Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.

I desire to define my dedication to detachment

The power of this 'mantra' is given to mankind by Bashar as part of Bashar's Transformative Shifting Exercises and more insights are coming when you understand the keywords from end to beginning.
Detachment is a form of disconnection ... the reason why we seem to be 'stuck' in our reality and not making quantum leaps is because we are hooking ourselves up energetically.

Hi Philip, how are you, I hope you are doing well:)
I had a quick question for you.
I am now on Human-ET One working with Bashar and his teachings.
Now I have found his method to change core beliefs.

Then you have to look at a diagram and follow a line and say a sentence.
I really want to start doing that for the next 30 days but there is a but before you start doing that exercise you have to say a sentence 4 times and I can't figure out exactly what this sentence means.
The sentence is: 

'I desire to define my dedication to detachment'.

Before I want to go on this adventure I have to understand what I am saying.
So you popped into my head and I thought you must know better than anyone what this means : )
Thank you very much philip, you are a star !
<3 Love Renée



The power of this 'mantra' you will begin to understand when you understand the keywords from back to front ...

Detachment is a form of disconnection ... the reason why we seem to be 'stuck' in our reality and not making quantum leaps is because we are hooking ourselves up energetically.
Our reality is a projection of our own consciousness, it is not something that is 'just there' and in which we live and become conscious.
It is a projection of our own consciousness.
As long as we stay in the same vibe over and over again, we manifest the same reality over and over again.
We often stay in the same vibe out of habit and attachment to certainty, clarity, order ... because this gives us a reassuring, comfortable feeling... you more or less know what to expect from your reality.
As soon as this is no longer the case we experience disorder and most people don't like that feeling, however 'as soon as nothing is certain, everything becomes possible'.
Detachment is the process of becoming comfortable with yourself even when nothing is certain anymore.
In the 'space-time' (say the matrix with all timelines and realities) 'attachment' to a reality causes you to hook yourself up to a timeline.
If this is the most ideal timeline, fine (for a while 😉 ), but if you want to grow further, you will have to be willing to let go of this reality ... detachment.
My guide Ezra'el responded in 2014 to my question about my personal growth ...
'if you want to start making a true quantum shifts then you will have to be willing to let go of everything you think you know or yourself and your reality' and when I asked in response ... how far does this go... he said ... 'how far do you wanna go?' indicating ... we determine ourselves how big we make the shift.
At the time I did not understand much of it ... looking back with what I have learned now, it was a sublime lesson...

So the dedication is about your willingness and commitment to this process, the shift is not a one-time thing, we shift every moment, with every choice, thought, action, word ...
every change in our frequency/vibration creates a shift.
Most of them though are so small that we don't realize it, this is the only thing that is different with a quantum shift.
The quantum shift is so significant that you can't miss it.

Define has everything to do with your definitions, with the beliefs you hold and what you make or have made your own.
Once this concept has really landed deep in your psyche and is not just mentally understood but really felt and it is like something you want to live, then it has actually become a part of your definitions (belief system).
With this, it actually starts to work automatically in the background.

I desire actually says... I want this...and is in fact a decision, a conscious decision, a choice for all of the foregoing mentioned.
And also a key to the effect!
If this desire is a feeling that comes from deep inside, unexplainable, inexplicable why you feel this desire, but it is just there and you just want this, without any purpose or attachement to a specific outcome ...
then you are dealing with the 'pure desire' and it is actually your Higher Self calling.
If this desire is a feeling that comes from deep inside you, inexplicable, inexplicable why you feel this desire, but it is just there and you just want this, without any purpose ...
Then you are dealing with the 'pure desire' and it is actually your Higher Self calling.
If, however, it is a desire because you want to change your reality because there are elements in it that you no longer want and you know that there must be another reality that is much more beautiful, etc., etc., then you can save yourself the trouble.
you can save yourself the trouble.
The door to other version will not open because you are not using the key of 'pure desire' of the Higher Mind, but the desire (actually resistance) of the 'physical mind'.
The physical mind, however, cannot bring about changes in timelines, it can only perceive the changes ... that is its job.

So ... there is a lot more to this simple exercise.
What you notice while doing the exercise is that the drawing makes shifts in your perception and sometimes you suddenly go from a 2D drawing (spiral / line) to a 3D drawing (cube).
This shifting is a training or reminder for your brain and pay special attention to the feeling that comes with it.
That feeling is a short moment, right at the moment of the shift of perception.
You feel it in your head and something happens in your body.
See if you can 'anchor' that feeling in your body, store it as a kind of memory.

The shifts you make when you feel contact with other realities also create such sensations ...
Bashar also says that the mechanics of shifting between all realities is the same, only the frequency is different and that in this way you can teach (remember) your system what this process is / feels like.

Also notice how - in a very subtle way -  the 5 laws of creation  as well as 'the formula' can be found in this exercise

The 5 Laws of Creation

- You Exist
- The All is the One and the One is the All
- Everything is Here and Now
- What you put out is what you get back
- Everything changes except these laws

The Formula

- Follow your passion
- To the best that you able, till you can take it no further
- With zero insistence on the outcome
- Stay in a positive state whatever manifests

I think that's it for the moment ... for now have fun with the exercise.
And remember ... what you put out is what you get back !!!
The more serious we do this exercise, the more serious it will work for us

And, in a sense, it is also connected to the crucially important message in his 2015 event ... Going M.A.D. where Bashar explains the importance to loosen the grip of collective core beliefs in order to be able of living your own truth and wisdom.
What could be more important these days ...

Thank you for this question !!!
Much love, Philip

Bashar Session : 2006 - Changing Core Beliefs

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