Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Remember those drawings from the past where you connect dots with numbers to each other with a line ?
And if you connected the dots in the right order, you got an image, a picture!
We could be engaged for hours, and we didn't want to make mistakes, because then the image would no longer be correct ... there is only one correct outcome.

Now imagine a 'drawing' of about 17 dots where there are no more numbers at the dots.
You may connect the dots any way you want and the picture that comes out is exactly as you have in mind, as long as all the dots are connected. Your image of imagination.

Did you know that those 17 dots can be connected in billions of different ways ?
With just 17 points,  17! ('faculty 17')

Now imagine if we were to overlay the drawings of all the people on this planet, would you expect a pattern or a jumble of 8 billion different line connections?
Would we all connect the dots more or less the same way or would this really be completely random?

How would we actually begin this "task"?
Would we start somewhere random or ...

The human brain is designed to recognize patterns and we train that mechanism of recognition day by day by which we keep it "up to date.
We recognize faces, objects ... in fact, our entire daily reality.
If we want to think 'out-of-the-box' we first make a conscious decision to break existing/known connections ( connections/patterning) to our reality.

If you could teach people how to make more or less the same choices in a Universe of billions of options (time-lines) it could be that when all those drawings are superimposed on each other the same kind of pattern is constantly appearing.
In essence, this is what we do with our consciousness every day. 
From the billions of options of realities, each of us projects our "wiring / lining" and collectively we project together "our reality.

There are likely to be relatively few drawings among them that are completely unrelated to known patterns, except for the drawing of that madman who later turns out to be the genius, such as an Einstein.


The Awakening

With regularity we get questions if our guides can say something about when something is going to happen.
Or questions whether what our extraterrestrial guides say about what people have heard through alternative channels is correct.

For example, we received a great question during the online ET-Healing Experience about the scenario of a blackout of several days, followed by a period of information being provided and after which humanity enters the "5th dimension" in a kind of enlightened state.
There are multiple variants about a blackout, in this way.

Now, our guides are not Fact-Checkers and they have made it clear from the very beginning of our cooperation in 2014 that substantive questions about developments in our economy, politics and finances do not belong to the realm of well-being, consciousness and health and will not be answered.

However, we do gain wonderful insights about the process of transformation itself.

Last month, during my "sleep" (which, by the way, I experienced as "being awake") during several transmissions the phenomenon that we could call information/disinformation and misinformation was being addressed.
And it was indicated that all these different scenarios and information have a crucial function in the transformation process of humanity.

There are more and more variants (stories) and all of them contain a kernel of truth and none of them contain all truth.
All these scenarios describe a timeline, but none of them describes THE timeline.
Simply because it does not exist, we are slowly being prepared to break free from programmed patterns with which we keep creating the same drawings or manifest the same reality (real meaning true).

In our development to the higher frequencies of 4th density everything becomes less dense and more fluid. We already experience time as sometimes no longer linear from time to time.

Oh, but surely one of the timelines must be real ?
This is the 'Physical Mind' asking the question.
For the 'Higher Mind', all scenarios are possible.
The question is which scenario is most probable and that the 'Physical Mind' gets to see ... the scenario to which we are each inclining most, individually, yet together.

Step by step, our world is reaching a point where no one knows what is 'the truth' anymore.
There is so much conflicting information about what is going on and what is going to happen in the outside world that no one knows what is 'true' anymore.
And that is exactly what is needed.

A time will come when the masses let go of all patterns, because if there is nothing left to rely on anyway 'that is true' then just let it go.
It may begin to be experienced as one big illusion, but it is actually the de-programming of the physical mind and a preparation and becoming familiar with a world of possibilities, probabilities and choices.
The end point of a very old process and the starting point of a new process of realization that we are not fixed in any reality, but choose it unconsciously with each other.

Ezra'el indicated that this is THE moment of blackout.
A blackout as we know it when, due to information overload, we lose ourselves for a moment and can no longer 'think'.
As if it's all 'gone' and we can no longer access it.
We then need some rest to get everything back in order (get our programs re-ordered).

Then comes the phase when we have to go back inside in search of the connection with ourselves and start trusting our own truth again. In this phase of "confusion," a Quantum Shift takes place.

What is appointed here is a deeper perspective of what Ezra'el indicated years ago :

If you want to make a Quantum Shift,
you have to be willing to let go of everything
that you think you know about yourself and your reality.

