Everything will Change

Have you also noticed that in the past few months many old issues have surfaced in your consciousness and could be released relatively easily?
Sometimes themes you may have "struggled" with for decades suddenly don't seem so relevant now.
But also themes or ideas that you may have entertained for decades suddenly don't give you the satisfaction it used to.

Everything changes, except ...

And this is happening worldwide ... collectively.
Everything is changing at a tremendous rate, equal to the tremendous rate in the shifts of our consciousness.
It seems like all those redundant structures in our individual and collective consciousness are shaking on their foundations and collapsing.
Some of those structures have been experienced for thousands of years, lived through, lived from thousands of different perspectives and are now no longer matching the continued growth of our collective consciousness and we are shaking it off, so to speak.
To hold on to what no longer resonates while we want to move forward not only takes a lot of energy but ultimately causes a lot of cramping and pain.
No matter how well it has served us in the past ... everything changes ... and in gratitude for what it has taught us, we can let it go now.
So that we have our hands free to embrace the new.

The outside world is also going to undergo a rapid metamorphosis in the coming year.
In our April 2020 newsletter, there was the question ... 

Imagine after 'everything' is reset,  
are we going to choose to do the same thing again
and rebuild the same world again ? 

The extraterrestrials have been indicating for years that all our economic, social, political, financial, religious and humanitarian systems are going to change dramatically at this stage of our evolution.  
The force behind this evolution is enormous and trying to stop this change is like trying to control the tides in our oceans.

The way we see it is that all of us, collectively, have shaped reality as it is/was including the examples, predecessors, forerunners, followers and everything you can imagine. 
And it has taught us a great deal ... if we could put all the perspectives and puzzle pieces together and grasp all the connections between all those perspectives, we would have a gigantic source of information in which every challenge is almost no longer a challenge because we know what the solution is or at least which way to go.
And in fact, all those pieces are already together ... in our collective consciousness !
The question is how we are going to bring all these experiences together in physical reality.

And this is what the next millennia are about. 
By starting to work together, coming together, say, shaping the collective consciousness in physical reality.
This era is about community building, letting go of the individual and (re)connecting (Reconnection) with the collective, in a very broad sense of the word.
Bringing all those individual perspectives together into one unified place for the benefit of the whole.
All those perspectives and experiences, all those puzzle pieces have already been put together in our collective consciousness, we only have to learn to extract them now.
Most of the hard work is actually already done!

Just as we have shaped 'the old world' together, so too we are transforming this creation together in the coming year including the examples, predecessors, forerunners, followers and everything that is needed in the process. 

And similarly, together we have a tremendous opportunity to shape 'a new world' including the new examples, new predecessors, new forerunners, new followers and all that is needed and to know that we are all part of this process, have a role in this process and also have an input into this process.
And even though we don't yet know exactly where we are going or what we want, often we already know where we don't want to go. 
After all, it is the lessons of the past that often determine which way we don't want to go (anymore).
If we really want to discover a new world, it is by definition not useful to walk the same routes again.

The Five Laws of Creation


~ The Structure of Existence ~

And for this it is essential that we choose new examples (ideas and ideology), new predecessors (facilitators, process facilitators), new forerunners (pioneers, visionaries, way-showers).
In this regard, we can get a lot of inspiration by looking at other civilizations in the cosmos. 
- What does their society look like?
- What standards, values or ideology do they have ?
- What and how do they teach their children ?
- How do they deal with their planet/home and its resources ?
- How do they deal with duality and polarity ?
- How do they organize cooperation and management ?
- How do they deal with different interests ?
- How do they deal with health and illness ?
- How ...

Hundreds of perspectives to look at !
We do not have to do it the way they do it, we make our own choices, and that is exactly what they expect from us.
The extraterrestrials we know are very passionate about helping with insight on the choices we (will) make on our way to higher consciousness.
They are not going to fix it for us, they are very clear about that.
We are humans, a unique civilization on a unique planet on a unique journey to expanded states of consciousness. 
We are beginning to become aware of our 'output' and responsible for the effects (the reflections ... 'what we get back').

Anyways, plenty to think about over the next month !
But also important to start thinking and empathizing about it, each of us.
'How are we going to shape this new world and what could 'I' contribute to it' ... an active participation.
And realize, even passivity is a choice with an effect.

In conclusion ...
In the coming months, things are going to change in our practice as well.
We will conclude this piece for now, but more on this later in the newsletter ! 
 ~ The Structure of Existence ~

We wish you a wonderful new year full of wonderful changes.
For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One
Jacqueline and Philip


Bashar - Everything will change - the Awakening

Source : 
Newsletter January 2021 -

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