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It’s All About Vibrational Relativity

Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Stream of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from.
That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from… 

You cannot get to the good stuff from the place of feeling bad—it defies Law. And you cannot get to bad stuff from the place of feeling good—it defies Law. 

But you’ve got to decide first, that it is good to feel good. It is so screwy...how did you ever get crosswise of that? “Let’s see now, struggle is good; pain is good.”
And we say, in what world? Oh, they promised you that it would be good after you die. Well, they lied...It will be good after you die, but not because you’ve paid the price of struggle.

It’s just good when you die because when you die, you quantum leap into Pure Positive Energy. When you die, you stop beating the drum of all of those things that have been keeping you from full Connection to Source.

But friends, as long as you’re here in these physical bodies, quantum leaps, rare as they are, never last. That’s not the route you’re wanting to go. You’re not wanting to jump right to bliss from despair. Just work your way up your emotional scale.

So here’s this Emotional Scale. On one end of it, it feels really good; on the other end it feels really bad. On the really good feeling end there is your perception of freedom. On the really bad-feeling end, there is your perception of not freedom. (And we carefully ask Esther to find the word perception because freedom is perceptual.) You are free. You’re so free, you can choose bondage. You are so free, that no one can do anything to you. You are so free, that you are the only one who is causing anything to happen in your experience.

You say, “But wait. That person did such-and-such to me.” And we say, but it was your observation of it, and the subsequent contradiction in vibration, that caused the vibrational meltdown within you that disallowed the Well-Being that would have been there if you hadn’t been observing it. And you say, “Well, I wouldn’t have been observing it if they weren’t doing it.” And we say, yes, but now you’re getting into that realm where you have to control the conditions. Now you’re saying, “If I observe things that feel bad, I feel bad. So, I need to find some way of controlling things so that everything that I observe will be good.” And we say, give it up! You don’t get to decide what other people put in their pie.

Nobody can put anything in your pie unless you observe what they’re putting in their pie. And when you observe what they’re putting in their pie, now you’re a vibrational match to what they’re putting in their pie, and now you’re putting it in your pie. And now you’re blaming them because you’ve got it in your pie! But you are the one who put it in your pie. “No, I didn’t,” you say, “I didn’t put it in my pie. They put it in my pie. They put it in their pie first, and then some of it got in my pie.” And we say, none of it could have gotten in your pie if you hadn’t had your nose in their pie. If you hadn’t been paying attention to somebody else’s pie, you wouldn’t have their stuff in your pie. You only get in your pie what you are giving your attention to.

And you say, “Well, it’s hard not to notice what other people are putting in their pie.” And we say, we know it can be hard, but maybe you could start making your own pie and getting interested in that. “Well, my pie isn’t as interesting as their pie. Their pie’s on CNN! Their pie is on the front page of the newspaper. Their pie is on my soap opera and on all the television programs. The stuff that they’re putting in their pie seems to be everywhere. And because it’s everywhere, it keeps getting in my pie.” Only because you’re giving attention to it. Nothing can get in your pie that you’re not giving your attention to.

“Well, how can I not give my attention to the things that are everywhere?” And we say, find something that feels good to you—and give your attention to that. “Well, it’s hard,” you say. “It’s hard to focus.” And we say, but that’s what a creator does. A deliberate creator focuses. A deliberate creator decides what he wants in his pie, and puts it in his pie. “Well, how do I know for sure what I want in my pie?” Make some pies and eat them, and see how they taste. We call that post-manifestational pie eating. We call that waiting until it has manifested in order to figure out what the vibrational content of it was… It works.

Or, you could pay attention to the way you feel while you’re putting the stuff in your pie, because if it feels good while you’re putting it in there, it’s going to taste good when it’s done.

We call these teachings the Art of Allowing because it is the art of learning, by feeling your way, by releasing resistance little by little by little until you become up to speed, or in vibrational alignment, with your own desires. And when you do that, the vibrational alignment—even though your object of desire has not yet been manifested—the alignment with the idea of it is truly heaven on earth.

When you get in sync with the power of You; when you get in sync with your right, and your ability, to create, then you can relax and acknowledge that there is nothing that I cannot be or do or have—but I don’t have to be or do or have it all right now. There is plenty to enjoy now, and plenty coming along the way, and, fortunately, it will not come in faster than I can allow it.

You will not be able to receive something
that you’re not vibrationally up to speed with.

