From Reaction to Creation

From Reaction to Creation ... do you "C" it ?

Nothing has a build in meaning, until we give it meaning. No experience has any meaning of its own. They are neutral. We assign a meaning to it, project a meaning to it and this goes so quickly and automatically that we are not even aware of it and think that the situation automatically carries the meaning we give it, but nothing is further from the truth ...

The transformation on Earth is in full swing, both within ourselves at the individual level and around us, which is simply a reflection of the changes in our collective consciousness.
Many people crave these changes and others find it hard and experience it as chaos. Fascinating, because where does this feeling of chaos come from?

Chaos in general means that 'nothing' is the same as it was, or is going the way it was. And not just one thing, but apparently 'everything' is different and confuses, as it were.
There are interesting things going on in the mind. Our programming, i.e. the automatic pilot, is a perfect mechanism for effortlessly and unconsciously repeating behavior in situations and environments which are very similar.
And now that the (inner and outer) environment changes so strongly, the automatic pilot no longer knows how to react and as the steersman of our lives we will have to take over the wheel again and navigate on our inner compass, our intuition.

Can the feeling of chaos then have to do with not wanting to lose the convenience and the comfort we experience when everything stays the same ?
May it be that we prefer to live in a kind of familiar environment that we may seem to be in control of and everything goes automatically and effortlessly?
Might it have to do with a lack of trust in ourselves because we don't know how to react to these new circumstances and are afraid to do it 'wrong'?
Can it have to do with the fact that we are about to remind ourselves that our external circumstances are not coincidental and that our feelings are not just a reaction to what is happening outside, but that the circumstances are there because they are a creation of, among other things, our feelings?

Let's take a closer look at what the difference really is between a reaction and a creation, because really, these are so close to each other.

The Process of Perceiving

An interesting fact is that different people may experience the same situation or circumstance in a different way.
And it also happens that each of us can experience a similar situation at different times in a completely different way.
This is a well-known and for everyone recognizable phenomenon, but how is that actually possible, how does this process of perceiving actually work?

Within NLP's philosophy, this is explained using the 'communication model' and my extraterrestrial friend Ezra'el has helped me to expand this well-known model and integrate it with information that came to me from Bashar, among others, by downloading me an 'image' and a sentence 'from reaction to creation, the C returns four steps' and which sounded like  'from reaction to creation, the seeing returns in four steps'.
And as usual, such a download is the beginning of a revelation that I would like to share with you.

The image that came through described that perception is based on two mirrors and a filter between them.
Where the process starts, it looks like the question of the chicken and the egg, hence from the consideration of recognizability we start with the 'reality' outside of us, the external mirror on the right.

Through this mirror outside of us, for the ease of use called 3D 'reality', information comes in at us. And not just a little bit of information, really millions of bits of information per second! 
This data is collected from this environment by your senses, of which the science says we have 5 (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) and of which the extraterrestrials indicate that we have 8 senses.
It is important to realize that the senses with which we explore the outside world also have an internal extension. We all have the ability to experience internal images, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes.

The three as yet unrecognized senses are the intuition (inner knowing), the ability to sense energies around us and the third one to determine direction. For that matter, everyone receives information through these senses, but many are master at ignoring this information, which is not the same as that it is not there.

These millions of bits of information are received ('receiver') by our physical brain, this is literally a supercomputer!
Luckily we are not aware of all this information, it would just be way 'too much information', so it is filtered. Only that which is relevant to us is passed on to our conscious self.

Psychologist George Miller has shown that we are able to consciously process between 5 and 9 units of information per second. So relatively little of the initial millions of bits of information comes through the filter and that which comes through is different for everyone, because everyone has different filters.

Even more, the filter of one person differs from moment to moment and is not a single static, fixed mechanism, filters are very dynamic.
This means that at different moments you may be experiencing the very same situation in a completely different way.

So what are these filters ?

As indicated, these filters determine which information is relevant to you at any given moment.
You have yourself (often unconsciously) instructed these filters what is 're-important' for you. The word 'relevant' stems from 're-levant' and means 'to illuminate again', 'to elevate itself above something else'.
Many filters are handed down from generation to generation by our parents and society and that's why we are so unconscious about them. When we are children and everyone around us looks at the world in the same way, then that is apparently what the world is like.
When you are young you easily adapt your filters because the community is very important for your survival.

Are you aware of the phenomenon that if you just put on your sunglasses, at that moment you are aware that the world suddenly looks browner (or any color). After half an hour you are no longer aware of this. The sunglasses (the filter) removes information ( certain brown objects are only barely visible, distorts the information ( grass is suddenly no longer green, the sky is no longer blue) and is generalised ( everything gets a brownish color). And after a while we don't even notice this anymore.
When we then take off the sunglasses, our system again needs some time to get used to the extra amount of information that comes back to us. That's how filters work.