~ Ezra'el (ca. 2015)

For those who have experienced it themselves, this sounds much like a Dark Night of the Soul we talked about in the April 2022 newsletter.

Will everyone make this shift simultaneously in a few days, as some scenarios predict ?
Erza'el indicates that it is possible, but not likely.
The shift in consciousness is a process and it cannot be forced by circumstances outside us but only by the willingness within us.
And everyone has a free choice in that.


Information vs Awakening

He also makes a big distinction in information and wisdom.
He indicated in the dream that what many people call "Awakening" has little to do with awakening.

Information is what the Physical Mind takes in.
Overloading the Physical Mind with information about what ""the reality"" is like does not necessarily lead to awakening or expansion of consciousness.
On the contrary, it might trigger a 'break-down' for many.

Information only leads to expansion of consciousness if it can be ingested, processed and integrated for the benefit of our lives.

We as human beings cannot stuff ourselves with food all at once for the coming year thinking that our bodies will grow faster.
The same goes for our consciousness, growth is a process.

Thereby, if we focus and stick to a prediction we lock ourselves into a future point of one of the possible timelines.
In any case, we are not here and now.
We are engaged in a desired (???) outcome, but not in the process.

An insight that Ezra'el offered in this was, that the big shift that many people and Lightworkers are looking forward to, can only happen when the expectations about the result is let go and we focus on the process, 'for that is what you have come for'.
The result you already know, that you have already seen elsewhere, that is how you know how to navigate and determine your direction, that is your compass'.

However, the Physical Mind is often in the past or the future, impatient because it thinks it has to be in another reality.
The 'Higher Mind' is always in the here and now.... and has all the time because it experiences no time, but all (relevant) realities simultaneously.

So the paradox is that we hold ourselves in a reality we say we don't want ... how do we get this changed ?


Confusion is our best friend

Confusion is that feeling in which we don't know what is true now and what to do.
Usually we don't like that feeling very much, and at the same time "confusion" is the best tool for Quantum Shifts.

If something is 100% certain, it means that the outcome is fixed, so we do not allow a shift in time lines.
If nothing is certain, anything is possible.

The letters 'Con-' refers to a moment / point where things come together, 'Fusion' has the connotation of integration, fusing, merging.
Etymology says 'act of mingling together two or more things or notions properly separate'.

If we can keep ourselves in balance during times of 'confusion' we have a great bypass of our ego that wants to 'be sure' of things, wants to 'know the truth', wants to be on the right side, is afraid of being wrong etc. and thus tries to protect us by holding on to a real-(=truth)iteit.

However, the most fun with 'confusion' is to take all the various options as true at the same time - in a way this is so, otherwise the timelines could not have met - and from this perspective to investigate what all these 'truths' of information and experience offer us.

And in doing so, we discover that awareness is not about the 'dots' we are given, but about the lines we are drawing ourselves.


Mirror and Looking Glass

Once we truly realize that physical reality is a mirror, a projection, then we no longer look for solutions to 'fix' reality but go within to fathom the template through which we project ourselves.

Similar to a beamer (our light, our consciousness) projecting itself through a slide or 'frame' onto a projection screen.
Of course we can adjust the projection screen and that will be able to have some effect, but it is far more effective to adjust the slide/frame.

Imagine that - since all frames and slides already exist simultaneously - that you can project a view from 2025....
As if you could project yourself through a looking glass (spy glass) into another space (reality).
Just feel how this looking glass - as if it were a portal - brings you into a probable reality of 2025 ...
What do you feel then, what do you see then ?
What does it mean ?

In the 2012 event "Through the Looking Glass Again," Bashar has given important keys to humanity on several, for most people, still hidden layers.
To offer an opening for further research, we will be sharing a piece of the monologue in this newsletter !


Dear People,

Thank you for reading our newsletter !
We did not intend to write a newsletter in July, but after a week of light activations during the night, followed by nightly downloads and insights, I just wanted to share a piece of it with you.
Hope you get something out of our perspective !


At the very last minute I hear this wonderful Holotope from Bashar .... perfect timing !
Cybo is the name of one of the Sassani in contact with humanity on planet Earth.
The word Cybo comes from the ancient Essassani language and means 13, being the number of transformation.
A wonderful Bashar event from 2016, with a holotope that fits perfectly with this newsletter.
Have fun !!!


Source :
Newsletter Augustus 2023

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