Creating Your Reality

Creating Your Reality

Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 30 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringing through a wave of new information that clearly explains in detail how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience. 

Bashar describes the planet as going through a major transformation- an evolutionary leap to the next level of consciousness. Bashar's message simply acts as a reminder of what you already know but may have forgotten, and can help you experience this transition smoothly and joyfully, by expanding your awareness of the unlimited possibilities that are truly available to you.
The message emphasizes increasing your self empowerment and your connection to your Higher Self as being key to consciously creating the kind of reality you desire.
Bashar's message helps to expand your capacity for learning and change. It re-awakens your ability to use your imagination and express yourself creatively... so that you can experience the ecstasy that is your birthright. 
The techniques that are contained in the Bashar material are fun, challenging and interesting to work with and Bashar's uniquely humorous and direct approach enhances the entire experience!


Creating Your Reality

We would like to begin this transmission with the following brief ideas, to lay a little bit of what you call a foundation or a groundwork for the primary principles that will generally be contained in almost every subject we will discuss.
Many of you have heard us talk about certain tools, certain states of being,…certain states of mind that will allow you to understand who and what you are as a person…as a being…as a personality, a little bit more clearly.

For it is in understanding the structure and the nature of yourself as a person and as a being that will allow you to make changes… make shifts in your reality in the manner that you desire… in the manner that you prefer…more effortlessly… with the idea of less pain and more joy.

These ideas now are paramount for what you call the "Age of Transition", this "Age of Awareness" on your planet, as you have named it, and thus we are very happy to help to assist in presenting concepts and tools that are handy, that you can use very easily, so that when applying them you can see the results in yourselves and in your physical reality… relatively quickly.
The idea first and foremost, of course, always begins with self valuation. We understand from our experience with many of you that one of the most difficult things that many of you now have to do on your planet… is learn to value yourself.
Because you have forgotten your connection with the Infinite, and because for thousands upon thousands of your years, you have been taught to think of yourselves as less than worthy…as undeserving… as possessing little or no value… and without an understanding of your worth, without an understanding of your value, no tool we would share with you would really be effective.

Only when you begin to learn…and behave…and hold true that you are a worthwhile aspect of the Infinite, that you are a beautiful…and unconditionally loved… and supported aspect of Creation… and hold yourself in the same value that the Creation holds you in, only really then will the tools be effective in the strongest way possible.

It only makes sense, for the tools will only be as strong and as powerful as the energy you give them, because the energy comes from you…through you… therefore you are the one that determines the efficacy of the tool.
They do not really have the ability to work of and by themselves because they draw their energy from you-- they draw their realization capability from you.

So let us briefly lay down a little bit of an outline of these ideas so that we will have an understanding and will have something to refer back to as a base point…a base line.

Belief Systems, Emotions and Behaviour

First and foremost as we have said…self valuation. From there comes the understanding of what it means to be a personality structure. A personality structure, very briefly in recap for some of you, in newness for others, is based on three principles.
Your personality is an artificial construct… it doesn't mean it isn't natural, but it is a type of mask that is built… or created…or fabricated from three ideas: belief systems…emotions…and behavior.

You can understand the analogy of belief systems being like the blueprints of a building. The emotions are the builders-- the activation principles and energies that get the building built, and the behavior is the building material… the thoughts and actions that you do.
So, you can instantly understand that the nature of the blueprint… the clarity of the design will determine the ultimate product… that the nature of the builders will determine the quality of the product… and that the nature of the building material will determine the quality of the final building.

When those three things are in alignment, you can understand that your reality will reflect the idea of a strong structure…a strong reality… that is stable in that way.
But if either your belief blueprint… your emotional builder… or your behavior building material are somehow lacking or out of balance in the idea of self worth and self valuation, and are not aligned with the other sides of the three sided prism, then of course it would be obvious that your building would be, as you say in your language, a little bit wonky.

So, this whole idea is to help clarify what those three components are really all about and how to maintain them and bring them back into balance.
Now also it takes an understanding that physical reality is really just a mirror and it can only reflect what you put out.

There are really only Four Laws in Creation that allow you to experience everything that you experience:

Law #1 "You exist. You always have and you always will."

Can't do much about that. Now, when we talk first of all about laws, we are not talking about the type of laws that you have on your planet that are in that sense, arbitrary rules and regulations that can be broken…or changed… or rewritten…or ignored.
But the idea is even beyond what many of you call laws of physics, because even some of these are only germane to your particular universal reality and in other dimensions many of the so-called laws that you have labeled do not really apply.
We are talking about real laws, because real laws cannot be broken… it is impossible. And it is these four laws that give structure to all of Creation.

So, as we have said… Law #1 is that "you exist".
What that actually means when taken out to its ultimate, logical understanding is that if you exist now… you always will and you always have.
Therefore you may change form but you will always exist in some way, shape, or form, because "Isness" is the only quality that existence has.
It does not know how to become non-existence. Non-existence is already full of all the things that will never exist and there is no room in non-existence for that that does exist.
That which exists only has one quality…to be, and thus that is the only thing it will always be.
So, if you do exist…you always will… so relax…

Law #2: "The One is the All, and the All are the One."