This filtering mechanism of relevant information is stored in programs, beliefs (belief systems), values and norms (definitions), memories and a number of other mechanisms such as language (!) and time/space.
It is a very complex process and an incredibly fast process. And it has to be so if it is to filter out only what is important to you from all that information without you being aware of it. Without it being disturbing because of all the irrelevant information coming through or the time it takes to do it.

You can compare the filtering mechanism to Internet search engines that present information based on relevance to your search.
And imagine how inconvenient it would be if it returned all kinds of irrelevant information or if so much were returned that it would take too much time to present it.
Imagine if you had to move through the world that way.
Then realize that while search engines are fast and accurate these days, compared to our brains it is still nothing, both in terms of speed and filtering.

Metaprograms can also be compared to a kind of operating system (Windows, DOS, macOS) on your computer or Android on your mobile. It is a fundamental program on which many programs (beliefs) will run later depending on what is or is not 'compatible' with your metaprograms. Metaprograms seem to be almost pre-installed on our hard drives and are more difficult to change than definitions and beliefs.

Values are 'things' that you find to be important in life. They motivate you from the inside to do what you are doing and afterwards they evaluate your satisfaction with the result.
They steer you every moment of the day unconsciously to whatever you pay attention to.

Beliefs are powerful mechanisms that direct the perception of ourselves and the world at any time of the day and sustain our world model. Beliefs on the one hand provide us with security in our lives, while at the same time it can be our pitfall because we are no longer open anymore to something else.

As mentioned before, these filters remove large parts of the information, but these filters can also distort and generalize the information.
A well-known example of deformation is the rope that is 'observed' in the dark as a snake and evokes a fear response.
Generalisation is the process in which new information is pressed into an existing framework (mould), in which the unique information disappears, and is not even observed.
We call this process recognition, but in the process of recognition a lot of unique information disappears, unless you observe very consciously.

Realize that these mechanisms are of great benefit to us in our daily lives.
This is not a statement of right or wrong ! Without this mechanism, there is no experience possible in a physical, time-space reality like ours!

The point is that we start realizing the effect of these filters, that they are working completely in the background and largely determine our perception.
And that we can consciously adapt them if we want, when we recognize the way this mechanism works. Many of these filters have been taken over, but are not really in alignment with our real core and thus filter out a lot of relevant information needed for the ultimate experience of our lives.

Bashar calls this part of us that filters the information and projects it onto the internal mirror 'the physical mind ~ the perceiver'.
Also in the image that Ezra'el showed me, the information goes from the mirror of the outer world, through the filters and forms an image on the mirror of the inner world.
This image therefore only contains part of the information, which makes it possible, as it were, to look through a microscope at 'reality' and only to see what we (our filters) find important.

Brilliant mechanics, isn't it?
But this isn't all !

Mood and frequency

At the moment the image appears on the inner mirror, this results in an experience followed by a feeling, a mood.
It has an effect on your energy, your frequency, your vibration and this directly determines the setting of your filters.
Another brilliant mechanism ... because if we become happy at some point then our frequency increases and most people immediately the filters open to let in more of this information. And vice versa with a situation where we don't feel happy.So our frequency determines which information we are going to perceive! Bashar says about this: 'You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration off, first'.
Check this for yourself as well. Genius construction.

At the same time, our mood, our frequency, our vibration determines how we translate our 'perception' into behaviour towards the outside world, again using these filters.
Because if you are incredibly happy, do we dare to show that uninhibited?
Or, if we are sad, can we show this uninhibitedly?

The effect of our behavior in the world outside is reflected back by the external mirror, through our senses by our filters on the mirror of the internal world and so this circle is complete.

People who are not so much awakened are not really aware of this process of perceiving and can repeat situations endlessly (recreate) and will mainly try to change the external mirror through their behaviour (output) in order to get a pleasant experience on the internal mirror. Which by the way is not that easy because the external mirror is actually a collective agreement and the cooperation of other parties involved is actually needed.
We have full control over our internal mirror, but we do not have full control over the external mirror, for it is a joint mirror.

At this point in time there are many people who have already seen the first signs of the new dawn and are starting to wake up to prepare for a whole new time.
This awakening has everything to do with rediscovering who we really are and letting go of what no longer resonates with us.
It is no coincidence that Bashar so much insists on our beliefs and definitions because they really determine what we can perceive as we open our eyes.

