.

Adrian: What type of government exists on Sirius?

X3: It’s something like the Senate of ancient Rome—that is to say, a committee of wise men.
     The oldest and wisest are the members of the governing committee.
     Their authority is derived from their wisdom and personal knowledge and not from general democratic elections.
     The members are selected by the committee members themselves in an internal, democratic election.
     In general, democracy tends toward anarchy—anything can happen— but government by a body of wise citizens is more stable.
     Because there are no wars on Sirius, the committee deals with pleasanter things, such as archeological digs around the planet, ecological issues, research, the welfare of the population, and so forth.

Adrian: Based on your experience with various civilizations, does the likelihood of war decrease as the civilization becomes more advanced?

X3: That depends on the homogeneity of the population. On Sirius, for instance, the population is very homogeneous, and so there is no cause for war.
     The population of Earth is not homogeneous— there are many races and nations— and that’s a source of friction. 
     Aside from that the lack of homogeneity, humans have a proclivity toward making war; humans fight with each other.

Adrian: David Ronen, a UFO researcher and journalist who writes the X Files column for the daily paper Ma’ariv, wants to do a story on you, but there’s the problem of verification.
          That’s definitely your weak point.

X3: I’m sorry to say that’s true. Those are the instructions we received from the Council.
     We are to work in medical teams with humans, but we are not to make ourselves known to the wider public or to leave any physical proof of our presence.
     The Council is interested in promoting the idea that aliens exist, that they work with healers, and that they are capable of helping humans with their medical problems.
     The exposure needs to be very gradual. It’s a kind of psychology based on a slow but steady leak of information. Those are the instructions we’ve received.
     The Council claims that humans are not yet ready to accept the physical presence of aliens.
     The typical human reaction is to shoot at anything that moves.

Adrian: Don’t you think that awareness of the fact that we are not alone will have the effect of reducing the number of wars and the enmity between nations?

X3: Yes, but then humans will start to war against the aliens.
     Before the aliens make a landing, they’ll transmit telepathic beams designed to psychologically calm the population in order to create a less threatening atmosphere.

Adrian: Do you intend to bring your ground clinics up to the same standard as your spacecraft clinics in terms of equipment, so that you can perform the same treatments here as you do on the spacecraft?

X3: That’s exactly what we’re doing. Our aim is to make available to the medical team on the ground the same equipment that exists in the surgical theaters on the spacecraft.
     We’re putting a great deal of effort into this. 
     The equipment and surgical instrumentation is very advanced; it is manufactured in a distant galaxy and specially suited to conditions on the spacecraft, such as near absolute weightlessness.
     In order to ensure that such equipment will also operate on Earth, it must undergo a number of adjustments. That’s what we’re working on now.
     The equipment is being customized for conditions on Earth and sent over.
     Once it gets here, it is tested and the results are sent back to the manufacturer with comments for further adjustments and corrections.
     We want to be able to perform kidney transplants— this has been given first priority.
     Those responsible for the operating rooms on the spacecraft don’t dare bring people up there for treatment, for fear of contagious infection and introducing pollutants into their environment.

Adrian: Do aliens have the same anatomical structure as we do?

X3: No. There are significant differences, despite the generally similar appearance.

Adrian: Are you made up of the same amino acids?

X3: No

Adrian: Is the basic structure of DNA as the building blocks of the body similar to ours—that is, with four basic building blocks?

X3: No. Some have 6 and some 12 or more basic building blocks. There are similarities, but there are also significant differences.

Adrian: Do alien doctors undergo a special course in the anatomy of humans before they come here to treat people?

X3: Yes. We study various aspects of medicine for 4 to 6 months, such as the physiology and anatomy of humans, and we study languages and culture.

Adrian: If a human doctor had to learn the same amount of material, how long would it take him?

X3: About two and a half years of intensive study.

Adrian: How did you gather the information to be taught in these courses?

X3: Each research team contributes its findings to the education of the whole and that’s how we continuously expand our database of knowledge.

Adrian: Did you make use of our medical textbooks?

X3: Yes, but only in a general way because the treatment methods are very outdated.
     We mainly learned about common diseases, generally accepted concepts, names of medications, and so on.

Adrian: Do alien patients also feel as though their bodies are whole and untouched when you perform surgery on them, as humans do when you treat them?

X3: Our treatment methods are similar, but because we use different matter, the treatment is different for humans.
     For example, when we perform surgery on aliens,we use general anesthesia, mainly because the aliens can see the surgical procedure, while humans can’t.
     Work on aliens is easier because their bodies are hardier than humans’; the human body is delicate and always requires a critical balance.
     Alien bodies can stand up to drastic surgical manipulations with far less risk of complications.
     In this respect, the human body is more complicated and vulnerable and aliens’ bodies are simply stronger.
     I suppose it’s a matter of being more developed on the evolutionary scale.