So, it turns out that the joyous life is the life that is being lived by the person who is aware of the relativity between their currently active thought (which is all a belief is) and their desire. When you learn to manage this Vibrational Relationship between where you are and where you want to be, life becomes sweet even though many things are not fulfilled—yet… Now, what we mean by that is, if you get—by virtue of focusing; doing creative workshops; going to meetings where people are getting you all juiced up about wanting things—if you get your desire factor activated at a much faster pace, on one or a number of subjects, than you’ve got your belief factor activated, you’re going to cause chaos in your own experience.

Wanting things you don’t believe are possible is not pleasant. And yet, we don’t want you to ratchet your desire back down to your belief level— because then, nothing can change. And, do you know, that’s what most people are doing? Most people are spending most of their time looking at what-is.

When you are giving most of your attention to what-is, you’re offering most of your vibration about what-is, so you’re just getting more of what-is—different places, different faces, but essentially, what-is.

So, the way it works is, you observe what-is. You offer a vibration about what-is. Law of Attraction matches what-is, and you get more of what-is… So, you observe more of what-is; you offer a vibration about what-is. Law of Attraction matches what-is, and you get more of what-is… So, you observe what-is; you offer a vibration about what-is. Law of Attraction matches what-is, and then you get more of what-is. And then you observe what… (Fun!) We could go on because you do. That’s what you keep doing, mostly.

And what we are wanting to call your attention to is that it’s fine to observe what-is, especially if what-is is pleasing you. But you might want to fill in the missing gaps with memories of things that were pleasing, or imagining things that are pleasing, because Law of Attraction does not give you access to thoughts that are very far from the thoughts that you’ve been actively thinking… When you focus upon something, you activate the vibration. And when you activate a vibration, Law of Attraction gives you more thoughts that are like that. And as you hold your attention there, that activation becomes strong enough that it’s not just an activation— it’s a dominant activation. And when something becomes a dominant activation, you call that a belief. We want to soften it by just saying ...

... a belief is only a thought
you keep thinking.

When you continue to think a thought (or activate a vibration) that is not in alignment with who your Inner Being knows you are, and with what you really want— then negative emotion ensues. And what happens to so many of you (bless your hearts; we mean this adoringly) you get used to that negative emotion. So, you call it normal. You just become willing to put up with being ornery, or being overwhelmed, or being frustrated, or being angry.

And you are really not wanting to put up with that when your Guidance System is alerting you to the fact that you’re not on the path that you have designed; that you have divined— that you have honed out of the contrast of your life experience… All that stuff’s being held over there for you in Vibrational Escrow, just waiting for you to become a vibrational match to it—all of the things that you want are just waiting for you to find vibrational alignment with them. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not put up for a moment with negative emotion.

So, it is our powerful desire that today you discover a new determination to bless your Emotional Guidance System because it is giving you such important information about the Vibrational Relativity between the thoughts that you’re thinking and what you really are wanting, and that you make a decision that you are going to do your best to feel as good as you can feel—all day long—on every subject that becomes active within you.

You have, long ago, most of you, given up your rights to your own Guidance. You stopped trusting yourself because they ganged up on you. There were two of them when you were born, (most of you) and then more and more and more, and more. Then, there’s all that peer group pressure, and then all those law enforcement agencies, not to mention the people that you really care about…

But you tend to care more
about what they think about what you’re doing,
than you do about how you feel.

We want to reactivate within you a determination that you are going to get hold of the Vibrational Relationship between you and You. Because you are Eternal extensions of Source Energy, and the Source Energy that is you loves you, and loves others. The Source Energy that is you knows your value; knows your worthiness; knows all of the wonderful things that are over here in Vibrational Escrow waiting for you, and will always be a vibrational match to those things that you want, and will never join you in your depression. That’s why depression feels like depression:

The feeling of anger, the feeling of any negative emotion, is you holding a vibrational pattern that is disallowing your full Connection with who-you-are. And so, negative emotion is your indication that you are not allowing that full Connection to Source.

We never see you stick a “Happy-face” sticker over your gas gauge because it is troubling to you to see that it’s empty. “Oh, I’m empty. I’d better cover that up. It bothers me to see that.” You sort of want to know when your tank’s empty, don’t you? And if you wait ‘til it really empties out, it’s much more trouble than if you just catch it as it approaches empty, and then do something about it. And this is what your Emotional Guidance System is doing for you, too. It’s letting you know you’re sort of emptying out in this moment. And so, you might want to see if you can’t find a better feeling-place about this.

Start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel. Start guiding yourself into your Stream of Source Energy, for that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from…

You cannot get to the good stuff from the place of feeling bad—it defies Law.

And you cannot get to the bad stuff from the place of feeling good—it defies Law!


Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks

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