Meeting Us Half Way

ET-Contact : Meeting Us Half Way

So many times we get the question : "When are the ET's finally going to show up ? I am ready !"
Our personal guides have mentioned several times that as soon as we are ready in terms of handling their vibration (and for them to handle ours as well) open contact will occur.  So what our guides and many other channels are actually mentioning all the time is basically two things ...

For now, exposure to their vibrations is too much of a shock that will release many of our hidden fears deep within our systems. 
All of these hidden issues and problems will immediately surface when we are exposed to the full presence of these beings in a direct encounter. Some issues we don't even know are there.
Anything and everything in our systems that has to do with not being fully who we really are will show up all at once? so don't force it and don't underestimate the power of it.

So what our guides and many other channels keep mentioning are basically two things:

1. Start working on the contact already happening

It begins with remembering, allowing, acknowledging and appreciating the contact there already is, mostly during our meditations and dreams and a lot through synchronicity. 
For these states for us are representations of the non-physical, and seemingly the highest vibration, but for them it is the bottom range of frequencies in the bandwith of their physical reality.
It is at this overlap of frequencies where these first interactions takes place and we can perceive them in the proper state by tuning in on higher vibrations that are not constricted by the mental constructs of the Physical Mind.
You don't have to be very special psychic, everybody is capable of doing this if you chose and allow for it. But most people don't believe they can and limit their abilites from start.
If somebody is convinced to be incapable of doing something chances are huge that person will not accomplish that. 
So first step in making contact is again ... remembering, allowing, acknowledging and appreciating the contact there already is.
For most people who are sincere  about making contact already have sent out this message and attracted their family members in other dimensions.
By acknowledging and appreciating these first interactions we open the door for more.
Be aware that for our consciousness experiences these 'dreamstate' realities are as real and valid as our physical reality (which is actually just one of them).

And of course there are certain individuals that have specific agreements and incarnational themes to serve as a contact or precurser in this time so I would suggest to stop comparing yourself with them in a negative way.
If every young talented kid would invalidate itself not to be as good as Ronaldo yet, there would not be footbal on this planet anymore. (some people might be pleased though).
Training in a sense (like the playing our kids do) is acting and enjoying and allows the talents to come through and manifest in this reality. 
And everybody has the talent for channeling and making contact, but some has hidden it better than others and for them it takes a little more effort to find it again. That's all.

Another good start is to know deep within that everything is synchronistic and unfolds in the right time and place. The contacts in a more aware state will come in the right time for everybody.
A last suggestion, to make yourself even more ready, is validating and appreciating your ET-contact experiences you have had in such a way that you start sharing them with others!
No matter what others may think, feel or say about that. Sharing is not only allowing, acknowledging and appreciating these contacts for yourself, but you give others the opportunity to do the same.
And if you are bothered by the idea of what others might think or say, then you know where the work needs to be done. Allowing yourself to be who you are.

By doig so, you are creating the environment and World we are all longing for and where it is normal to share these things ... so let's start !
Why would there be more contact if we are holding ourselves back from living it ?

2. Raise Your Frequency

Raise your frequency as much as you can, so we can meet much easier. Become who you are, become your True Self.
And raising our frequency sounds like hard work. But it isn't ... you see, our core frequency is non-physical. We are an energetic being resonating on high frequencies. Already!
It is with our emotions that we are able to lower our frequencies and since emotions our driven by beliefs and definitions it is actually the way we have defined ourselves that is lowering our frequencies and transmitting a lot of 'noise' through our systems.
So the more we stop holding on to our doubts, shame, guilt, grief, anger, pain and everything that keeps us bonded to this reality, the more we are in resonance with our True Self, which is joy and unconditional love for all that is, including ourselves.
From a certain perspective it looks like we might be the ones that are hidding, we might be the ones not showing up yet fully.

So the question is actually more like ... when are WE going to show up, because ... they are waiting !

Nowadays, many people tell us they feel unidentified fear, they feel they don't want the situations and relations they are in anymore, they feel everything that was fine at first just doesn't anymore. Many people feel a kind of lost. Do you recognize that?
And of course this feeling doesn't feel fine, but it is a great precursor and indicator your frequency is changing. The world is not changing, you are!!!
You are raising your frequency and your old mechanisms start to show themselves because the need to be updated, repaired or removed.
Your own beliefs and definitions don't resonate anymore since your core frequency is coming to the forefront, shining brighter than before.

Our advise is to see these feelings not as a problem but as a sign of change.
Only suppress it if you really want to stop your evolution so to stay where you are.
And that is a valid choice as well ! And we all do that from time to time, don't we ?

Actually the way we deal with these feelings shows how much you are growing.
Instead of ignoring we start to ACKNOWLEGDE, instead of resisting we start to ALLOW and instead of disapproving we start to APPRECIATE as part of the process of taking responsability for ourselves.

When such insights come to me, I always wonder what my friend Bashar has to say about that and I just found an interesting piece on that ... (and where I got the title of this article to that beautiful one-liner ... meet us half way)

We understand that many of you are now beginning to explore notions of the concept of interactions with extraterrestrials. 
We also recognize, however, that your world is going through a great transformation of spirit, a great transformation of consciousness.

To us, the latter is really the most important of these two ideas, is that you yourselves have more and more interaction with your True Selves … with your core being, with your essential spirituality and consciousness, more than the idea of desiring to interact with extraterrestrial beings.
This will happen, but the idea is that the most likely way that you will allow such interactions to take place is, as we have said from time to time … to meet us half way.