     People of Sirius are quite similar to humans in their outward appearance.
     It seems many research teams were involved with human beings in many different parts of the world throughout their history, especially in the history of the Jewish People.
     The aliens were also responsible for many genetic changes and improvements to the human race.

Adrian: Why have the aliens tagged certain human beings?

X3: Some people are tagged as suitable to work with the aliens when they arrive, and some are tagged for transfer to other planets according to the decisions of the Council.

Adrian: Why would you transfer people to other planets?

X3: In order to add genetic variety and improvements to the populations of these other worlds.

Adrian: Is the telepathic information I received about the soul correct? Is the soul a life form that reincarnates in other bodies and lives in symbiosis with them?

X3: That’s more or less correct. The soul or spirit is an ancient life form from a different plane of existence.
     There are whole planets where only spirits live—a kind of school for spiritual beings.
     Aliens also have souls and spiritual beings, but alien spiritual beings generally don’t mix with human spiritual beings, although there are those that reincarnate on other planets for specific reasons.

Adrian: Do the spiritual beings make up a civilization of their own?

X3: Civilization isn’t exactly the right word to use for beings, but, yes, they make up something similar.

Adrian: Are there life forms that do not combine with souls?

X3: As far as I know, every life form has a soul. The cosmos is far more wondrous that human beings suppose.
     There are many, many varieties of life forms on many different planes of existence.
     There is a huge research spacecraft the size of a city that touches down once every 10 years and gathers and studies samples of life forms and rocks from different planets.

Adrian: Tell me what it’s like inside your spacecraft.

X3: To human beings it would feel like walking through a huge network of pipes—wherever you go, you’re walking through air locks and pipes. In general, it’s crowded and compact.

Adrian: What is the level of gravitation on board your spacecraft?

X3: Throughout the spacecraft there is standard artificial gravitation of 0.8Gs, except for areas where there are life forms that require a different level of gravitation.
      It’s an artificially produced gravitation similar to the gravitational pull on Earth. I don’t know the exact value, but it’s very similar.
      Some areas in the spacecraft have a different level of gravity. We induce gravity so that things won’t be floating in the air.

Adrian: Are you of a similar weight to humans? How much does Maya weigh, for instance?

X3: About 80 kilograms.

Adrian: That’s about in the same range as human weights; it’s just in a different dimension.

X3: Exactly.


A Visit from the Supervisor


I was giving a healing treatment somewhere around the middle of 1996, when I became aware of a new presence.
The image of a rather thin male appeared, dressed in a brown cloak of rough fabric. On his chest lay a medallion that
looked like a large crystal of some kind. White wavy hair hung down to his hips.
His face did not appear to be human. He sat quietly to one side and did not interfere in the proceedings. 
When I finished the treatment, I sat down next to him and made contact.

Supervisor: I’m a supervisor from the Higher Council of aliens.
                 I’ve come to check the activities of the medical team you work with.
                 Are you satisfied with what you’re doing?

Adrian: Yes, I am satisfied. Please thank for me whoever sent the medical teams to work with us. 
            Where are you from?

Supervisor: Andromeda.

Adrian: What is your role here?

Supervisor: I came to see how the medical teams are getting on. I represent those who sent the alien medical teams.

Adrian: What is the purpose of your crystal?

Supervisor: It’s both a tool that serves several purposes and a symbol of my position.
                 It is for purposes of communication. It encloses a tiny, sophisticated computer, similar to your chips.
                 It’s actually a computer and sophisticated communications device.

Adrian: Just like among humans, every alien has their own individual character.

Supervisor: They’re representative racial characteristics.

Adrian: What is your opinion of the work being done by the medical teams? 

Supervisor: I’m very enthusiastic about what they are doing here, and I think planet Earth has a future.

Adrian: Why are some aliens slaughtering cattle and other animals and kidnapping people for research?
            They could do the same thing in a more cultured and considerate manner.
            I understand their need to do research— humans also use animals for research—but why leave behind bodies with missing parts, like a dog with no eyes?

Supervisor: There’s a great deal of discussion and differences of opinion on the matter among aliens.
                 There are aliens who are particularly advanced. Next to them, humans are no more than monkeys. They see humans as inferior beings and they treat them with disregard.
                 On the other hand, there are those aliens who consider humans to be superior creatures who went wrong somewhere, but have huge potential for development.
                 Those aliens seek ways of helping humans.
                 The Higher Council is currently discussing this issue so as to develop general policies towards Earth; I attended discussions on the subject and gave my report.
                 They’re planning a future mass landing that will include teams dedicated to helping mankind in a number of ways, such as medical, sociological, and economic aid.
                 Alien hospitals will be established; the medical teams working today, like the ones working with you and Chaya, are accumulating experience to that end.

