Tijd en Realiteit

Light on Time and Reality

The first month of 2018 is already over ... where has the time gone ?
Time in itself goes nowhere for as a given it does not exist, only the experience of time is real.
And the experience of time is changing for many, not time itself, because it does not really exist as a fixed given.


Time has always been a mystery for man and her scientists and at the same time we all experience it (in this reality) through the natural cycles in our reality.
If you are going to take a closer look at what time actually is, you constantly come across paradoxes.
Paradoxes are confusing for many people ... it seems that the experience of time is changing, not time itself, because it does not really exist as a fixed fact.
Paradoxes are confusing for many people ... is it this or is it that. This implies that it would not be possible to do both, while if fact is both ... that's what makes a paradoxes confusing.
A paradox can be compared with a coin or medal. There are always two sides and a neutral center and both sides are equally valid.

In order to be able to experience time, a space is needed to move on. Time and space are bound together in a physical reality, the time-space continuum.
One of the extremely interesting changes we are beginning to discover as mankind is that we are moving towards a reality with a lower density in which it becomes clearer that our time and space is not linear at all.
In which space becomes more 'malleable' and time no longer appears to be one continuous line.

Why is it important to become aware of this?
Because sticking to the old dogmas about time and space automatically keeps us locked in the current 3D reality and density and thus prevents the movement to another reality.
It is not that our reality changes and with it the consciousness of mankind. Our consciousness changes and we shift to another reality, and the proof of this is our perception of that other reality.
Allowing yourself to let go of old beliefs, no matter how persistent they may be, is a prerequisite for change.

Well, let's stick to the time ... especially the paradox of time.
Our use of language is a perfect reflection of these paradoxes around time.
Because if you don't have time, for example, then, you are timeless?


If you don't have time ... are you timeless?

Logically you would think so, but the experience usually feels very different.
Someone who does not have time is usually very busy (moves very intensively in this physical space) and someone who is timeless literally has all the space.
And at the same time all our clocks are tuned to that one atomic clock, so that we all have, as it were, 'the same (amount of) time'.

Ready for the paradox?

A photon (a particle of light) moves at the speed of Light (approx. 300,000 km a second in our current reality) and indicates the limitation of the perception of our physical reality.
So a photon moves very fast, so fast that time for the photon itself is at a standstill and space is infinite, as is the expectation of quantum science.

Bashar once explained it as follows ...
Imagine that time-space is one thing with two interchangeable aspects. The more space you use, the less time there is and vice versa.
Suppose you don't move. Then you use very little space and a lot of time.
Suppose you move at almost the speed of light, then you use a lot of space and almost no time.

He explains that we are actually creating the experience of time.
At the moment that we do what we prefer the most in our lives, following our passion fully, as good as we can, at that moment the aging process stops. The moment we fully resonate with our core frequency (i.e., 'our personal speed of light'), the experience of time falls away and with that our creation of time stops/decreases, causing aging to decrease or even to stop.
We all recognize this. That if we go all the way into something, that time on the clock flies by, while in our experience we have only just been busy for a while.
And people who really enjoy life look much younger.

So while the collective clock ticks the same for everyone, we can experience more in less time and stay younger by following our passion.
This is actually the same as increasing your frequency and starting to live from your essence.
The age of our bodies therefore has relatively little to do with the passage of 'clock time'.

Creating Less Time

Questioner : You're saying that you are beginning to experience all time as now?
Bashar       : Yes. Because we (Sassanni) are moving from physical to non-physical, our reality is almost completely blended as one idea.

Questioner : Okay. I think it's going to take a while for it to sink in.
Bashar       : If you say so. But that's how you create more time, with that definition.
                   For the time you will experience will all be worth experiencing and will all be beautiful.
                  The sooner you allow the time you do create to be worth experiencing, the less of it you will perceive, paradoxically enough.

Questioner : Wait a minute. Say that one more time.
Bashar       : All right. When you allow whatever time you do create for yourself to experience, to be experienced in full joy, then paradoxically you will actually experience less time.
                  When you live in the moment, you don't create as much time.
                  Only the waiting for something else, the non-acceptance of the current reality is what creates the time that happens in-between. 

 from Blueprint for Change ~ Bashar

Time Travel and Timelines

These days we hear a lot of people talking about experiences of previous lives and meeting our future self.
These ideas include the assumption that there is such a thing as the past and the future.
And at the same time we know that in fact there is only one moment: NOW

We can think of past experiences. We may recall memories, but we are doing so now.
And it remains to be seen whether the memories of an event still reflect the original event.
Is history really the past, and is there such a thing as the future?
For our experience in this third and fourth density reality it may seem like this, but in dimensions beyond ours time and time and space do not exist as in our physical reality.
Our higher consciousness is not bound to our physical reality and experiences no time at all. It only experiences here and now.

