Quantum Consciousness and DNA

Have you ever wondered how it is that we as consciousness or soul can put on a biological "space" suit and have a nonetheless very realistic experience in a physical reality.
Many years ago I submitted that question to my guide Ezra'el and received during a state of trance an explanation with images about the structure of physical reality and in particular I remember the euphoric state I was in about the splendor and beauty of creation.
That was awesome !

I felt in that trance so much excitement to be able to start sharing this with the world.
And at the same time as I was slowly coming out of that trance, I felt how the whole notion began to disappear ... as if a great jigsaw puzzle is falling apart in pieces before your eyes and I remember making attempts to "hold on" to parts in my consciousness, so to speak.
Alas, all that remained was the experience and the memory.
Nor did I manage to get all the way back into that particular "eureka moment," although I did get to see more different perspectives.

However, this question has always fascinated me as well as the question of what exactly DNA is, and by that I mean more than the chemical compound of molecules.
Ezra'el indicated to me at that time that it is the very intention that I continue my quest here om Earth using what I saw and experienced then.
For a long time I was unable to find anything interesting on this matter, and subsequently I stopped searching ... until a few months ago !
Let's take a look at some of those perspectives ...

What is Quantum

In previous blogs, we have covered some topics such as Mitochondria and Quantum Field and Quantum Financial System.
But what is Quantum physics ?

Quantum physics studies matter and energy at the most fundamental level.
It examines the properties and behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic levels ... what is matter, what is physical reality?

While classical physics (which focuses on physical reality) is far from providing answers to very basic questions like gravity, Quantum Science does provide a model for that, and at the same time it is very complex to prove that the model is correct, otherwise through complex experiments.

Quantum Science has completely changed our view of time, space and reality because it reveals how everything in the universe is connected to each other through higher dimensions that our senses cannot perceive and our "Physical Mind" cannot grasp.
Aspects such as Quantum Entanglement (particles that are interconnected regardless of their distance), Tunneling (particles that pass through a 'portal' as an energy wave and materialize again as particles) and Superposition (particles that can be present in multiple places as potentials simultaneously and only materialize when focus is placed on them, i.e. everything exists as a possibility and comes to reality as soon as it is focused on).

Many discoveries from Quantum sciences are now in full use in technologies that were once considered purely speculative, such as currently the emergence of Quantum Computers !


Quantum Biology

For a long time, classical science viewed the Quantum field as an unusable theoretical model and has only been taken seriously for a few decades.
A more recent branch in the Quantum Sciences is that of Quantum Biology, which has dealt primarily with issues of how plants can convert light (energy) to matter (photosynthesis), how smells (subtle matter) are converted into signals (energy) in the sense of smell, and how the navigation system works in migratory birds (energy converted to information).
The issue of how plants convert light to matter is the reverse question of how the mitochondria in our cells convert matter to energy.

Thus, it has been discovered that DNA can be used as a form of computer to solve complex problems ... DNA Computing.
Although this mechanism works well, the technology developed to date is not yet sufficiently efficient to match the speeds of the Quantum Computer, but now pay attention to the following discovery.


DNA Data Storage

Due to the enormous increase in data storage, the search for an alternative is ongoing because building gigantic data centers is no longer sustainable.
It has been discovered that storing data in DNA is many times more efficient than anything we have devised to date.
All the data in the world that is now stored in huge data centers can be stored in one environment the size of a big box.
It can be stored, copied and released again.

And note ... DNA is created by the information.
It is not that the DNA is inscribed with information as we do today with data storage on a hard drive or other medium.
The information creates the DNA strand.
Change of information creates a change in the DNA strand.

And this is exactly how epigenetics has described how our consciousness controls the DNA and thus the functioning of our body.

Quantum Science has shown us with the 'Double Slit' experiment that everything has a consciousness or is part in a field of consciousness, everything communicates with each other, exchanges information and makes choices, and this particular experiment shows that even the 'non-living' protons, electrons and other quanta makes choices depending on the 'observer' and thus must have some form of consciousness.
Everything in our physical reality is made of these building blocks and thus everything is interconnected in interacting with each other ... science and spirituality come together here.
And now that we know that DNA is shaped by information new questions arise ... such as where does this information come from in living beings ?


What is Consciousness

The English term "Consciousness" is derived from the Latin word conscius, "to know, to be aware.
Consciousness is the ability to perceive and understand, making it an important foundation for every living being. 
Since all living beings are unique and have great variety, the same is true of consciousness: it has an infinite potential for development.