Adrian: Do the teams that are conducting research on Earth arrive independently as private ventures from a variety of civilizations, or are they centrally organized? 

Supervisor: They’re organized.

Adrian: Do the teams of researchers receive guidelines on how to behave with humans? 

Supervisor: There are general guidelines about how to treat humans on Earth, but every research team operates independently and their behavior depends upon their team leader.
                  Sometimes the leaders are gentle and considerate and sometimes they’re demeaning. Although there are general guidelines, they aren’t always followed.
                  If you want to know what aliens think of the Earth, ask for material from the Communications Center—they have a lot of material on the subject and can summarize it for you.
                  There are many teams of researchers studying the Earth; 12,000 different organizations of aliens are studying the Earth.

Adrian: If there are 12,000 organizations, there must be a huge number of aliens here.

Supervisor: According to today’s statistics, there’s one alien investigator for every four human beings on Earth.

Adrian: That’s tremendous! Earth must be a real hit.

Supervisor: Yes.

Adrian: Every time a new life-sustaining planet is discovered, it’s pounced on by research teams sent from all the civilizations in the universe? 

Supervisor: That’s what usually happens. There are many interests involved. The Earth is quite an engaging planet for research.
                 There are teams studying all sorts of things, such as differences between nations and ethnic groups, modes of survival, and potential for developing them.

Adrian: I suppose for the aliens, Earth looks like one big anthropological laboratory.

Supervisor: That’s right; that’s what you look like.

Adrian: Isn’t it at all important to aliens what humans think of them?

Supervisor: That’s the job of the observers. 
                  Every time there’s a landing, or a UFO event, there are aliens whose job is to collect material from the media and report on the reactions of the population.
                  There are some supervisors walking around among you who look like ordinary people.


The Observer

On April 26, 1997, when I was having a treatment at Chaya’s clinic, a new alien appeared as part of the medical team, saying that he was an observer.

Adrian: Where are you from?

Observer: My name is Menachem and I’m from the planet Exozius. It’s a planet in a solar system of four suns—two red ones and two small dark ones.

Adrian: I’ve heard of binary solar systems with two suns, but I’ve never heard of a solar system that has four suns. How do they move in space? 

Observer: They move in elliptical paths. My solar system is in a different galaxy, several billion light years distant from Earth. 
               It’s beyond the abilities of your telescopes.

Adrian: If it’s that distant, how long did it take you to get here?

Observer: The journey here takes a few weeks.

Adrian: If you like our planet, that must mean it’s similar to yours.

Observer: It’s prettier. My planet is colder, despite its having four suns.
               It’s pleasanter here. There’s more air, more clouds, and everything in abundance.

Chaya: Is your planet older?

Observer: Very much older. Earth is considered a young planet.

Adrian: Have you read my book?

Observer: Not yet, but I intend to read it as soon as I have some time. The book is in the cosmic library.
               I heard good things about it and it’s considered compulsory reading.

Adrian: Can you explain?

Observer: Regarding humans, the book broadens our understanding of how humans see aliens and the universe.
               Regarding aliens, it presents the work they are doing here in Israel and, in my opinion, it’s important to publish books such as yours.


Adrian Dvir

Adrian Dvir

Excerpt taken from the book X3, Healing Entities and Aliens by Adrian Dvir
More info on Adrian Dvir and Healing Entities on adriandvir.tripod.com

Adrian Dvir (1958 in Bucharest, Romania – June 6, 2004) was an author and medium.

He held a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Engineering and an M.Sc (Master of Science) in Computer Engineering, specializing in computer architecture.
Married with two children and living in Israel since 1965, Dvir was employed as a developer of military computer systems.
He acknowledged and began to use his abilities as a medium in 1992, and first became aware of alien and other-dimensional beings in 1994. 

Adrian Dvir died on June 6, 2004 from a severe and fatal attack of infectious mononucleosis and died in his sleep whilst sitting in his armchair one night.

 Adrian Dvir is the author of three books, of which only one has been translated to English. 
His first book, "X3, healing, entities and aliens", was published in Hebrew in 2000, and was closely followed by his second book- "Cured by aliens". 


It was about another year until his first book was translated to English, in 2003. 
His third book was published in Romanian, and is actually his two previous books under a single binder. 

The art used in this article is also from the hand of this extraordinary man. 

Adrian trained several others in the field of ET-Healing like Jackie Salvitti (ethealing.com) and Haggai Katz, who introduced us (Jacqueline, Manon and Philip) in working with these beautiful extraterrestrial beings. 
As second degree descendants of Adrian, the ET-Healers from Healing Center Beyond Medicine (Jacqueline, Manon and Philip) highly acknowledge the brave work Adrian Dvir has done in bringing this phenomenon into the world.

More information on the book X3, Healing Entities and Aliens can be found here in ENGLISH and in DUTCH.



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