Higher Mind

And in addition, there is not only information from this 3D reality, but from all kinds of realities coming through from our Higher Self, the 'Higher Mind', or 'the conceiver' as Bashar calls it.

To 'conceive' and 'conception' are references to becoming pregnant, fertilizing and the actual moment of creation. The point of contact with creation.

Through our 'Higher Self' we constantly receive information in our 'Physical Mind'. Information that comes from realities far beyond what the physical senses can receive from the 3D reality via the 'Physical Brain'.
As Bashar so beautifully states, "the 'physical mind' runs on the path in the valley and sees the bees and flowers in detail, while the 'higher mind' knows not only where this path, but all the paths in the valley go because it sits on top of the mountain, can oversee the entire valley and from there is more capable of indicating the desired direction".

Please be aware that the information that comes in via the 'Higher Mind' also goes through our filters.
This also applies to channelling, mind you !

And only if the frequency is high enough will sufficient information from these other realities be able to pass through our filters to be part of our perception, our mood and thus our behaviour.
With so many people who are awakening the personal frequency increases due to, among other things, the activation of our multidimensional DNA and that causes all kinds of old fragments in our filters to be brought into consciousness.
Old memories and beliefs, outdated definitions ... they just pop up. And give us the opportunity to determine once again whether this is still functional in the new 'I' or not. And this is a process of creation!

So what happens bottom-line is that the awakening people step out of the process of reaction to the external mirror and into the process of creation so that other images will appear on the internal mirror.
And what happens then is that everybody in this process increases even more in frequency because the new perception results in a brighter mood with a much higher vibration, which then adjusts the filters so that even more of this information can be let in.
This makes that the process is accelerating so fast, apparently creating chaos in the external mirror, but in fact we are in a feedback loop of information that is changing very fast because We are changing so fast.

Bashar explains this phenomenon with, among other things, 'the rubber band analogy' in which he explains that mankind has been so long and so deep in darkness, has stretched the rubber band so far, that after releasing it, it propels us in the direction of the light, at tremendous speed.

It is crucial here to recognise our 'Higher Mind' and to allow it to have greater influence on our lives, for it is actually the creator, the starting point of our experience.
To recognise that the power of our 'Physical Mind' is thinking, not in the creation of things, not in knowing of how it is going to happen, but that the power of the 'Physical Mind' is in the evaluation of it in 3D reality.

By giving more guidance and faith to our 'Higher Mind', we are shifting to a creative process of which we can 'perceive' the result in our physical reality by using the 'Physical Mind'.

'from reaction to creation, the C returns four steps'
'from reaction to creation, the seeing returns in four steps'


If we follow the process of REACTION in linear steps, then it looks like this


If we follow the CREATION process in linear steps, then it looks like this

  1. Reflection of the external mirror   1. Connection with the ‘Higher Mind’ (CREATION)
  2. Reception by the ‘Physical Brain’ (Receiver)   2. Reception by the ‘Physical Brain’ (Receiver)
  3. Perception by ‘Physical Mind’ (Perceiver)   3. Perception by ‘Physical Mind’ (Perceiver)
  4. Adaptation of your mood, vibration, frequency   4. Adaptation of your mood, vibration, frequency
  5. Translation into behavior (REACTION)   5. Translation into behavior (REACTION)

The letter C not only goes from the fourth place in the word reaction to the first place in the word creation.
It also goes back four steps in the process of making the reaction process the creation process.

What we see (vision), we can create.
Do you see it too?
Do you "C" it ?

Thanks Ezra'el


The Story Continues ...

It remains difficult to encapsulate large concepts like this in a blog. To understand it, we place things in a linear storyline, but in reality it is not.
There are really so many aspects that affect us all at the same time.
This is really only a portion, this is only scratching the surface.
For those who can't wait until the next blog and want to go further on research, here's a little bonus:

Likewise, if the reality you are experiencing displeases you, you do not need to change or transform that reality.
You only need to choose another version of reality to "receive", by synchronizing your vibrations with the "version" of reality you do prefer to experience.
That reality already exists. All you have to do is "receive" it.
You select the "channel" you're watching in life.

To be technically accurate, people do not "create" their reality. They "select" it and "allow it in".
As an analogy, a TV set does not "create" the program it's displaying. It just selects it and allows it in.
A radio does not "create" the radio program it's playing. It just "selects" it and "allows it in".

All possible versions of reality already all exist! When they say God is Infinite, they're not kidding.
Realizing this, it should make it feel much easier to select and to allow in the version of reality you wish to experience then having to create it !



For the enthusiasts of Bashar, I recommend to see more on Resonance and Reflection

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