We are not going to do it for you, we are not going to take responsibility for your lives, we have our own lives to live, thank you very much, it keeps us very busy.
We do not have time to live your lives for you, as well as our own.

The idea, therefore, is that we do wish to play, we do wish to interact … but as equals, by reflecting to each and every one of you, in all the ways that are possible to do so, through this particular methodology, that you yourselves are in fact equal to us.
And that we simply will enjoy taking the time to remind you of this fact, to remind you of what you already know to be true within yourselves.
And to put yourselves in a state, that gets you back in touch with your true core, essential selves, so that you can function in the way that you were designed by Creation to function and that is as a reflection of the Infinite.

When you learn … when you allow, when you remember to do that for yourselves, you will change the vibration of not only yourself, individually, but of the entire reality that you occupy.
And by changing that frequency in much the same way that you change the channels on your television machine … you will change the program that you get.
By changing that frequency, by accelerating it … by stepping it up through the method of being more yourself, getting closer in alignment to your true core vibration, you will create a reality that makes it more likely, more probable and more possible for any other being that operates on a similar vibration, to be able to interact with each and every one of you, individually and collectively.
Understand that the people you must meet, the "aliens" you must come into contact with, are connected to those portions of your consciousness, that have for thousands of years been suppressed within you and have become disguised in the idea of fear, in the idea of denial … and resulted in the idea of all of these fragmentations that have occurred in your consciousness.

We are not in any way, shape or form, judging you in a negative sense, when we say this!
Believe us, we love you unconditionally!!!

We know what you are capable of. We can see more of you then you allow yourselves to see of yourselves.
It is easy for us to see the idea of the totality of what you can create in your reality, we believe in you. Utterly, absolutely and totally, else we wouldn't be here.

However, of course, our belief in you is not the point.
Your belief in yourselves is the only thing that will make a difference and create an ability for you to see for yourselves, that you really are unlimited beings in the way that you were fashioned to be.
So, while we may address from time to time the concept of interaction, and recognition of what you label us to be, as "extraterrestrial beings", we will certainly take time to focus on what we believe to be more critical and important and that is you getting in touch with your True Selves. 

For if you do not allow yourselves to be who you really are,
there's no one for us to meet … you're not home!

We come knocking on the door and you're not there!
You're off somewhere looking for who you think you're supposed to be and there's no answer at the door!

So, in order for us to be capable, one day, of meeting, we urge you to discover who you are and live in the present … here and now, because only in the here and now will we eventually meet.
So, the ideas that we will most likely be discussing are notions of how to become more of yourself.

You are physiological beings, just as we are,  and you must understand how to connect the idea of spirit and mind with body in order to complete the circuit that allows you to have the experience of spirituality in the physical plane and not just relegate the concepts of spirituality to higher philosophical and etheric realms with no practical application in the realm you decided to experience.
For there is nothing unspiritual about physicality, it all depends on how you use it … that's the point.

To a very great degree, to put this in a very simplistic idea or foundational fashion:

One of the greatest acts of spirituality that you can possibly achieve
is to simply live your physical life to the fullest that you can

And this brings us to the crux and critical point of the things that we wish to reflect to each and every one of you.
The critical point is this: How to discover the vibrational frequency of who you are. How to allow yourself to continue to create that frequency moment to moment…day to day…in your life, as you desire to…as you choose to.

The first principle comes down to the idea, and you have heard it many, many, many times, and it has been around for thousands of your years … "Follow your excitement".

Why is this so important?
Why do you hear about this all the time?
Why do you hear that follow your bliss … act on your joy is such an important principle of life at this time?

Because excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true, core, natural being.
If you understand that excitement is your true frequency then you will act on it without hesitation.

By acting on your joy you are making a statement to the Universe: "This is who I am … support me as you have always supported me in whatever degree of belief I had".
And it is that degree of conviction that is required for the Universe to be able to reflect back to you the same degree of support that you are willing to exhibit.

This is not philosophy … this is physics: "What you put out is what you get back", this is the Fourth Law of Creation (see also a previous blog "The Structure of Existence"). 

Well now, talking about synchronicity ... while working on this blog, I get an invitation from a friend for an event with Bridget Nielsen.
I didn't know Bridget so started googling and landed on a page "How to Make Contact and Remember Your ET Experiences" and found out she is speaker on an event in Amsterdam !
To acknowledge this synchronicity I share the link with you and for the ones who like headlines and summaries, here's some to-the-point information from Bridget Nielsen regarding ET-Contact :

I’ve done regressions for people, and I’ve found ETs are the last thing your sub and unconscious want to bring to light.
Almost everything has to be cleaned out and acknowledged for these experiences to bubble free!  What are some ways you can do this?
- Are you fully expressing your true, beaming bright self in all of your friendships, relationships, job/career?
- Is the place you live representative of your excitement?
- Do you think of yourself as valuable and worthy?
- Are you holding someone else’s baggage or beliefs for them?
- Are you validating the spiritual and ET experiences you HAVE had thus far and are you publicly sharing them with others? Going public is a huge deal with major rewards … if you’re ready.

If anything is out of alignment, take immediate action and change it or let it go. Take action in the direction of your heart because it’s who you are… you don’t need another reason.

The more you lighten up on yourself and lessen the chosen stresses – yes, I said chosen – in your life, the more you’ll expand and be able to perceive more of who you are! 
For me, I know there are infinite things to learn and explore about myself!
Enjoy contact with yourself… that’s what it’s all about and when you realize that, there will be an ET or hybrid child standing beside you. Everything has already happened, you’re just becoming aware of it.
You’re making the invisible – visible.

To be continued in the Next Blog ...

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