Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Humans have long wondered if there are other intelligent beings in the Universe like us.
But it's only been a few decades that we've developed the technologies to seriously search for life beyond Earth. 
Now, planetary scientists and geologists are searching for physical and chemical signs of life preserved in rock and ice from missions to Mars and other bodies in our Solar System. 

The huge developments in the areas of lunar settlement, space exploration, space habitation, asteroid mining and space tourism are not well known to the public.
Many countries and companies are pursuing landings on the moon in preparation for building settlements and a launch pad for interplanetary space travel.

Because it's not in the mainstream media on a regular basis, it may not seem like much is happening here, but keep in mind that space exploration, along with developments in Quantum Sciences, will shape our societies and the economies on Earth at a very rapid pace over the next decade.
Note also that most of the popular sources on these developments provide information only on Western efforts, with little mention of the efforts and achievements in India, China, Russia, and several nations on the South American continent.
It really won't be long before humanity becomes a spacefaring civilization ... with Mars as the first planet to be visited.

Living on Mars

Today, the surface of Mars looks like an arid, desolate and uninhabitable place to live.
But Mars seems to have had a watery past, just like our own planet Earth.
Ancient river valleys, deltas and lake beds are visible, as are rocks and minerals that could only have formed in liquid water.
Some features suggest that Mars was warm and wet, hospitable and similar to Earth in our time, with high ridges, forests and volcanoes.
Many researchers suggest that Mars must also have experienced a major flood about 3.5 billion years ago.
Interesting similarities ... 

And there is still water on Mars, but Mars' atmosphere has become too thin to have liquid water on the surface for long periods of time.
Today, water on Mars occurs only in the form of water ice just below the surface in the polar regions and briny (salty) water that flows seasonally down some slopes and crater walls.
Possibly there are reservoirs of water beneath the crust.

Mars has a thin atmosphere consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon gases. 
However, this thin atmosphere offers little protection against the impact of objects such as meteorites, asteroids and comets.
The surface of the planet is heated by the sun, but the heat leaves the planet easily because the atmosphere is so thin.
This results in very large temperature differences, which can range from 20 degrees Celsius to minus 153 degrees Celsius, making conditions difficult for life on the surface of Mars.

In addition, the winds on Mars are sometimes strong enough to cause dust storms that cover most of the planet.
After such a storm, it can take months for all the dust to settle again.

All in all, it is not easy to live a comfortable life on the surface of Mars today.


Pyramids and Structures on Mars

There are many photographs from the exploration of Mars that have piqued the interest of many.
Photographs with various structures that appear to have sophisticated designs supporting the idea that they are not natural phenomena but artificial structures.
While some researchers attribute these near-perfect tetrahedral pyramids to erosion and soil accumulation, others have argued that these objects are too perfectly shaped and too much aligned to have occurred by chance, suggesting that they may have been created by either native Martians or visitors from outside our solar system (Carlotto, 1997; Hancock, 1998).

In two separate cases, four tetrahedral formations were photographed on Mars in 1972 by the Mariner 9 spacecraft. 
In these photographs, shadows are present, supporting the idea that these geometric shapes are not an illusion of the camera.
One of the pyramids is over a kilometer tall compared to its surroundings. This makes it ten times taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

All these structures were in a group of ten other geometrically shaped pyramid structures in a grid pattern, suggesting that they may have been built in a larger organizational pattern. According to photographs, the entire "city" measured four by eight kilometers.
While there is no definitive confirmation that these structures are natural or that they were built, they have certainly raised many questions about whether or not extraterrestrial life existed on ancient Mars.

Let's ask Bashar !

While it won't be long before humanity will discover what happened to ancient life on Mars and what happened to the atmosphere, it might be interesting to prepare ourselves with some history lessons from Bashar, as many questions have been raised about our neighboring planet in recent decades.
We have gathered here some 'old material' that we could find ...

