Star Children and Consessions

Last month we received a touching question from a 14-year-old boy from the US. His score on the Star Kid Questionaire pointed strongly in the direction of being a Star Kid.
Among other things, he wrote "but I feel like a lot of people automatically dislike me" and "I feel like people like to hurt me, while we don't even know each other. Do you have an answer of what is happening ?"

We had a lovely exchange by e-mail.
And yes, it is unfortunately a fact that it is very difficult for many Star Kids to integrate into the current Earth reality.

The difference in frequency and consciousness of these children and their immediate environment is sometimes a real challenge for many Star Kids.
However, there is a very good reason for this !

Everyone probably knows the phenomenon that when someone enters a completely new environment, for example a work environment, the 'newcomer' immediately notices when processes or practices are illogical, not efficient or effective, or even harmful or counterproductive.

And sometimes when the "newcomer" says something about it, it is not always appreciated when changes are suggested, after all, "this is how we work here.
And in a desire to belong and be accepted, the newcomer adjusts his/her perception. And after months or years it becomes normal, without realizing it, and they just do things that way.
Often by then the difference is not even perceptible to the "newcomer."

There is a tremendously strong mechanism behind this phenomenon with two "primal forces" for survival ... the 'adaptation to the environment' and the 'staying with the group/herd'. And it takes a strong inner strength to defy these 'forces of nature'.

This is often the daily reality for Star Kids and see here at the same time the strength they bring.
You may wonder why they don't just adapt, why they don't choose 'the easy way' ?
Why don't they make consessions?

Every time we adapt, in the sense of making concessions for the benefit of something outside of us, we conceal a piece of our natural identity and that has its price.

Star children usually do not want this and remain true to themselves.
In an average earthly environment, they are therefore quickly seen as "strange" and "non-normal" and thus do not fit into the group.

This also makes them sometimes difficult to control to make them "behave as they should.

And despite the fact that their nature is generally extremely non-violent, this inner strength that Star Kids radiate can often evoke a defensive and sometimes aggressive reaction in others, which they then cannot understand at all.
It is precisely their higher frequency that evokes a kind of healing reaction in others. Star Kids are often naturally very good healers.

Because of their different way of incarnating, Star Kids have much more memory (i.e. have forgotten less / have filtered less from memory) of who they really are. The connection to 'Source' is very actively present in their consciousness and yet, despite this connection, exclusion is as painful for Star Kids as it is for any other child.

Bashar beautifully explained in "The Seven Neutral Needs" how important a "nurturing" environment and relationships are to one's health and well-being. We can lack many things, but never a long-term lack of any of these 7 elements, including, therefore, a sense of belonging somewhere.

Many earthlings are playing the game of "forgetting who we are" and searching for our true identity.
Star Kids do not come so much to play this game, they come more to help change the rules of the game and the playing field so that the collective can begin a new game on the next level of consciousness.
Deep down, they cannot conform to the current game in this world because they "know" they have a role in changing the game.


It is very fascinating that a similar phenomenon is often noticeable with people who have done the Reconnection / Axiatonal Alignment ... after a period of integration many experience an increasingly stronger connection with their blueprint and all sorts of patterns of adaptation that do not fit (anymore) are released in walking a path back to the natural, original identity.

People feel a stronger connection with their blueprint, their passion in this life and their connection with Source, the Universe.
With the 'side-effect' that it becomes more and more difficult to make concessions to their life path ... It is possible, but it feels so inappropriate, it feels like a denial of Self, which is becoming more and more difficult to bear.

One stops making concessions if they do not feel right (anymore) and prefers to choose for rejection, exclusion or abandonment by others rather than for the abandonment of oneself.
A beautiful process of experiencing inner strength by 'adapting the environment' to who they are and not the other way around. 

Star Kids, precisely because of their more open connection to cosmic consciousness, have all the more difficulty understanding how Earthly reality works.
The contrast is still very large to bridge with the result that a great friction can build up in their system.

Many Star Kids 'protect' themselves by withdrawing into themselves (preventing tension/loading of their system), or by almost uncontrollable discharge from their system, but sometimes also by numbing their system.

It is understandable that the Reconnection / Axiatonal Alignment has no added value for Star Kids (in general the generations of lightworkers since 2012) ... due to their other way of incarnating they have these connections all ready wide open.

In fact, their challenge is not so much their connection to the cosmos, to their blueprint and their higher Self, their challenge is rather their connection to Earth. It is really very important for them that we begin to see this.

It is now about 1½ - 2 years since our guide Ezra'el indicated that a healing process like the Reconnection will be able to do a lot for humanity, and from more and more perspectives we are beginning to understand why this was indicated at that time.
The Star Kids are another perspective ... and especially the parents, teachers, everyone who is in contact with these Star Kids.
We cannot truly understand the Star Kids until we can connect with their world. When we can experience a common field from an energetic standpoint.

In many ways they are forerunners, and if we could see them as teachers, we could learn a lot from them ...

And for that we first need to (re)connect with the cosmos, our blueprint and our Higher Self ...

Dear Folks,

This newsletter has visible and less visible layers.
It's about Star Kids, about all of us, about connections, concessions, conforming and more ... and has a connection to previous newsletters.

We hope it may inspire you in the development of new perspectives.
We would love to hear from you if you have an exciting question or positive input for a future newsletter !
Feel welcome ...

We wish everyone much wisdom in the time that lies ahead of us and hope that everyone can, just like us, feel the existence of a new world in which we look back together in love and respect on these intense times of transformation.

Love each other, take care of each other and hug each other well in the coming months!

For now, lots of love!
We hope to see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on our online community Human-ET One!


Jacqueline en Philip

Source : Newsletter November 2022 - Healing Center Beyond Medicine | ET-Healing


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