Philosophers in Western civilization have struggled for centuries to define and understand consciousness, mainly because the authentic science of consciousness has long been kept in secret by esoteric traditions, and for a long time these spiritual or mystical traditions have been widely mocked, persecuted and subjected to misdeeds by Western society.

In Eastern civilizations, the esoteric traditions were considered the top of society and were therefore better able to inform people and philosophers about consciousness and its functions. 
Moreover, the Eastern traditions never made the crucial choice to separate science from spirituality. 

And at the same time, it is not easy, perhaps impossible, to give an accurate description of consciousness as we try to understand consciousness with our current state of consciousness.
We can hardly, if at all, see what is beyond our present state.
It is hardly possible to imagine a 5D world and what it really looks like with consciousness anchored in physical reality.

What are basic qualities of consciousness?

There are more, but here at least 4 recognizable qualities

  • Awareness          :  Broad spatial perception ... we zoom out and perceive neutrally without attachment to definitions
  • Focus/Attention :  Focused specific perception ... we choose that on which we focus and draw that into our reality of experience
  • Mindfulness       :  Recognition of continuity and connections ... we experience that everything is a perspective of the One, beyond time and space
  • Visualization      :  Imagining and imagination ... we explore (visit) other realities and retrieve information (energy) there and bring it into 'our' reality

Consciousness is the basis of perception and understanding. 
The higher or purer our level of consciousness, the more refined and pervasive our perception. 
The purest individuals (most wise) have the most perceptive mind and are able to see into the human core as well as into other dimensions. 
Conversely, the more degenerate or impure our consciousness is, the more limited and circumscribed our perception is. 

Therefore, our perception (the kind of information we receive) is determined by the state or level of our consciousness.



Bringing it all together now

Bringing it all together now

Although the above may be somewhat 'technical' stuff, quantum science is moving more and more in the direction of what Masters, Mystics and nowadays extraterrestrial messengers have told us !
That we, as consciousness, project ourselves into one of the possible versions of physical reality, using DNA to give us a physical form in order to interact with that reality.

Many mystical sources have indicated that as souls we choose our parents, time(line) and location.
In other words, the frequency of the base material for incarnation is matching the frequency (information) of the soul for the particular experience it chooses to have.
And it has also become clear that DNA is not fixed but adapts to the information it receives.
This also allows us to imagine that evolution, including physical evolution, is not based on random mutations of DNA but is a result of changes in consciousness.

The extraterrestrial guides and teams who are with us during ET Healing sessions have always indicated that they do not simply "remove ailments" from the physical or emotional body without a shift in consciousness.
Without this shift, the body will manifest the same or similar symptoms again because matter is formed by 'crystallization' of consciousness.
Not for nothing does so much information also become available during sessions with them simultaneously with a wonderful energy field.
The energy field and the more physical shifts are easily felt by most people (perception/observation) and the information often contains multiple perspectives (understanding) and are truly nourishment for consciousness.
From this perspective you will understand that essentially neither the practitioner nor the extraterrestrials are doing the healing ... it is the shift in the consciousness of the person involved that makes the healing manifest.
And therein you will see the beauty of this co-creation and collaboration.

The same is also so beautifully evident in the activations of the Reconnection (Axiatonal Alignment).
The group of Pleiadians who brought this to Earth have indicated from the beginning :
- 'What you are doing is bringing Light and Information onto the planet'.
- 'What you are doing is reconnecting strands'
- 'What you are doing is reconnecting strings'.

Very interesting to see that Light (energy, frequency), Information and DNA (strands) have been brought to the attention from the beginning, as well as the reference to the 'strings' which in the Quantum world refers to the connection to all worlds.

That everything is connected is also beautifully shown in the video below.
We received this video from an unexpected source, right at the moment this blog was ready in draft form as a confirmation of it.
This video moves at a fast pace through many aspects of consciousness and the magic of DNA.
You may need to listen to the video several times.

Note ... there are aspects that may not fully resonate with your belief system or image of the Universe/Creation.
Let that be for what it is, do not throw out everything because an aspect is not resonating.
Quantum Superposition allows all possibilities to exist, and only that which resonates with your (whole) system becomes visible in your manifestation.
And from that perspective, the path inward starts ... what is my resonance, what do I believe about myself and my reality

If you want to make a Quantum Shift,
you have to be willing to let go of everything
that you think you know about yourself and your reality.

~ Ezra'el (ca. 2015)

Dear People,

Thank you for reading our newsletter !
Our 'Physical Mind' probably doesn't know it, but we are all Quantum Field experts, we use it daily ;-)
Should you want to dive deeper, check out the following classics

For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip 

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Newsletter Juli 2023

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