Free Will and Making Choices

You may remember that in the last newsletter we described 3 short cryptic statements that Ezra'el, one of our extraterrestrial guides, gave sometime in the early 2020, shortly prior to the physical manifestation of this grand transformation of our Earthly civilization.
One of the things he pointed out was " There will be a level playing field ...".

Everything in our life is a reflection of choices we have made.
If we want a different result, we have to make different choices.

How do we do this ?
How do we choose our timeline from the trillions of possibilities?

We sometimes hear 'well, this can't be the reality I chose, you know' or the other way around 'I am already in a 5D reality and am no longer bothered by these 3D things'.
In both cases the 'speaker' has apparently chosen not to be in this reality, but still interacts with it.

So how does it work?
Our guides have been making us aware of this for years and like the concept of time, the reality we experience is a persistent illusion that you only really 'understand' when you are out of it during a deep meditation but as soon as you interact you are back in the illusion. 
And as long as we are in this incarnation, we experience the illusion of a physical reality.

In particular, they always bring us back to realizing (and experiencing) that we are not in this reality with a body containing our consciousness, but that we are consciousness self-filtering and focusing in a specific reality.
So which actually means that reality is in our consciousness.
We focus our consciousness on that which is relevant to our consciousness and process at that moment and filter out everything else.

We filter and focus through the different layers of our consciousness, such as our blueprint for this incarnation ('Template Level of Reality'), the collective unconscious ('Collective Unconscious'), the individual unconscious ('Individual Unconscious') and our structure of beliefs ('Beliefs').

The mechanics of filtering and focusing are entirely automatic but what we filter and what we focus on is a choice.
Even though the choice is often hidden in our blueprint, or in the collective or individual subconscious or even somewhere in our system of beliefs, it is still choices that determine which of the trillions of timelines we will experience.

In this way, our collective reality is a reflection of countless individual choices converging into one big playing field.
And where in the past we relatively unconsciously and automatically made these choices, thousands of choices in every moment, life now requires us to start making very conscious choices.
Especially in this time of paradox where opposite realities seem to coexist simultaneously.

In one of those realities, seemingly more and more freedom of choice is disappearing, but that is illusion.
In our "free-will Universe," there is always choice.

It is an illusion that we individually no longer have choices, and it is an illusion that those who hold up this illusion have no choice but to restrict the freedom of choice of others.
There are always other choices!

However, we can no longer make the same choices and will have to start making really different choices with each other and each for ourselves.
This is uncomfortable, creates uncertainty and perhaps fear, especially since there are consequences to every choice.

Other choices are the result of a change in our system of beliefs and both in the individual as well as in the collective subconscious everything is shifting at this moment.

In this sense, making different choices requires taking responsibility and always carries a "risk" of an unexpected, unintended or undesired effect.
And this is perhaps why we are a bit on edge, but 'not choosing' is also a choice and also has an effect and 'not choosing' certainly does not mean that nothing changes. 

With choosing, we actually express who we (want to be able to be), what our truth is and how we want to shape that in our lives.
We select the timeline, the reality and the more all those layers of our consciousness are in alignment with each other the more reality aligns with our inner core.

Funnily enough, we call this "choosing with your heart" ... the moment your consciousness comes into alignment all the love that is within you flows and you 'know' in your heart that it is right. 
Even if this is not yet visible in reality ... 'Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe, for for them ...' or as Bashar so beautifully says 'circumstances do not matter, your state of being matters ... believing is seeing ... you cannot see what you are not the vibration of first'.

And although there is a tremendous amount of cosmic support out there right now, our star families are not going to make our choices or tell us what choices we should make. 
It is a Free-Will Universe, we get to choose for ourselves.


The Books of Enoch

Next week we are going to post an article on  'The Books of Enoch and the History of Humanity'.

The Books of Enoch are very ancient writings that describe a crucial phase in the genesis history of humanity in which choices were made that have remained and will forever remain part of human existence as well as in the existence of those themselves who made a genetic and karmic connection to their choices.
These choices of our distant ancestors continue to influence us to this day for they have laid the foundation for who we are today ... essentially beautiful beings, unique in the Universe. 

It is an extraordinary book (it is actually several books) that, while no longer a part of the current version of the world's oldest book, it rightly once was.
But more on that next week.

We are on the eve, all of us, humanity, of a time of once again important choices.
We will be making major choices in the coming time (years) about our "Earth" social structures, economic structures, political/governmental structures, monetary structures and much more ... 
But also topics such as new energy supply, communication, information, use of resources, restoring ecological/biological balance of the planet.
And also interplanetary relationships and structures.
It really is a lot !

And we are going to make a lot of choices together in building this new world. We can only move forward.

We wish each of you much wisdom in making choices in the time ahead of you and hope that each of you, like us, can feel the existence of a world in which we have made choices together that the generations after us will look back on with gratitude and respect.
For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One! 

Jacqueline and Philip

Source : 
Newsletter Maart 2021 - ET-Healing.nl

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