This simply means that all of the pieces together form "The One"… and that "The One" is the one that knows Itself, simultaneously, as all the pieces…and as "The One".
What this means is that Creation is not separate from the Creator, but is made of the Creator and that there is no outside to it, everything that is… every discrete person…place…thing… every discrete concept… every discrete part is a part of the one same whole.
And also holographically, every single part is the whole expressing itself as a part of the whole. So the second law is "the One is All and the All are One".

Law #3: "What you put out is what you get back."

Very simple. The energy you give off based on your beliefs… your emotions…your behavior… the vibrational frequency you give off is what determines the kind of reality experience you have… because physical reality doesn't exist except as a reflection of what you most strongly believe is true for you. That is all that physical reality is. It is literally like a mirror.

If you are looking in a mirror and you see your face with a frown on it you know that you don't go over to the mirror and try to force the reflection to smile. You know that if you want to see the reflection smile… you must smile first.
There is no way to change the reflection without you smiling first, but you can also conversely understand that when you decide to smile… the reflection has no choice but to return the smile, because it doesn't have a mind of its own.

So the idea to understand is that physical reality very much is really like a mirror; it will not change until you do first, but if you do… it has no choice but to follow suit because it is only a reflection of what you have put out.


Law #4: "Change is the only constant, and everything changes except the first three laws."

That's it--one, two, three, four--that's it!
Every experience you have ever had… are having now… or will ever have… is based on a combination of these four laws to varying degrees… That's it.

The motivational mechanism

The idea to understand is that when you allow yourself to make choices, then your choices are based on your motivation and your motivation is based on your definitions. This is the other way to explain the three-part process.
Your behavior…your choices… are based on your motivations. Your motivations are based on your emotions which stem from your definitions…which are your beliefs.
So anytime you are making a choice it is always because you have been motivated to make that choice.

Motivation only has two parts to it, this is all there is to motivation.
You will always, in every single case, you will always choose what you perceive to be the choice that is closest to pleasure and furthest from pain.
That's it, that is your entire motivational force!

But notice I said you will choose what you perceive to be closest to pleasure and furthest from pain and that's where definitions come in… because only as you define what you believe to be pleasurable or painful will you then be motivated to make choices in accordance with that belief.

So, many times you may choose things that on one level seem to be detrimental…or destructive to you, but if you keep choosing it that simply means that you must have a definition in your belief system, somewhere, that says that regardless of how painful it is to keep choosing that, you are somehow defining it as being less painful than making any other choice.
That's why it is so powerful to get in touch with what your belief systems are… because when you find out why you may be defining something as pleasurable or painful and you change the definition, you will instantly change your motivation and you will instantly change the choices that you make.

You are all motivated people, none of you lack motivation… none of you lack trust.
It's just a matter of where you are placing your trust and what definitions you are motivated to act upon. That's all there is to it.

This is how you simplify the things in your life… by understanding them from the base on up.
From definition…through motivation…to choice. From belief…through emotion…to behavior.

That's all there is to it…really. The final thing that we will be including in this "tool kit", is the idea that we have begun to talk about recently, that is above and beyond the idea of belief… and that is simple knowingness… which comes from the idea of surrender…letting go.
Again, we understand that in many of the definitions many of you have on your planet regarding this word "surrender" many of you will label this as a loss of some sort or a lack of control of some sort… and this is not the case.

Surrender, if we may provide our definition, is the letting go of the concept of who you think you're supposed to be and actually being who you are because who you are is unlimited possibilities.
When you allow yourself to surrender to the idea and the experience that you are created in the image of the Infinite… which means you are infinite possibilities… then the physical reality which is only a mirror can then reflect those unlimited possibilities back to you…in the sychronicities as they naturally unfold in your physical day-to-day life.

Surrender is actually the acceptance of your total self.

It is not in that sense the forsaking of your total self as many of you have been led to believe through the definitions that your world has provided you with. Definitions such as those only serve to limit you.
And this is what we want to share with you and what we suggest you learn to give up…those limitations.

So that is really what we are going to be discussing in all of these interactions, variations of these principles, it will usually all come down to that idea.
And of course it will usually always come down to another principle that is all wrapped up in this and that has to do with being your natural true self, which in many cases is simply another way of saying "Follow your joy".


Follow your excitement

Follow your excitement to the best of your ability because the sensation that you call joy, the sensation that you call excitement, the sensation that you call unconditional love is the frequency of the energy that represents your natural…true…core…original self .
So when you are acting on circumstances and opportunities that bring with them the highest level of joy… the highest level of excitement… you are saying you have the faith to take the steps to act upon your true self and in so doing your physical reality…the mirror… will support you because it has no choice but to do so.

These are the principles that comprise the tool kit of manifestation and change and that's really all there is to it.
You will see that almost everything we discuss will come down in one way, shape or form to these ideas if it has to do with your own personal growth and the expression of who and what you are.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity to experience this gift of sharing with you.

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