Off World Colonization

Q: Will we, within the remaining time period of this civilization, have the ability to colonize either Mars or the Moon?
B: Yes.
Q: And is there sufficient liquid and water on Mars that can be used?
B: Yes. It is locked in, what you call, underground chambers.
Q: Thank you.
B: Thank you.

Knowledge Embodied In Ancient Structures

Q: Is the face on Mars a genuine artificial creation?
B: Yes.

Q: What is it, or was it supposed to be... I mean, is it part of a larger structure?
B: Yes. And it is a marker of a timing similar to the idea of many of the artifacts on your own planet of Earth, in that it has been likened unto what you call the Sphinx.
Which is an embodiment of knowledge and information in a geometric, archetypical, artistic format – so that it can always be gleaned, and always remembered.
And no matter what else might happen, the information, if it is there in stone, it is there forever.

And thus, it forms a bridge and a link to awaken – if you will 'incarnationally' to look back upon your own past – for many of you are incarnations of the civilization that used to exist when your Martian planet was capable of supporting life. 
And thus, as you look back on that face, you look back on your own faces in those ancient incarnations.
And also make the connection to what has been done on your planet, especially in what you call the Egyptian area, which of course, again, as a reminder, in the ancient language of your planet, the name Cairo means Mars.

Thus, there is a bridge and a link between the idea of the storage and preservation of information in the Sphinx and the pyramidal forms, at least the ancient ones, that is directly connected to the idea of your history, your understanding of the nature of the Solar System, Physics, Mathematics, Science.
So that if ever anything should occur that would allow you incarnationally to forget, all you have to do is look back to those edifices and glean, once again, all basic knowledge you need.
You understand?

Q: Yes, thank you.
B: Does this help you?
Q: It does, indeed.
B: Thank you.

Lost Mars Probes (1996)

Q: My first question is in regard to Mars. . . 600 million years ago, that’s when the civilization existed, approximately?
B: Not 600 million, 6 million of your years.
Q: And how long did that civilization stay in existence in the physical plane ?
B: One moment, one moment, one moment . . . several hundred thousand of your years.
Q: So currently as compared with our time period there are no Martians on Mars?
B: No, there are not. It is no longer capable of supporting life, as you understand it.

Q: Now is this current information released about the Mars rock .... is that something that’s being required for our probes to go up and feed us data back?
B: Do you mean the idea of beginning to release information of the existence of extraterrestrial life, even though it may be a step at a time?

Q: More specifically in relation to the other probes that were taken out because NASA had decided not to release information, is this part. . .
B: It may be that many individuals within your NASA organization are still not completely aware that the basic criteria that will allow them to have their probes be allowed in that area is to begin sharing information with your people.
Many of them may not necessarily realize that, but the idea to some degree is that, due to a variety of social and political pressures, they are beginning to realize that they have to begin sharing the idea that there are other extraterrestrial beings that do exist and this is their way of, shall we say, breaking the news slowly.

Q: So they are not fully conscious of it then?
B: Many of them are not, although a few of them do recognize and realize what is going on.
Many of your people are quite smart and they recognize that after two probes being shut down, exactly as they arrived at Mars, they began to recognize that it was a statement and a message that they would not be allowed to look at certain things there, were they not more forthcoming in and of themselves with letting loose of some of the information they have kept from their own people on Earth.

Q: Are the individuals that are responsible for the probes discontinuing their mission, are they the Martians that are currently on our planet? 
Do they still have interplanetary travel capabilities?
B: It is not their doing directly though they are involved in the decision of understanding that that is going on.
It is their wish that the information not necessarily be gleaned to its fullest extent until such time as your planet is willing to accept a lot of the information that is being suppressed.
So they are playing their part, or shall we say in your ancient lingo, casting their vote for how it is that these things are being done but they are not he ones specifically that are in that sense shutting down your probes.
This is a mixture of several different groups including the idea of what you would call one faction of the Greys.



Some sources for more research


Have you ever googled on Mars Anomaly ?



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