Mitochondria and Quantum Field

Mitochondria and Quantum Field

Last month we looked at the upcoming Quantum Technology and briefly named the 'Quantum Field'.
A field beyond physical reality in which all connections to other realities lay and from which we consciously or unconsciously receive our energetic nourishment, including all answers to our questions.
Beyond physical reality ... thus beyond matter ... energy, but in interaction with physical reality.


You may remember ...

Last month we looked at the upcoming Quantum Technology and briefly named the 'Quantum Field'.
A field beyond physical reality in which all connections to other realities lay and from which we consciously or unconsciously receive our energetic nourishment, including all answers to our questions.
Beyond physical reality ... thus beyond matter ... energy, but in interaction with physical reality.

And we ended with questions such as 'what is consciousness' and 'how can our non-physical consciousness be anchored in a physical, biological body?
Today we add the question 'what is the effect of a higher frequency and greater consciousness on a physical, biological body?

Perhaps, like us, you are looking forward to the moment when we stop burning carbon-based fuels and introduce 'free energy' transformers that tap energy from 'a field' and which gets transformed into electromagnetic 'current' that can be used in our physical reality.

It is fascinating to see that such an evolutionary process is also unfolding in our bodies.
Here too we burn carbon(hydrates) for our energy production in our cells and here too changes will eventually take place.
There are more and more people who can live 'on air', in other words, who get their energy from somewhere else.

In the yogi tradition the conscious practice of breathing is called 'pranayama'.
Prana means life force that sustains the body, Ayama translates as "to extend or draw out."
Pranayama aims to promote high levels of physical health and mental clarity, both crucial on the path to consciousness and well-being.

Many extraterrestrial civilizations do not eat, drink, or sleep and draw their energy from the Quantum Field as well.

So what is different here and what is going to change ?

Most detailed image of human cell

Well, this is yet another question where spirituality meets science ... and back in 1977, J.J. Hurtak PhD in his publication 'The Book of Knowledge : the Keys of Enoch' provided wonderful insights that were way ahead of his time in those days.
This book, first published in 1977, contains 'state of the art' information passed on by Enoch (Metatron) to Hurtak and not only describes the origin of the human blueprint and the coming reunification with our star families, it also predicts healing methodologies whereby the (re)connection of the human body systems through the activation of axiatonal lines and 'spin-points' (activation points) will bring all of Humanity to a completely new level of consciousness and well-being.
The Reconnection of the human energy systems with the cosmic fields (the axiatonal field as he calls it), as well as with a 'new', high vibrating version of the Earth.

By the way, this is also exactly the spiritual and scientific explanation of what The Reconnection actually is (and why it is called that way).

The book is hard to acquire these days, it is not cheap and it is really heavy stuff, so for those who are interested in getting a small taste first ... take a look here at Human-ET One or at the website.

First of all, it is important to know where in our bodies the magical conversion of energy and matter actually takes place ... in very small organs in each cell called mitochondria.
These organelles are actually the transfer point between energy and matter in our bodies. So crucial to life, they have their own DNA, separate from the larger DNA in the nucleus.

Most detailed image of human cellHurtak (Enoch) explains, among other things, how through the evolution of our consciousness, we start to 'channel' higher frequencies via axiatonal lines and points ('spin-points') that are awakened or activated.
These axiatonal lines and spin-points reconnect our meridian system (body field) with higher vibrating fields.

It brings the various energy fields / fields of consciousness back into connection with each other and into alignment through the activation of these tiny portals, the spin-points, giving all layers a chance to recover.

Hurtak indicates that with sufficient integration, the body tissues can be restored to their original state.
Hurtak / Enoch even mention the regrowing of limbs is possible.
(Kryon also discussed this in The Twelve Layers of DNA).

The mitochondria in our cells will literally start to function differently and contain more (liquid) crystalline forms. And to make this process possible, the blueprint (DNA) will adapt, both in the cell nucleus and in the mitochondria, under the influence of these higher light frequencies.

Our bodies will then also demand different food, food that is of a higher vibration, because food with a lower vibration can no longer be processed properly by the mitochondria.
Eventually the body transforms (actually more transmutes) more and more in the direction of using 'free energy', as many extraterrestrial civilizations know it.

Well, how extraordinary it is that we as a civilization are now going through a process of Great Awakening, in which not only the release of old heavy energies is taking place, but in which also the integration of higher energies is so tangible, also very physically in the body.
Most detailed image of human cell
And that in this very process we are dealing with a virus that targets our mitochondria quite specifically resulting in months of fatigue in people who have had a serious infection ...
We could have done this transformation process as a collective in an infinite number of other ways, so, why a virus, why this virus that targets our mitochondria and expresses itself through the respiratory system ...

Nothing happens by chance, no such thing as coincidence !

Some of the many articles on this subject :
- Intimate associations between SARS-CoV-2 and mitochondria suggest new angles of attack
- Mitochondrial metabolic manipulation by SARS-CoV-2


Dear people,

There is still so much to discover and share with each other.
It is super interesting to gain more insight into how our bodies and those of extraterrestrials are similar, but also (still) different!

Finally, we wish everyone much wisdom in the time that lies ahead of us and hope that everyone can feel the existence of a new world just as we do, in which we look back together in love and respect on these intense times of transformation.

Love each other and hold on to each other !

For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, on one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline en Philip

Source :
Newsletter June 2021 - Mitochondriën - Reconnection - DNA

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