You could say that in our physical reality there is, as it were, a (common) thread running through your life and every experience is added to that thread, call it your timeline.
Some experiences lie in front of others, and that is how we define those experiences as a past.
We expect to have other experiences later on, which we call future.
Your experiences lie, as it were, in a certain order, creating the illusion of linear time.

If there is only one moment in fact, then everything will exist all at the same time.
Creation ('existence') itself exists in its entirety, has always existed and will always exist.
Everything already exists. Existence does not grow and does not shrink.
Only our experience of existence, on the other hand, broadens and changes because our consciousness changes.

This means that all possible timelines already exist.
Bashar explains that all possible experiences in existence exist as a kind of frozen frame ... billions of billions of billions of ... and so on.
And like a filmstrip, you see movement and change because the frames are being illuminated and projected.
In the same way, our consciousness passes through billions of frames per second, creating an experience in a certain order. But all frames already exist.
All of these frames have their own specific frequency and you select the frames you want to experience using your own frequency.

It is probably a simplified model but it gives us a little understanding of how the mechanism works.
How we choose the reality (consciously or unconsciously) that we experience.
And that we don't change the reality we are in, because the frames don't change, but rather the way we choose a different reality, different frames, or maybe even a different filmstrip (quantum shift).
Because all these other frames and films already exist, but they require a different frequency in order to be able to perceive them.

As Bashar would say ... You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of first !

Going back in time, to previous lives, for example, is not literally going back in time, because all frames exist now.
We create a link, a connection to a timeline with frames that resonate the event you want to go to.
That a person can do this is because he has a frequency that corresponds to frames on that timeline and because the frequencies match with each other and it is inevitable that relevant information can be retrieved for this person from this reality.
The funny thing about this is that when our frequency changes, the links to other frames and timelines also change and that causes our perception of 'the past' (or our memories) to change.
Our past is indeed not fixed at all, but it moves with (or even originates from) the present.

As long as we are still strongly connected to this spacetime reality, it is in our day-to-day consciousness hardly possible to get an overview of all possible timelines, in the way that other civilizations in dimensions beyond time and space can.
This makes it possible for these civilizations to make contact with us today in our timeline from our future (as we perceive it).

Below are some small additions of Bashar, he has already explained a lot about space and time and our experience is that you have to hear this concept very often before it starts to dawn.
Sometimes in very deep trances you know it all and when you come back to this reality you lose it again.
It is no coincidence that Einstein said 'time is an illusion, but a very persistent one'.

Space Travel

Questioner :  Bashar, can you travel to any space and time?
Bashar       :  Absolutely.

Questioner :  So it's completely limitless?
Bashar       :  Absolutely. Because space and time are your own definitions.
                   You see, we understand that an object does not exist within time and space, but that space/time are properties of the object, and can be changed.
                   In a sense, that's how our spacecraft travel.

                   They are projected into astral material, and then they are redefined with a vibration that represents the space/time locale we wish them to be at.
                   They are then reinserted into physical materiality at whatever locale is representative of that vibrational equation – having in a sense avoided the issue of travel altogether.
                   Instantaneous teleportation.

                   It is not really breaking the speed of light; it is not traveling within your dimension at all.

Time Travel

Questioner :   You say you create your isolation field around your spacecraft, and redefine the space/time coordinates to relocate to another place.
                     Can you define the space/time coordinates in such a way as to transport back to what we call our past or our future?
                     For instance, can you move to planet Earth in the 15th century?

Bashar       :  Yes. Space/time is one thing. Traveling in space is traveling in time; traveling in time is traveling in space. It is one thing.
                    However, recognize that everything will still fit in place, even from the apparent linear point of view.
                    So any apparent changes that may appear to take place within any previous time track you came from, will actually not be taking place in that literal time track,
                    but in one parallel to it.

Questioner :  In other words, you could step into your craft and go back in time and change the past ? 

Bashar       :  If you are assuming that you wish to change the way something happened, then to make that change, then you can go back to the exact same time track where you left off.
                   But there will be no apparent change, because the change you made is not what happened in your current time track.
                   The change can be made there, forming an alternate time track by definition.

                   The change, so to speak, is not a change. It is part of the normal history of a parallel time track you can move to. 
                   So if you wish to see the effect of the so-called change, you must go to the present of the parallel time track, where you made the change.

Let's say there is time track A and time track B.
Time track A is your time track, let us say, your history. Time track B is another history altogether.

Everything is occurring simultaneously. Let us say time track A and time track B are very similar.
When you "change your past", you are simply shifting gears into another time that contains that ability to change, so you will have the experience of that change in your new present.
You cannot change history.
More correctly, you alter yourself to another history that is appropriately representative of the change you desired to make.
And the same applies to moving to the future.

 from Blueprint for Change ~ Bashar 


The good news is that, in other words, a change of reality does not have to take long.
If we dare to collectively allow a different frequency and let our light be shining, then we automatically shift to a timeline that reflects this frequency.
And in the end everything comes back to us ... being ourselves and doing what we love most!
Time will tell ...

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